A Less Invasive Form Of Liposuction

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Many of us deal with problem areas of stubborn fat. Even if we exercise regularly and watch our diet, pesky deposits can still find their way to our arms, thighs, tummy or hips (think love handles, stomach bulge and flabby arms). And often they just won’t budge! Thankfully, there’s a solution. Here, the team at Amaris B. Clinic give us the lowdown on VASER Lipo – a less invasive form of liposuction – and four things you may not know about this minimally invasive aesthetic treatment that can permanently get rid of excess fat.

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#1 It is not meant for weight loss

Contrary to most beliefs, liposuction is a body contouring surgery, not a weight loss method. The purpose of liposuction is to remove stubborn, localised fat deposits that are resistant to dieting and exercise. VASER Lipo is an advanced body sculpting technique that aims to selectively, effectively and safely remove stubborn body fat tissues without damaging important structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. Once the targeted fat is removed, you still have to keep up with sufficient exercise and a healthy diet to maintain your new figure.

#2 It stimulates collagen production

It is a terrible misconception that the skin loosens after a surgical fat removal procedure. VASER Lipo is designed to leave your body and your skin looking smooth and contoured. Ultrasound wave energy is used, which triggers the body’s natural response to jumpstart the collagen’s reproduction process. Hence, not only does VASER Lipo eliminate your stubborn fat pockets, but it also stimulates your collagen production, resulting in tighter and smoother skin.

#3 You can treat delicate areas

We often hear of liposuction for the tummy and thighs, but VASER Lipo can also be used on smaller fat pockets such as your bingo wings, double chin, knees and calves. VASER Hi-def Lipo is a more precise form of VASER Lipo, which can also define your muscles or sculpt your figure. For women, it can help them achieve that coveted hourglass figure. For men, the dream for sculpted six-pack abs and a more muscular chest can come true!

#4 Fat is permanently removed in one procedure

VASER Lipo can be performed on multiple areas of the body including the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen, which are traditionally the more resistant areas when it comes to fat loss. VASER Lipo gently eliminates unwanted fat by using sound energy to liquefy unwanted fat cells in targeted areas. The liquified fat is then sucked out with a tiny cannula.

Where to go?

Doctors in Singapore need to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health to perform liposuction procedures. Amaris B. Clinic’s medical director, Dr Ivan Puah, is accredited by Ministry Of Health Singapore, to perform liposuction. Additionally, he is a VASER-certified physician who has received his body sculpting and liposuction training in Italy, USA and Argentina.