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Corrective Liposuction Revision: Is It Worth It?

November 16, 2022
February 1, 2024

A botched liposuction brings repercussions and agony - both physical and mental. If you or someone you know is in such a predicament, know there is help. 

Table of Contents

A botched liposuction is, without a doubt, the last thing anyone expects to experience. Yet it does happen, and the repercussions and agony - both physical and mental, are equally real. If you're in such a predicament, know there is help. 

If you are not, do continue reading, as you may be able to help someone who is.

Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic has seen and treated many patients who suffered from botched liposuction procedures. He is an MOH-accredited liposuction doctor in Singapore. His astute understanding of the body's anatomy and its aesthetic needs, and his approachable demeanour have enabled him to connect and gain the trust of his patients - especially among those seeking corrective lipo surgery of one form or another. 

Dr Ivan Puah has been performing liposuction surgeries for over 17 years. He has developed his proprietary surgical approach, the MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo Technique, where he can achieve results for different patients. Liposuction Corrective Surgery is also his forte, and additionally, he is also the Lipo Peer Review Committee Chairman, which reflects the acknowledgement conferred onto him by his peers.

Seeking corrective surgery is a much bigger step than seeking the initial surgery itself. Many things will run through the mind of such a patient, and the saying "once bitten, twice shy" is probably the least of them. Some common questions that Dr Ivan Puah has come across include:

  • What if the corrective surgery worsens the situation?
  • Can the result really rectify the situation?
  • Will there be side effects, and will my body be able to cope with them?
  • Is it really worth getting corrective surgery?

"Corrective lipo surgeries are complex and time-consuming," according to Dr Puah. The fact is, such surgeries do take more than just a steady pair of hands and knowledge. The doctor must truly understand the patient’s clinical condition, apply the right surgical approach and be able to visualise the end result, not just based on the theory taught. The patient, too, has to manage their expectations as per Dr Puah's reminder. “The patient should be mentally prepared that while some areas can be corrected, sites with more severe complications may be partially improved at best." Combining these aspects can lead to realistic and satisfying results for both the patient and the doctor.

Issues After A Poorly Done Liposuction 

Complications such as uneven surface contours (lumps and dimples), irregular dents or depressions, skin discolouration and excessive tissue scarring are just some that a patient may experience if the liposuction had been poorly done. These are often caused by several factors, which include:

  • Overly aggressive liposuction techniques by the performing doctor
  • Improper use of the equipment and surgical tools 
  • The doctor disregarded or overlooked criteria when it comes to patient selection as not everyone is suitable for liposuction
  • The liposuction doctor does not have an eye for beauty and thus not paying attention to the body contour and is not able to produce aesthetically pleasing results
  • The liposuction doctor did a slipshod job during the surgery, leaving the fat behind and claiming as “muscles” instead when questioned by the patient. 

A liposuction doctor should have attentive ears and an eye for details. Each piece of advice and recommendation given is personalised to the specific individual, which means that the aesthetic goals will be met and the patient’s well-being is assured. The doctor and his medical team should know how to manage realistic expectations and not over promise or underdeliver results. A skilled liposuction doctor should seek nothing less than perfection, as body sculpting is a union of art and science.

All those mentioned above have a common denominator - the liposuction doctor's lack of experience, skill and ethics. Hence, it is critical that a patient seek treatment from qualified, experienced and ethical doctors and not solely based on cost, such as opting for the cheapest option. 

What Is Corrective Liposuction Revision?

As the name implies, liposuction revision surgery, or liposuction correction as it's sometimes called, corrects and addresses issues brought about by a botched liposuction procedure. These are usually in the form of asymmetries, contour irregularities, dimpling, unnecessary and huge scarrings and others. It is a more complicated and challenging procedure as more issues must be addressed. They have to be handled with meticulous attention to prevent the worsening of a current state and, perhaps more importantly, to avert causing additional issues.

Areas where these issues are commonly found are:

  • The inner thighs (mid portion)
  • The outer thighs (below the trochanteric bulge)
  • The sensuous triangle at the junction of the lateral buttocks, the lateral thigh and the posterior thigh
  • The abdomen, especially those with loose skin or stretch marks
  • Upper arms
  • Knees 

Uncommonly, Dr Puah has also seen cases of poorly done facial and armpit liposuction, where large scars were created unnecessarily, and remnants of fat were left behind. 

Why Is Corrective Liposuction Revision Needed?

In a nutshell, Corrective Liposuction Revision is called for when results are less than desirable, contradictory to what was expected and when things end up botched. Botched liposuction not only affects the physical state of the patient but is more detrimental; it can cause adverse effects on the individual's mental well-being. 

Common adverse effects include low self-esteem and even depression.  At times, a sense of self-blame would slowly cement in them as it was, after all, their decision to opt for the initial procedure. At this stage, the affected individual may not even consider a corrective procedure, whether out of fear or the thought may not even cross their mind as they are dealing with more severe issues.

Affected person is advised to seek consultation with an experienced liposuction doctor who also focuses on corrective liposuction surgeries for further evaluation and advice. Typically, three to six months must pass before any corrective work can be done. This allows the body to heal from the initial procedure and be ready for corrective surgery.

The need to look good continues to feed its demand such that over the years, the number of clinics offering liposuction has exponentially grown and continues to do so. This voracious appetite, however, has also resulted in many botched jobs. Most times, it's down to the inexperience of their practitioners, including the lack of proper training and disregarding the importance of body aesthetics for the patient.

Medical tourism has become a buzzword, and people are flocking to places like Thailand, India, China and South Korea, for example, to get their nips and tuck done. The main draw or reason? Cheaper cost. But cheaper still comes at a cost. In some places, the lack of regulations often means lacking proper credentials, so it is no surprise that when things go awry, there is no recourse for those affected. 

Modern technology, surgical instruments and proper facilities play a part in ensuring the patient is safely undergoing liposuction. However, there seems to be no urgency to keep up with the times, and all efforts are concentrated solely on keeping up with demands. 

In Singapore, the practice is strictly regulated, and only accredited doctors are allowed to perform liposuction, including that for corrective needs purposes. Liposuction can only be performed in an accredited Day Surgery. An anaesthetist and a competent surgical and post-op care team are required to care for the patient during and after the surgery. Corrective Liposuction Revision is a welcomed helping hand for those affected by a botched job.

How Is Corrective Liposuction Revision Performed?

Corrective Liposuction Revision is performed as a day procedure in a Day Surgery. An assessment will be done during the consultation to ascertain the necessary measures to be taken, depending on the issues that need to be corrected.

Some recommendations would include the following:

Additional Liposuction

This form of secondary liposuction is usually prescribed to address issues of "under correction." Bulges of fat will need meticulous fat removal to properly sculpt the body contour. Your doctor will examine your situation and explain your options. 

Scar Revision

Aims to correct, lessen and lighten the incision scar with either scar revision surgery or skin laser. In addition, fibrous tissue may be worked around to eliminate bulges and bumps.

Liposculpture With Fat Grafting

For issues that involve "over-correction", liposculpture with fat grafting would be recommended. Unwanted or excess fat will be removed and injected into the affected area, followed by sculpting to ensure an improved, natural appearance.

Skin Tightening

A skin tightening option such as Ultherapy with Radiesse injection may be favoured if it involves mild to moderate type sagging.

Recovering from corrective liposuction

The healing process involves several factors, such as genetics, age, skin laxity and others. Swelling and bruising, if any, will gradually improve as the body heals itself. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Corrective Liposuction Revision

As with most procedures, if not all, there are advantages and disadvantages to Corrective Liposuction Revision. The procedure can help correct irregularities such as asymmetry, dimpling and scarring, and improve the aesthetic outlook.

The procedure can also be combined with other cosmetic treatments, like fat grafting and scar revision surgery, for good overall results. Another advantage, a form of much-needed relief, is that it can revive lost confidence and help improve the mental well-being of an individual affected by a botched job.

Disadvantages Of Corrective Liposuction Revision

As for the disadvantages, most of them entail the same surgical risks as regular liposuction, and side effects such as swelling, soreness and bruising. 

It is also to note that not all botched liposuction procedures can be fixed. During the consultation, the doctor will advise on what can and cannot be done. 

Before a corrective procedure, a patient must wait out the healing process from the initial procedure. This means having to live with their current state in the meantime.

Who Is Suitable For Corrective Liposuction Revision?

Having realistic expectations is a key ingredient in many procedures, including corrective ones. We have desires, but at times, they cannot be translated into physical results. The doctor will always try to work according to the issues presented, but he is not a magician. There are limitations, and these must be understood by the potential candidate. Hence, the individual should discuss their expectations with their doctor and weigh the options per their doctor's advice.

Being in good health is a standard pre-requisite for a standard liposuction procedure. For those who would like to proceed with corrective liposuction, the waiting period is three to six months from the time of their liposuction surgery.

You must wait until you've healed from your first surgery (up to a year) before having a second procedure. Then it may take several more months to see whether a successful liposuction outcome is achieved the second time.

Corrective Liposuction Revision For Other Conditions

Corrective Liposuction Revision is also suitable for people who suffer from botched gynecomastia surgery. At Amaris B. Clinic, Dr Ivan Puah will assess a patient's condition for signs and symptoms associated with slipshod jobs.

Lipo revision is not only a treatment to fix a botched lipo job, but it is also suitable for those who have had liposuction previously and were happy with the results, but the body physique changed due to ageing or lifestyle changes. 

The Results Of Liposuction Revision

The procedure is challenging, so engaging a doctor who is not only accredited but also one who focuses on doing corrective liposuction surgery is a must. Not all liposuction doctors can perform corrective liposuction surgeries as this requires not just experience but skillset and an eye for aesthetics. As with any procedure, it is an investment of the patient's money, time and trust. But in the hands of an able doctor, the results are worth it. Improvements are significant, and the individual can live their life confidently sans embarrassment.

How To Avoid Revision Liposuction?

As the saying goes, "prevention is the best medicine," so engaging an accredited liposuction doctor who regularly performs liposuction with consistent results can never be under-emphasised. It is the most critical step before embarking on a liposuction procedure.

A person keen on getting liposuction must also know that several options are available. Doing diligent research on the matter, particularly when it comes to clinic or doctor selection, helps.

Understanding the risks involved, especially when opting to go overseas to get the procedure done, is also a must-have. Insist on seeing a clinic or doctor's portfolio and seek out reviews about them. During the consultation, prepare your queries beforehand and present them to the doctor. Ensure that no stones are left unturned so that no doubts and expectations can be managed.

The most important thing to know is that liposuction is a body contouring procedure and not a weight loss measure. This is something that most patients often overlook and wrongly assume.

So Is Corrective Liposuction Revision Necessary?

If something is broken, it needs to be fixed, but the extent of a result that a repair work can deliver depends on how broken the thing was initially. The same can be applied to Corrective Liposuction Revision. 

The procedure benefits those in need as results can significantly improve their situation. Seek consultation from liposuction doctors who carry out liposuction regularly with consistent results. They can manage expectations while delivering desired results without compromising on a patient's safety and well-being.

At Amaris B. Clinic, Dr Ivan Puah and his team are always at hand to help. 

"I have performed corrective liposuction surgeries for years. They are more challenging and time-consuming. I try my best to "patch", "fill", and "mend" the damage. The patient should be mentally prepared that while some areas can be corrected, sites with more severe complications may be partially improved at best," explains Dr Ivan Puah. His years of experience are evident in the results of his diverse patient portfolio. 

Case 1: Female patient who had a botched arm liposuction procedure in Singapore to get rid of her excess arm fat. The picture shows that the arms have unevenness, lumps and irregularities. The patient sought liposuction correction surgery with Dr Ivan Puah.
Case 2: Female patient with dents and uneven skin texture on outer hips, as well as dimpling and waves on the back thighs. These are caused by uneven suction from a botched liposuction procedure in Singapore.
Case 3: Female patient who had botched liposuction procedure performed on the inner thighs overseas. There are obvious skin irregularities, overly aggressive suction causing rippling and large pigmented scarring, as seen in the picture. The patient sought liposuction correction surgery and fat grafting with Dr Ivan Puah.
Case 4: Female patient who had a botched liposuction procedure performed on the abdomen in Singapore. Unevenness, dents and lumpiness of the abdomen and uneven curve on the left body contour as seen in the picture, who sought liposuction correction surgery with Dr Ivan Puah.
Case 5: Male patient with severe dents on the chest, skin folds and unevenness from botched gynecomastia surgery and high-definition liposuction of abdomen performed in Australia. He later sought liposuction correction surgery for both conditions with Dr Ivan Puah.
Case 6: Female patient who had a botched liposuction procedure performed on the inner and outer thighs in Thailand. As seen in the picture, the undercorrection has resulted in "leftover" lumpy and uneven fat bulges on the thighs. The patient seeks liposuction correction surgery with Dr Ivan Puah.

They always strive to deliver on the trust that has been granted to them because at Amaris B. Clinic, a patient’s well-being comes first. 

Schedule an appointment today for a better tomorrow.


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