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Self-care is looking very different for single women – here’s how they look & feel their best

March 5, 2022
February 9, 2024

Single women in Singapore are fighting the stigma of being unmarried to prove otherwise. Find out how they’re doing just that & what self-care looks like.

Table of Contents

In most societies, single women are often vilified and portrayed as lonely, desperate, and intimidating. Despite there being more singles than couples in many countries, people continue to view marriage as a symbol of status and success.

Over the last decade, the proportion of single women in Singapore between the ages of 25 and 29 rose from 54% to 69%. Yet, the prejudice against single women grew, stemming from negative beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes.

Most people are convinced that getting married makes one happier, healthier, more connected to other people, and better off in various other emotional and interpersonal ways. However, these beliefs are often exaggerated and false.

Despite the stigma attached to being unmarried, more single women in Singapore are fighting back to prove otherwise. Keep reading to find out how they’re doing just that and what self-care looks like for them in 2022.

Fighting the stigma of being single

Life in Singapore is expensive and competitive, so one would assume that a university-educated woman would make the perfect partner. After all, she’d have a higher disposable income to support herself, teach her children, and aid her partner in his career. However, studies show that one in five university-educated women in their 40s is single.

Some of these women have been told that they’re too outspoken, too independent, and too intimidating. Undeterred by those comments, many single women truly enjoy living unattached. They earn a good keep, have apartments, and are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 7 million single women aged 25 to 34 in China are among the largest contributors to the country’s economic growth. These women contribute around 41% to China’s GDP, the broadest proportion of any country on the globe.

In fact, both Chinese and Singaporean women are changing the way others view them – not through protest or activism, but through their financial means.

To counteract the deep-rooted stigma over their single status, single women are using consumerism to elevate their self-image and care for themselves. Luxury goods, aesthetic treatments, and frequent travel are all accessible options, thanks to a new sense of economic liberty that grants them other possibilities of living.

What self-care looks like for single women

Contrary to all the scary headlines about shortened life expectancies and heightened disease risk, being single can actually be good for you. In fact, singles are actually more likely to exercise and less likely to gain weight than married people. And although it was shown that married couples reaped extra health benefits in the past, they’ve been disproven in recent years. 

Being single allows individuals to adopt an array of life-enhancing practices and activities. And yes, our coupled-up counterparts indeed enjoy their own advantages, but they are merely different – not better.

Singles have been focusing more on friendships, which not only prevents loneliness, but is also important for our overall health. Practising self-compassion also helps them push away negative, judgemental thoughts that pop up into their heads, allowing them to be kinder to themselves.

More singles also choose activities that bring them joy. Doing what you’re good at and enjoy will make you feel better and help you focus on the present experience. And of course, more single women are taking the time and effort to look good, dress well, and eat well – purely for themselves and no one else.

Top 5 self-care treatments to consider

If you’re single and ready to make self-care a priority moving forwards, here are five of the top self-care aesthetic treatments that’ll help you look and feel your best.

1. Neurotoxin Injections to prevent early signs of ageing

Most of us are familiar with how neurotoxin injection works – the injections block signals from your nerves to your muscles and prevent targeted muscles from contracting. These actions ease certain muscular conditions, and in turn, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re worried about stiff expressions, however, consider micro neurotoxin injection. The treatment involves injecting neurotoxin injection units spread across multiple muscles in the face, most commonly in the forehead, glabella (part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows), and the corners of the eyes.

Performed by an experienced doctor like Dr. Ivan Puah, medical director of Amaris B. Clinic, the result is a refreshed look that won’t render your face immobile – perfect for those looking to keep their visage in tip-top condition.

Dr. Ivan Puah is also the appointed trainer by Allergan and Merz for fellow doctors on neurotoxin injection and Dermal Fillers, which is what makes Amaris B. Clinic markedly different from other neurotoxin injectable providers in Singapore.

2. Pico Fractional Laser for clear and youthful skin

Genetics, environmental aggressors, and plenty of other factors can affect the way our skin looks, but it doesn’t mean that achieving a radiant complexion is impossible. 

Pico Fractional Laser is an FDA-approved, 450-picosecond Nd: YAG-based laser. Translation? It is able to generate faster pulses than nanosecond pulse lasers, which were formerly the common standard. This allows the PICOCARE Fractional Laser to complete each treatment in a shorter amount of time, leaving you with less scarring and pigmentation.

The laser comes with a fractional handpiece and is the only handpiece with a wide range of spot sizes to ensure better precision, efficacy, and safety. It also minimises damage on the surrounding skin and is painless and comfortable.

Due to the delicate nature of laser treatments, they can only be carried out by a medical professional who is qualified and trained to operate  a laser machine. 

3. Ultherapy for firmer skin

Truth is, a good skincare routine can also do so much for your complexion. Despite having a solid regimen, you may need professional treatments to reap visible effects. That’s because our collagen decreases as we age, which is when we start seeing surface effects. Brows droop, plump cheeks start to sag, and jawlines become less defined.

To turn back the clock, Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen growth within the skin. Over time, this treatment firms and lifts the skin as it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

The only FDA-approved, non-invasive Ultherapy uses ultrasound imaging that lets the doctor examine the layers of your skin during the session, so as to deliver the ultrasound energy to where it’s most needed without causing any adverse effects on the skin’s surface.

This jumpstarts your collagen’s regenerative process, producing new collagen and elastin for firmer, younger-looking skin. It effectively treats sagging skin, jowls, skin laxity, “turkey neck”, drooping eyelids, lines, and even wrinkles on the décolletage.

The only discomfort you may experience is when the ultrasound energy is being delivered to your skin. In fact, many clients find the treatment more tolerable and comfortable than expected. Plus, there’s no downtime with Ultherapy, so you can resume your usual activities after your  session.

Only authentic Ultherapy is available  at Amaris B. Clinic and is  performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor. 

4. Vaser liposuction for a defined physique

Targeted workouts may not be effective at reducing fat in specific parts of the body, but there’s one clinically proven way that does fat removal and body contouring procedure such as Vaser liposuction.

This contemporary procedure shapes and sculpts the body by utilising ultrasound wave technology to target and remove stubborn fat tissues effectively. 

Compared to the traditional method of liposuction, Vaser liposuction is less intrusive and can be performed under local anaesthesia. Even better, this powerful technique eradicates a localised subcutaneous fat instantly. What’s more, Vaser liposuction is able to stimulate collagen production for smoother, firmer skin. 

This is what makes it great for shaping both small and large areas, from the chin, jowls, knees, and calves, to the waist, hips, male breasts, back, thighs, and buttocks. 

Worried about the possible pain and recovery time? Fret not. This treatment only targets unwanted fat tissues, so it leaves other vital connective tissues almost untouched. This way, you’ll achieve smoother, more defined contours with the least amount of pain, discomfort, and downtime. 

Before you schedule an appointment for Vaser liposuction in Singapore, it is crucial to source for a credible, experienced, and accredited liposuction doctor, such as Dr. Ivan Puah, who is accredited by MOH to perform liposuction in Singapore.

5. ADR-C Breast Enhancement for a fuller bust

For fuller breasts and better breast shape, consider the ADR-C Breast Enhancement offered at Amaris B. Clinic.  It is a 2-in-1 procedure, which first requires fat removal from the donor site (where the patient has a substantial amount of fat reserves for the doctor to draw out from), such as the thighs or abdomen. Next, the fat is cleansed and purified before it is re-injected into areas of the breasts where filling is required. 

These fat cells will then integrate into the surrounding breast tissue over time, endowing you with a perkier, more natural look. 

Since the ADR-C Breast Enhancement uses your own body fat, it makes the procedure a safer alternative to breast implants as it erases the chances of rejection, infection, ruptures, leaks, or shifting. 

Total face and body sculpting have never been more efficient with Amaris B. Clinic.

Let Amaris B. Clinic help you look your best

If you’re looking for face and body treatments that are impeccably tailored to your skin, body type, and desired outcome, leave it to the team of medical professionals at Amaris B. Clinic to help you achieve your goals with their fully personalised approach to your treatment.

The costs of the aforementioned treatments will vary depending on the individual’s clinical condition, the complexity of the surgery, as well as the areas of treatment.


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