Modern Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique

You’re at the gym and inspired by all the hard bodies around you, you work hard putting in the extra reps and sets. You’ve been doing this for some time now, and though there are changes to your body, it seems that you’re still nowhere near the physique you desire.

The stubborn fat seemed determined to cling on despite all your hard work and effort. Most of us experience areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, and it can be frustrating when nothing seems to shift these stubborn fatty deposits. Fat removal treatments can offer a fast and effective way to eliminate fat.

Amaris B. Clinic is an established aesthetic practice since 2004, and our strength lies in body sculpting. We offer a range of contouring and fat reduction treatments including Liposuction.

Disclaimer: Image above is for illustrative purposes only. Due to strict regulations from the Ministry of Health, licensed healthcare practices in Singapore are not allowed to show and share before-and-after photos or videos in the public domain (websites, social media, magazines) or through any form of push technology such as Whatsapp, SMS, MMs, Facebook messenger, and other messaging platforms. “Before-and-after” or only “after” treatment photographs, pictures, videos, and films relating to a treatment may be shown to patients privately during in-clinic consultation with Dr. Ivan Puah.

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