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Liposuction is on the rise in 2023 among Millennials and Gen Zs – here’s why

April 15, 2023
February 3, 2024

Millennials and Gen Z love instant gratification, and that could be one of the reasons why liposuction is popular.

Table of Contents

It’s no secret that society places a great deal of importance on physical appearance, and this pressure has only been amplified with the rise of social media.

In fact, the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures in the United States is on the rise, with liposuction being one of the most popular. Shockingly, in 2019 alone, over 265,000 people underwent liposuction on areas like their abdomen, arms, and saddle-bag (outer thighs) – and a staggering 45,000 of them were under 30 years old.

The trend doesn’t stop there, as more and more people from the ages of 30 to 39 are also seeking out liposuction. And just when you thought you’d heard it all, in 2022, liposuction overtook breast augmentation as the most sought-after procedure globally. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, with experts predicting it will continue well into 2023.

Moreover, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has reported a surge in younger clients booking cosmetic procedures, with 75% of US surgeons noting an increase in clients under 30 in 2023.

It’s clear that cosmetic procedures are becoming more mainstream than ever before, but what’s driving this trend?

Millennials and Gen Z’s desire for instant gratification

Millennials and Gen Z love instant gratification, and that could be one of the reasons why liposuction is popular.

Unlike non-invasive treatments that take weeks or even months to eliminate or reduce fat to show marginal results, fat is removed immediately during the procedure. Besides this, liposuction is able to correct disproportionate body shape, which non-invasive methods can’t deliver.   

For Millennials who are used to deriving instant results from things like Instagram filters, liposuction’s immediate fat removal is incredibly appealing. 

While liposuction is a clinically proven method to remove fat and shape the body, it is not a tool for weight loss. Rather, it is useful for removing excess facial and body fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. 

How liposuction plays a part in body confidence, body positivity, and self-esteem

It’s unfortunate that the media have created unrealistic beauty standards that are often unattainable for most people.

These standards have created a culture where men and women constantly compare themselves to others and feel pressure to look a certain way, a vicious cycle that leads many to seek out cosmetic procedures as a way to “fix” their perceived flaws.

While cosmetic procedures can improve self-confidence levels, they don’t address the underlying issue of societal pressure to look a certain way. Even after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, the anxiety and distress can return, leading people to search for other ways to “fix” their perceived flaws.

It’s important to be aware of the messages we’re consuming and be gentle with ourselves. At the same time, if you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, it should be for yourself and not for anyone else’s validation or social media content. 

Nobody should shame you for making that decision, as long as it’s done with careful consideration and for your own well-being.

Transparency goes both ways

Millennials and Gen Zs place importance on transparency

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery patients would hide away for weeks, avoiding any mention of their procedure and insisting that their results were all natural.

These days, our culture has shifted towards embracing transparency, and we’re more comfortable  talking openly about liposuction, even celebrities. This openness has led to a normalisation of liposuction, making it more popular and accessible than ever. 

People are now better informed about the procedure and understand that it doesn’t require weeks of downtime and recovery. In fact, most patients who have liposuction on a Friday are back to work on Monday!

Why empathy, ethics, and compassion are crucial when it comes to finding the right liposuction doctor

On the other end, doctors who perform liposuction have to be completely transparent with their patients as well. In Singapore, doctors who are accredited to carry out this procedure must abide by MOH regulations, and just as important as a doctor’s qualifications are their ethical values.

Dr Ivan Puah, medical director and liposuction doctor of Amaris. B Clinic, takes his commitment to integrity and patient well-being seriously. 

During a consultation, he believes in taking his time to explain everything clearly and thoroughly, never rushing or leaving any questions unanswered. Communication is key throughout a patient’s liposuction journey, and Amaris B. Clinic prides itself on being open, honest, and attentive to its patients’ needs.

The team behind Amaris B. Clinic makes it their priority to listen to and understand their patients’ concerns, alleviate their fears and anxieties, and confidently answer any questions they may have. Trust is essential in any doctor-patient relationship, and Dr Ivan Puah and his team understand it must be earned.

While liposuction is a feasible option for those who are looking to eliminate excess fat, it is important to note that not everyone qualifies as a suitable candidate. An individual is generally deemed unsuitable if:

  • they have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, seizures or deep vein thrombosis 
  • they are have underlying medical condition 
  • they are on medications that increases their risk of bleeding

During consultation, the individual is advised to notify the doctor on their medical history including any (medication) allergies so that the doctor can assess if the patient is suitable for the procedure or not.

Common questions about liposuction

1. What don’t they tell you about liposuction in terms of results?

Get ready for a transformation after your liposuction procedure, but don’t expect an instant makeover.

It can take a few weeks or even a couple of months for the tissue swelling to resolve and for your new body contour to fully emerge. So, be patient and allow your body the time it needs to heal.

2. Can you change your body shape with liposuction?

Liposuction is an ideal option for reducing fat and improving your body’s shape and proportions. However, it’s important to know that the procedure won’t have a significant impact on other concerns such as stretch marks. 

3. When can I expect to see the final results? 

Fat is permanently removed via suction during liposuction. Depending on the individual’s clinical condition, such as treatment areas, age, skin laxity and patient’s effort with post-surgery compression, you can expect the final contouring results to show between three to six months’ time.  

4. What happens if you remove too much fat during liposuction?

It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with excessive fat removal during your liposuction procedure. 

While the goal is to achieve a desirable outcome, removing too much fat can actually have the opposite effect. This can result in irregularities on the skin’s surface, leaving you with unsightly lumps or hollow dimpling.

This is why it’s crucial to work with a skilled doctor who can help you achieve the results you’re after without compromising your safety or physical appearance.

5. Does liposuction affect your metabolism?

The adipose tissue is a complicated, metabolically active organ. As such, removing it via liposuction can have a direct impact on the metabolism of each individual.

However, the findings of studies investigating the metabolic effects of liposuction are somewhat contentious, with no clear consensus reached.

6. How long will it take to recover from liposuction?

It is important that the patient is aware of what to expect during this phase. The include:

  • Pain and soreness are to be expected. These are managed with pain medications, which will be prescribed by the doctor.
  • There will be some fluid draining from the incision sites and the treated areas may be bruised and swollen, typically for a week or so.

A key element in facilitating a smooth and quick recovery is to follow the post-op recovery advice given by your liposuction doctor.   Turn up for all scheduled follow-up sessions and inform the doctor of any abnormalities experienced. Also, be patient as recovery takes time. 

7. Will there be pain after liposuction?

As with most procedures, some pain and soreness is to be expected. Below is a general guide on what to expect in regards.

Weeks 1 - 2

During this initial stage, pain and soreness will gradually subside. Strenuous activities and water should be avoided. Compression garments should also be worn as instructed.

Weeks 3 - 5

Typically at this stage, pain and soreness would have gone away. Tissue swelling may still be present but this will gradually improve and results will be more visible. 

Week 6 and beyond

Continue to wear the compression for another two more weeks.  You may return to working out but pace yourself.  Results will be more apparent as the tissue swelling settles.  

08. How Much Weight Can You Lose from Liposuction?

Liposuction is NOT a weight loss tool and is primarily a procedure that helps to eliminate excess and stubborn fat that does not respond to dietary changes and exercise.

09. What to do to prevent fat from coming back?

Liposuction eliminates excess fat permanently. However, the remaining fat cells may expand if one does not take care of the post-op results . The onus is then on the individual to upkeep a healthy lifestyle that includes eating proper food and exercise to maintain the result of liposuction.

Let Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic help you achieve the physique of your dreams

Meet Dr Ivan Puah, a skilled and experienced liposuction doctor in Singapore, with a passion for creating natural-looking, sculpted bodies. With his keen aesthetic eye and artistic flair, Dr Puah is  the go-to doctor for anyone seeking a personalised liposuction experience.

Dr Puah’s credentials speak for themselves. He is trained in Laser liposuction in Italy, Vaser Liposuction in Argentina and U.S.A.  He  has undergone comprehensive surgical training in gynecomastia surgery in San Francisco, making him the only doctor with such dedicated expertise.

But Dr Puah’s skills go beyond his extensive training and education. He has developed his proprietary surgical approach to liposuction, known as the MDC-Sculpt® lipo technique, which ensures thorough fat removal, minimal scarring, and reduced post-op bruising. With this technique, tailored body sculpting is achieved.

If you’re looking for a liposuction doctor who will take your unique goals and concerns into account while creating a natural-looking transformation, look no further than Dr Ivan Puah at Amaris B Clinic.


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