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Body Treatment

Armpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast Removal


Armpit Fat is also known as bra bulge, bra fat and even armpit vagina! Whatever you call it, these fat pockets in the armpit area may be caused by excess weight, hormonal changes and genes. It typically resides in the armpit area, causing an unsightly bulge which is challenging to hide.

Armpit fat is an irritant and inconvenience, to say the least. Many who have them (and most of them tend to be women), have to plan and arrange their wardrobe around the issue. Even when it’s covered up, knowing that you have it is a constant frustration both physically and mentally. Appearance-wise, it’s that bulge in between your breast and arm, particularly when you wear a bra or a well-fitted top.

What clothing styles can emphasise the appearance of armpit fat?

Wearing tight fitting tops that includes strapless dresses or sleeveless ones, tube tops and even bikinis are the common causes for its appearance. The reason is simply because the fat is being squeezed out resulting in a bulge.

Can diet and nutrition help in reducing armpit fat?

Exercise and diet alone cannot help to spot reduce fat. There is no way of determining the areas where the body will lose fat.

Are non-surgical treatments effective for armpit fat reduction?

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), non-invasive ultrasound, and low-energy laser are some of the non-invasive fat reduction treatments that are marketed to reduce or remove stubborn localised fat. However, armpit fat is notoriously hard to get rid of via non-surgical methods, exercise or diet.

Is liposuction effective for armpit fat removal?

Absolutely! Liposuction is a widely favoured body contouring procedure, targeting localised fat deposits in areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back—regions often susceptible to fat accumulation. Armpit liposuction, in particular, entails minimal downtime, with permanent fat removal and enhanced skin tightening achieved during the procedure.

Dr Ivan Puah regards liposuction as a fusion of 70% art and 30% science. At Amaris B. Clinic, our approach prioritises personalised care, recognising that each patient is unique and deserves a tailored strategy to achieve the optimal results.

This deep understanding and decades of experience have led Dr. Puah to develop the innovative MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique. This technique effectively targets stubborn armpit fat while promoting skin retraction, providing a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking natural and favourable outcomes.

What are axillary accessory breasts, and how do they develop?

Armpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast RemovalArmpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast RemovalArmpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast Removal

Accessory breast tissue is known medically as polymastia. It is defined as 'residual (breast) tissue that persists from normal embryologic development.'

In normal development, breast tissue develops along the milk line, which is a line that arches from the armpit to the groin on both sides.

Additional tissue usually disintegrates and is absorbed into the body, resulting in polymastia. In essence, an accessory breast is breast tissue outside of the breast area.

What causes accessory breast to develop?

Accessory breast’s exact cause is not completely known, but it is believed to be due to an embryological abnormality. Sometimes, it can run in the family, making some people more susceptible to it.

Can accessory breasts be a sign of an underlying health issue?

Polymastia happens in 2-6% of women, which means some women have extra breast tissue. It can be as tiny as a mole, or present as a lump or a fully functional extra breast. It generally doesn’t cause any issues but if it becomes symptomatic, treatment such as accessory breast removal surgery will be required.

How common are accessory breasts? Can they cause discomfort or pain?

Polymastia, also called hypermastia or accessory breast tissues are commonly found in the axilla (the armpit). In women who suffer from this condition, swelling and tenderness in the armpit are common during puberty, menstruation, or after delivery.

The armpit can also become engorged and painful, especially for women, after delivery. There is no visible nipple or areola in most cases, but in other cases where there are working ducts, leaking of milk from the armpit can be expected.

An affected individual may not even realise the presence of axillary breast tissue. Because it is similar to normal breast tissue, it is only discovered during the first occurrence of menstruation, pregnancy or lactation.

Do accessory breasts affect self-esteem and body image?

Accessory breasts can cause pain and irritation, including limited range of arm motion.

Living with an accessory breast can significantly influence an individual's self-esteem and body image. The presence of additional breast tissue beyond the usual breast area can trigger feelings of embarrassment, self-consciousness, and insecurity. These emotions can impact relationships, clothing preferences, and overall quality of life.

What are the different grades of accessory breasts?

There are EIGHT grades of the condition. Grade IV is the most common.

Grade I

Consists of a complete breast with a nipple, areola and glandular tissue.

Grade II

Consists of glandular tissue and nipple without areola.

Grade III

Consists of glandular tissue and areola without a nipple.

Grade IV

Consists of glandular tissue.

Grade IV

Consists of only nipple and areola without glandular tissue.

Grade IV

Consists of only the nipple.

Grade IV

Consists of only the areola.

Grade IV

Consists of only hair.


Healthcare professionals have classified supernumerary nipples according to their size, shape and tissue components. The primary types include:

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TypesGlandular tissueNippleAreolaFat tissueHair patch
Polymastia (supernumerary breasts)
Supernumerary nipple
Supernumerary nipple
Aberrant glandular tissue
Polythelia areolaris
Polythelia pilosa


According to an American Journal of Roentgenology article, the proven methods of removing armpit fat are liposuction and accessory breasts via surgical excision.

Armpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast Removal SurgeryArmpit Fat Lipo & Accessory Breast Removal Surgery

When it comes to managing symptomatic accessory axillary breast tissue, the preferred approach is surgical excision.

This method is particularly valuable when dealing with a substantial volume of accessory tissue, as it effectively alleviates physical discomfort.

Additionally, individuals may opt for the removal of accessory breast tissue for cosmetic purposes, seeking to enhance their overall appearance.


With almost 20 years of liposuction experience, Dr Ivan Puah was also part of the team that introduced laserlipolysis in Singapore. He is also known for his aesthetic sense and meticulousness. Effective doctor-patient communication is paramount in the realm of aesthetics and he truly takes the time to understand each patient’s unique needs, goals and tailor his treatment accordingly.

Dr Ivan Puah

Dr Ivan Puah is an accredited liposuction doctor and Chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Committee in Singapore in Singapore. He has completed fundamental and advanced Vaser Liposuction body sculpting surgical training under Dr John Milard and Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Argentina and Colorado. He has also received dedicated gynecomastia surgery training in San Francisco.  

Dr Puah marries the principles of science and art in his body contouring surgeries, delivering natural and optimal results for his patients.

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Cost for armpit fat liposuction

Cost for armpit fat liposuction is dependent on several factors. These include a patient’s clinical condition, degree of skin laxity and also, the anticipated complexity of the procedure.

What is the cost of axillary accessory breast removal procedures?  Is it insurance claimable?

The cost of axillary accessory breast removal procedures can vary depending on factors such as the doctor's professional fees, the type of anaesthesia used, the surgical approach and the complexity of the procedure.

Insurance may cover the accessory breast removal procedure if it is deemed medically necessary, meaning that it is causing physical discomfort, pain, or other health-related issues. To determine insurance coverage, it's advisable to reach out to your insurance provider and discuss your specific situation with them.

Does Amaris B. provide aftercare treatments?

At Amaris B. Clinic, aftercare significantly assists you with faster recovery and ensures optimum results. We have curated a bespoke aftercare program designed to help you with the healing process, such as manual lymphatic drainage massages, skin firming and many others.

Is it normal to feel swelling and tenderness in the armpit during menstruation?

Swelling and tenderness in the armpit during  puberty, menstruation and after childbirth  are common experiences women who suffer from this issue.

Can loose skin cause armpit fat?

Loose skin or loss of elasticity in skin is generally caused by several factors that include ageing, rapid weight loss and excessive dieting. This issue can be addressed with treatment such as Ultherapy.

Can axillary accessory breasts return after surgery?

Reoccurrence of axillary breast tissue after removal is uncommon.  Factors like weight gain, pregnancy, and shifts in hormone levels can play a role in the reappearance of axillary breast tissue.

Are there before-and-after images for axillary accessory breast treatment?

Yes! During your consultation with Dr Ivan Puah, you will be able to view the before and after images of our patients who successfully get rid of axillary accessory breasts and ask any questions you may have.

How to know if I have accessory breasts or simply armpit fat (axillary fat)?

As the condition is susceptible to hormonal changes, signs such as swelling and tenderness can indicate that a person may be suffering from axillary breast issues. Additionally, the swelling and tenderness may be aggravated during hormonal changes like puberty and pregnancy. Seek a doctor’s advice for better clarification.


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