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How Long Does It Take to See Weight Loss Results?

August 9, 2021
February 4, 2024

Have a little bit of patience and keep up the consistent effort. Still, the concerns are valid as, at times, effort and results don’t seem to correlate.

Table of Contents

Let’s face it; most people seeking to lose weight are more concerned with how long it’ll take than what it takes. Well, just like Rome, most other things weren’t built in a day, so have a little bit of patience and keep up the consistent effort.

Still, the concerns are valid as, at times, effort and results don’t seem to correlate.

Weighing weight loss

Let’s weigh in on some factors that contribute to weight loss. A healthy diet, exercise and proper rest, including sleep, are some absolute ‘must-do for proper weight loss. A healthy diet should be balanced, and the basic essentials should include drinking water, filling up on fibre and proteins, and to an extent, practising mindful eating.

Recommended exercises should include a mix of cardio, HIIT and resistance training. Include yoga and long walks for both the mind and body. Proper rest and sleep are often the most overlooked but could just be the most important factor. The body needs to repair itself, and it usually does this during rest and sleep. Additionally, when you exercise and have adequate rest, your stress level declines, which is always a good thing as it facilitates your body’s ability to do what it needs to do.

But remember to seek qualified advice before embarking on any weight loss programme.

How long will it take to lose weight?

The initial weeks will see ‘dramatic’ (in a good way) improvements. You’ll feel healthier, and you’ll lose some size as well. The extent of the improvement depends on your starting body size. Larger people tend to experience significant weight loss, although it might not correspond with their physical appearance.

If you’re generally petite, the improvement is usually gauged by your reduced dress size. Weight loss may take a little more time, but it is happening, so do not undertake further steps that may harm your health!

Water loss

It’s not hard to lose weight if you do it the proper way. There are various methods and programmes with accompanying advice to set you off on the right footing, including Amaris B. Weight Loss & Management programme.

It is a tailored programme created by Dr Ivan Puah to help individuals who want to lose extra weight safely and steadily.

Dr Puah believes that when patients gain the right knowledge, coupled with the fact-based and science-based approach he planned, they can lose and maintain weight effectively.

During the consultation, Dr Puah will assess the patient’s health condition, discuss the weight loss goals, and develop the most appropriate plan.

Addressing the root cause of weight gain is important as weight loss and management are more complex than just “calories in and out.” We can’t stress enough that the foundation for treating weight loss and obesity for some people is exercise (fitness), healthier food choices, and lifestyle changes. Still, these are not enough for many others to lose and sustain weight loss.

Amaris B. Weight Loss & Management programme incorporates medical interventions such as medications (oral/injections) that help to suppress the neuroendocrine pathway for a more sustainable weight loss, diet recommendation and fitness regimen. Patients will be monitored and followed up closely while under this programme.

Achieving success requires time, effort and discipline, but when that goal is accomplished, the change is beyond just what you will see - it’s also how you will feel.


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