Breast enhancement: Is There a Natural Way?

Table of contents

#1 Asymmetric

This simply means that one breast is larger than the other. Look for a bra with removable padding, so you can add more volume on your smaller side to make it even.

#2 Athletic

This type of breasts tend to be smaller, wider and more muscular. Get a push-up bra to create more curves.

#3 Bell Shape

If your breasts are fuller at the bottom and slimmer towards the top, get a full coverage bra with adequate support for lifting.

#4 Tear Drop

This breast type is similar to a bell-shaped breast, but it’s more even and rounded. These look great with most bra styles.

#5 Relaxed

Those in this category have breasts with lax tissue and nipples that point downward. Opt for a push-up bra for extra boost.

#6 East West

This refers to smaller breasts with nipples that point outward in opposite directions. A t-shirt bra will help to bring the bust towards the centre, potentially creating a cleavage.

#7 Side Set

Similar to “East West”, side-set breasts tend to be fuller and rounder. Get a plunge bra to bring together the wide space between the breasts.

#8 Slender

Breasts that are smaller at the top and longer than their width are considered slender. You can add natural lift with a plunge bra.

#9 Round

There’s no “perfect” breast shape, but those blessed with an equally full top and bottom bust are lucky, as they can pull off any bra style.

Want fuller, more even breasts?

Thankfully, there’s a solution for those who want fuller bosoms without going the silicone route! Amaris B. Clinic’s signature ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a fat-grafting procedure that transfers fat tissue from a part of the body – the abdomen, thighs or other areas – to your breasts.

Performed by Medical Director Dr. Ivan Puah, who has been personally trained by renowned plastic surgeon Dr Pierre Francois Fournier, this minimally invasive treatment is a popular choice for those looking to add volume to their bust whilst removing stubborn fat pockets on the body. Excess fat is first acquired via liposuction, then purified and re-injected into the breast area.

The results? An instantly fuller, more ample bosom, as well as a slimmer body. The fat cells then integrate into the surrounding breast tissue over a number of weeks, resulting in more defined and firmer breasts over time.

Unlike silicon breast implants, there are no risks of ruptures, leaks or shifts. Recovery time is also much quicker than the standard breast implant surgery. To find out if you’re suitable for the procedure, book a consultation at our chic space along Arab Street!