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Sports Aesthetics®


Sports aesthetics® is a term coined by Dr Ivan Puah based on the three pillars of a combination of unique service offerings — to help fitness enthusiasts, sportspeople and professional athletes attain their ideal physiques without compromising the quality of their physical health.


Let us help you improve on what you've been working on and regain what you were not supposed to lose.

Pico fractional laser

Bring back skin's glow & clarity


Those experiencing sun damage, rashes, pigmentation and photoaging from working out in the sun.

Suitable for

Runners, Cyclists, Outdoor, Water sports enthusiasts

Bring Back Volume & Youthfulness

Bring back volume & youthfulness


Those who lost a substantial amount of facial fat due to intense cardio workouts, causing them to look aged and haggard.

Suitable for

Runners, HIIT enthusiasts

Bring Back Lost Collagen & Lift Skin

Bring back lost collagen & lift skin


Those who want to achieve lifted and firmer skin non-surgically and to stimulate new collagen in the body naturally.

Suitable for

Those experiencing collagen loss

Redefine Your Abs & Waistline

Redefine your abs & waistline


Those who want to achieve a sculpted body figure while creating more muscular definition that hours of weightlifting and HIIT sessions, and lean diet cannot attain.

Suitable for

Those who want look more muscular

Bring Back Defined Jawline & Chin

Bring back defined jawline & chin


Those with excess and stubborn facial fat pockets due to age or hereditary, weak chin and chipmunk cheeks.

Suitable for

Those who want to achieve sculpted facial profile

Remove Stubborn Body Fat

Remove stubborn body fat


Those who cannot get rid of excess fat despite dieting and exercise. Or those with a disproportionate body shape that affects their body confidence.

Suitable for

Men and women

Remove Moobs & Get Sculpted Chest

Remove moobs & get sculpted chest


Men suffering from gynecomastia, a medical condition that needs surgical intervention. It affects 60 to 70% of men, including sports enthusiasts and athletes.

Suitable for

Those who want a masculine chest

Regain Lost Breast Volume & Shape

Regain lost breast volume & shape


Those who experience breast size shrinking due to fat loss due to overexercising, breastfeeding, or simply ageing.

Suitable for

Women who want to increase cup size and create subtle lifting

Fitness & Wellness Support

In recent years, the landscape of sports medicine has undergone a significant transformation.

What was once confined to specialised clinics in public hospitals has now expanded into a comprehensive field addressing not only sports-related injuries but also the prevention of chronic diseases and the management of general musculoskeletal conditions.

Recognising the evolving needs of Singapore's ageing population and the increasing demand for sports medicine services, the Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (GDSM) programme has been developed in collaboration with LKCMedicine and SSMC @ CGH.

Accredited by the Singapore Medical Council, this program equips doctors with essential knowledge and skills to address various aspects of sports medicine care.

Dr Ivan Puah

Dr Ivan Puah, holds a Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine and is trained and proficient in areas of sports medicine care. Our fitness and wellness services are designed to cater to a diverse range of needs:

  • Management of Sports and Exercise Related Injuries
  • Sports Massage
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Evidence-based Weight Management Programme
  • Pre-Participation Screening
  • Exercise Prescription

With a focus on holistic wellness and personalised care, our clinic aims to provide individuals with the support they need to lead an active and fulfilling life.

Dr Ivan Puah



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