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Body Treatment

ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting)


According to research conducted by UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles, nearly 70% of women express dissatisfaction with their breasts, often citing concerns related to size and asymmetry. It's a common occurrence for one breast to be approximately a fifth of a cup size larger than the other.

Life events such as weight loss, ageing and post-breastfeeding can contribute to changes in breast appearance, such as 'flatter' and shapeless breasts.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting), a signature body enhancement treatment of Amaris B. Clinic is a 2-in-1 body procedure for women looking to add volume to their chest while removing stubborn pockets of fat on the body.  It offers a natural and safer alternative to breast implants.


The ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting) is an all-in-one comprehensive procedure that not only increases breast size but it also contributes to a slimmer body silhouette.

Fat Harvesting

Utilising Dr Ivan Puah's proprietary technique - the MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique, our doctor harvests excess fat tissues from your body's donor site.

Fat Purification

The harvested fat undergoes thorough purification, to preserve the integrity of the fat cells.

Strategic Re-Injection

The purified fat is transferred into the breast areas across different planes. Over time, the fat cells seamlessly integrate into the surrounding breast tissue, resulting in more defined and firmer breasts.


Natural and enduring results with minimal incisions and scarring.

ADVANTAGES OF Breast Fat grafting

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Natural and Safe

Unlike synthetic fillers or implants, ADR-C Breast Enhancement poses no risk of allergic reactions or rejection as it utilises the patient's own body fat.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Natural-looking and long-lasting results

Patients who undergo fat grafting to the breast express high satisfaction with the natural and soft breast enhancement.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Dual Benefits with 2-in-1 Treatment

This innovative procedure not only enhances breast volume but also simultaneously reduces fat from the donor site, contributing to a well-contoured and slimmer body.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Personalised and Unique Results

Since the patient's own fat is used, results are tailored, ensuring a unique and natural appearance that complements each individual.

breasts implants versus Breast fat grafting

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TreatmentsBreasts ImplantsBreast Fat Grafting
Cup SizeIncrease several cup sizesIncrease 1 cup size in one surgery
FeelLike water balloons. 
Able to see the implant shape
Feels softer and natural
MaterialForeign materials like silicone and salineUses own body fat
TextureThe doctor can either use textured or smooth implantsNot applicable
SensationIf you are not naturally less endowed, your breasts may have an unnatural sensationNatural
PlacementYour breast implants will either be placed over or under the chest musclesThe fat graft will be injected directly into the breasts
RecoveryOn average, a full recovery period usually takes about four to six weeks. It's important to refrain from physical activity, lifting heavy objects and overworking yourself during this sensitive timeBack to your regime within a few days
BodyNo additional body contouring since the objective is to insert the breast implant into the body2-in-1 body sculpting
RiskRisks linked to breast implants include infection, rupture, capsular contracture (when the body forms scar tissue around the implant), breast implant illness, and, in rare cases, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphomaFewer postoperative complications
LookFullNatural and fuller breasts

What factors make someone a suitable candidate for fat grafting to the breasts?

Correct body type & enlarge breasts

When one wants to improve body contour while simultaneously enlarging the breasts.

Improve breast asymmetry

When one wants to improve and adjust breast asymmetry, shape and to achieve subtle breast lifting.

Not a fan of implants

When one wishes to increase breasts size but is not keen on breast implantation.

Wants minimal scarring

When one wants to increase breast volume but is concerned about wide scarring.

What is the recovery process after ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting)?

You will likely experience bruising and swelling in the areas where fat tissues are extracted for a few days to a week. Your breasts may be bruised and swollen due to the fat grafted in, but the discomfort and pain are manageable in most cases.

Soreness can last for approximately one to two weeks after the surgery. You may be able to return to work in a few days. Most bruising and swelling will be resolved in a few weeks.

Avoid putting pressure on the breasts, and sleep on your back. Avoid excess lifting or upper body activity during the recovery period.

How much of the fat will survive after fat grafting?

Depending on the patient’s clinical presentation, about 60% to 70% of the fat transferred to the breasts will be retained in the body, while the rest will be absorbed naturally.

Dr Ivan Puah's Unique Fat Grafting Approach

Uniform distribution is vital to avoid fat cell clumping, which can lead to risks such as cysts, calcium compounds, and fat necrosis. When fat cells clump together, it increases the risk of complications.

Injecting an excessive amount of fat or inadequate dispersion can result in fat cell death, leading to complications like cysts, calcium compounds, and fat necrosis. Dr Ivan Puah's adeptness in injecting fat prevents these risks and ensures favourable results.

Maintaining an optimal balance during fat injection is critical. Injecting beyond a certain amount can elevate pressure, restricting oxygen and nutrient supply, and reducing the rate of fat engraftment. Dr Ivan Puah skilfully injects fat until it reaches optimal pressure, ensuring the fullest volume and optimal results.

Dr Ivan Puah's unique fat grafting technique involves dispersing fat particles in small amounts between living tissues, preventing clumping and ensuring optimal fat engraftment. The strategic injection points play a crucial role in preventing side effects and promoting even distribution.

Dr Ivan Puah

Dr Ivan Puah has close to two decades of liposuction experience and is the Chairman of Lipo Peer Review Committee. He was one of the few doctors in Singapore to start offering autologous facial and body fat grafting back in 2008. He has received surgical training and guidance in syringe liposculpture, fat grafting and thread lift by French plastic surgeon, Dr Pierre François Fournier.

Breast fat grafting

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ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast fat grafting) FAQS

Is ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting) a new concept?

No, it is not. In the 1980s, enhancing one's pair of breasts with one's own body fat was a popular procedure. Since then, the technique of harvesting one's extracted fat cells and injecting the centrifuged fat into a face or body part has been refined. Fat grafting is a popular treatment for women whose breasts have lost volume and shape from breastfeeding.

Is ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting) safe?

As the treatment utilises your own body fat, it is safe with no risk of rejection often associated with implants. At Amaris B. Clinic, patient safety and wellbeing are our top concerns. Full details of possible complications, side effects, and expected results will be discussed and explained during the consultation with our doctor.

How much does ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting) cost?

Costs of fat grafting to breasts vary between different practices. Everyone's body, personal needs and goals vary. As such, the price of ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast fat grafting) can only be determined in person with a clinical assessment and consultation with the doctor.

At Amaris B. Clinic, we recognise that no one body is the same, so you can be assured your treatment is personalised and tailored according to your body shape and expectations.

Does Amaris B. provide aftercare treatments?

At Amaris B. Clinic, aftercare significantly assists you with faster recovery and ensures optimum results. We have curated a bespoke aftercare program designed to help you with the healing process, such as MLD Therapy, skin firming and many others.

What are the risks and safety profile of ADR-C Breast Enhancement (Breast Fat Grafting)?

Complications are rare, but, like all types of surgery, certain risks may occur, including bleeding, infection, scarring, irregularities, and injecting too much or too little fat. Calcifications can appear after fat grafting.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery has determined that fat grafting to breasts is safe and does not lead to a higher rate of breast cancer. All your concerns will be discussed in detail with you during the consultation and assessment with our doctor.


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