Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Here are some reasons, according to science

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Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Here are some reasons, according to science

Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Here are some reasons, according to science

The body carries two fat cells – alpha and beta. The process of fat burning is known as lipolysis, and alpha cells typically respond better. The reason why it's harder to lose fat in some areas is due to the presence of more beta cells. These areas are usually the hip, thighs and belly.

But maybe the reason is that you are doing it wrong or not doing enough of the right things. Here are a few common reasons.

You’re not sleeping enough

Sleep is essential as, among other things, it is when our body repairs itself. In fat loss, the lack of adequate sleep increases the hormone ghrelin production, which triggers that hungry feeling leading you to overeat. Suffice to say, we all know what happens when we overeat, especially on stubborn fat areas.

Stress is fat friendly

It's a common misconception that you'll lose weight when you're stressed, albeit in an unhealthy manner. While it's not totally wrong, it's not totally accurate either. Stress wreaks havoc on the body. Cortisol production goes into overdrive, and this often results in sugary cravings. When cortisol levels remain high for an extended period, it can increase the amount of fat in the belly.

Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Here are some reasons, according to science

Too much exercise

While exercise is a good thing but too much of anything is never good. Your body needs time to recover, and if it's not permitted to do so – you will crash badly, possibly leading to detrimental situations. Another note on exercise is that there's no such thing as spot exercises for losing that belly fat. You need to work your whole body, so they work in tandem to help lose fat – stubborn or otherwise.

Not eating right

Not all fat is bad. Healthy fat such as those found in avocados, nuts and fish actually supplement and maintain what your body needs to function, including the ability to shed unwanted weight. Additionally, you should cut down on processed food because they do not keep you full for longer. Instead, you'll end up eating more!

Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Here are some reasons, according to science

Age matters

The older you get, the slower your metabolic rate gets. This affects your calorie-burning capability, but it doesn't mean you can't age gracefully or healthily. Be physically active with exercises that are "friendlier" to your age and always mind what you eat. Success is also dependent on the ratio of what you consume to what you put out. At the end of the day, diet is equally crucial and, arguably, when it comes to weight and fat loss.

The belly fat may be stubborn, so you should be too in your effort to get rid of them. But stubborn in your persistence in going about doing it the right way. More importantly, do not give up and do not give in to temptations such as quick fixes and wrong advice.

What to do about stubborn fat?

A procedure that has proven to be effective in removing stubborn fat is VASER® Lipo. It eliminates fat and sculpts the physique as collagen production is stimulated in the treated area. This results in a tighter and more youthful appearance.

VASER® Lipo is a form of ultrasonic-assisted liposuction and can target problem areas without causing harm to surrounding tissues. For a patient, this means less downtime and discomfort or pain. On the other hand, traditional liposuction requires a longer recovery time, which can impede one's ability to resume daily activities, among other things.

VASER® Lipo does seem like an attractive option for stubborn fat removal, but it must be noted that it is only a tool. Its efficacy depends on the doctor using it, much like how a sculptor uses his instruments or a painter uses his brush. As such, engaging a qualified doctor who is experienced and has a sense of aesthetics is highly recommended.

Your belly reduction body sculpting liposuction doctor

Liposuction is strictly regulated in Singapore. Therefore, only the Ministry of Health (MOH) accredited doctors can perform such procedures and licenses are only issued based on strict criteria.

In finding the right doctor, qualifications and accreditation is the ideal first step. It is also essential that you find one with documented proven results in the form of "before & after" photos, patient testimonials and the like. A better gauge can be made from these observations and findings as to whether the particular doctor can help you realise your appearance aspirations. Of course, one should have realistic expectations, and these are best discussed with the doctor.

Scheduling a consultation with a potential doctor can also provide ease to the mind. Usually, after assessing a patient's medical history and health, a doctor would give professional and honest advice, including alternative options that may suit the patient. They will also explain the procedure and ensure that the patient understands what they are about to undergo. They should also be able to answer queries and alleviate any concerns that a patient may have. NEVER opt for a procedure just because it is the cheapest option. Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance, taking precedence, and a good doctor understands that perfectly well.

Dr. Ivan Puah, Medical Director Amaris B. Clinic, has more than 15 years of experience in VASER® Lipo. With such extensive experience and knowledge, he has designed the  MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique, which is a unique body sculpting approach that caters to a patient's needs.

The MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique facilitates a thorough fat removal while sculpting the physique. The technique not only provides a more desirable outcome it also reduces scarring significantly.

Dr. Ivan Puah is also a VASER® Certified Physician and is accredited by the Ministry of Health Singapore to perform liposuction. In addition, he received training in Colorado and Argentina for VASER® Body Sculpting and has also undergone training by renowned French plastic surgeon, Dr. Pierre Francois Fournier, in syringe liposculpture. Currently, He is the Chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Group in Singapore.

Weight and fat loss are no exceptions to the fact that it does take effort to produce results. Granted that the fat you're trying to lose at times is as, if not more stubborn in wanting to stay put than your stubborn resilience in trying to get it off.

With VASER® Lipo, however, your hope and aspirations for a more defined appearance are still on track.