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Skin Treatment

Picolaser Tattoo Removal


Picolaser Tattoo Removal is an advanced laser technology that delivers short pulses of energy (pulse duration is less than one nanosecond) to break up tattoo pigments.

How does Picolaser Tattoo Removal work?

Ultrashort pulses

The ultrashort pulses and the wavelengths work simultaneously to disintegrate the ink particles while reducing the heat delivered to the skin.

Targets ink, not skin

The laser energy penetrates deep into the targeted skin area without causing damage to the skin surface. This also translates to a faster recovery for the patient.

Safe & efficient

Tattoos will fade over several sessions as the ink breaks up and disperses. Your body will naturally and safely get rid of these ink particles through the immune system.

What's the difference between Pico and Q-switched laser tattoo removal?

The key difference between these two lasers is their pulse duration. The Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser uses nanoseconds for its pulses, while the Picosecond Laser employs picoseconds.

The shorter pulse duration of the Picosecond Laser allows it to provide quicker and safer treatments. This makes it very effective for tackling stubborn tattoos, while also reducing the chances of scarring and other side effects.

Another advantage of the Picosecond Laser is its compatibility with a wider range of skin types and colours. It is less likely to cause skin discoloration compared to older laser technologies.


Getting a tattoo is exciting but don't be too disheartened should later you realise that it wasn't actually a good idea. Laser tattoo removal treatment is widely available today, and with it, a tattoo that has overstayed its welcome doesn't have to be a permanent regret of a lifetime anymore.

Factor #1

Location of tattoo

Factor #2

The patient’s age

Factor #3

The ink quality and colours used

Factor #4

The technique that was used to create the tattoo

What are the benefits of Pico Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • It is FDA-approved
  • The treatment time is shorter, and the patient recovers faster
  • Surrounding skin damage is minimised
  • Lesser risk of scarring


In Singapore, the Ministry of Health tightly regulates treatment such as lasers. Only registered and certified medical doctors with adequate training can perform the treatment.

Dr Ivan Puah

Dr Ivan Puah, the Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic, holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Dermatology from NUS and boasts over 17 years of clinical experience in addressing various dermatological concerns. His proficiency encompasses the treatment of skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and more.

Dr Puah's knowledge and skill are further acknowledged through his appointment as a trainer-to-doctor by Merz Singapore and Allergan Singapore.

Dr Ivan Puah doing laser on a patient

Our Awards


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required will depend on many factors, such as your body’s ability to eliminate ink from the skin, ink colour, depth of the pigment, and type of ink the tattooist uses.

In general, tattoo removal will require a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions over time. During the consultation, our doctor will assess your tattoo and advise accordingly.

Does Picolaser Tattoo Removal hurt?

Tattoo removal does cause some level of discomfort and is often compared to the sensation of snapping a rubber band against the skin. We provide topical anaesthetic for our patients before the session starts.

Can I get a new tattoo over the area where I had Picolaser Tattoo Removal?

It is your personal decision if you would like to get tattooed again. However, if you are considering a new tattoo in the same area, it is advisable to wait for at least 6 months so that your skin can heal properly.

What is the cost of Picolaser Tattoo Removal?

To determine whether Picolaser Tattoo Removal is right for you, the required sessions, and how much the process will cost, please contact us at 65364211.


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