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Build Your Perfect Body with 4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Lipo)

June 16, 2018
February 9, 2024

No matter how much you’ve been pushing, pressing, lifting and curling at the gym (on top of watching what you eat), there are still unwanted bulges.

Table of Contents

So you’ve been hitting the gym, hoping to build a six-pack and achieve that toned masculine body that will have the girls swooning and the guys green with envy.

Yet, no matter how much you’ve been pushing, pressing, lifting and curling at the gym (on top of watching what you eat), there are still unwanted bulges, and pockets of fat in hard-to-reach places just don’t seem to shift.

All is not lost with 4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Lipo) at Amaris B. Clinic

As you think about the amount of effort, hard work and dedication invested this far into your workout regime, do not fret. It has worked in getting you this far, and you’re just one more step away from achieving your ideal well-built physique.

A body sculpting procedure can make the final difference when the body limits physical efforts.

Contrary to popular belief, a body sculpting surgery such as liposuction is not about weight loss. It is meant to reduce and remove stubborn fat in hard-to-reach places. It is done well by experienced doctors like Dr Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic.

4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Lipo) is an advanced body sculpting technique to help male patients achieve a visible set of six-pack abs, and toned waistlines. The procedure removes the superficial and deep fat surrounding muscle groups to enhance the visibility of underlying tone and musculature.

During the procedure, the targeted body part will be marked out, and fat will be removed via sculpting to create a frame around the muscles to be enhanced.

Careful sculpting follows where a small amount of fat will be left to amplify the underlying muscle tone. In women, the commonly targeted areas include the serratus, obliques and rectus muscles in the abdominal area. The most desired physical trait for men is the washboard abs.

The result difference

Dr Ivan Puah shares that 4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Liposuction) produces eye-catching results in just one procedure without the long downtime of traditional liposuction.

During the procedure, fat is removed from all three layers of fat. Fat is then carefully etched from the superficial layer to create muscle definition. This treatment requires more attention to detail, not simply fat removal. Liposuction doctors need to be skilful and experienced with an eye for artistry as they will not only be working in the deep layer of fat but also more on the superficial layer, where the muscle-sculpting truly takes place.

Dr Ivan Puah - Liposuction Doctor in Singapore

Dr Ivan Puah is an accredited liposuction doctor in Singapore with years of liposuction and body sculpting experience. He is certified to perform Vaser liposuction, having completed his training in the United States of America and Argentina.

Dr Ivan Puah is also the Chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Committee in Singapore. He has developed two proprietary surgical approaches: the 360° Glandular Tissue Dissection (360°GTD®) technique for gynecomastia surgery and the MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique for liposuction. Dr Puah has received dedicated surgical training in gynecomastia surgery in the United States of America.


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