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One Wrong Move And The Entire Contour Is Wrong - Cases of liposuction gone wrong

October 15, 2021
January 29, 2024

Overcorrection results in irregularities. Inexperienced and unskilled liposuction doctors can cause tissue trauma. Check out our patient case studies.

Table of Contents

The area where the small fat pouches appear is small and delicate. The smaller the area, the more attention and meticulousness are required by liposuction doctors during the surgery. This is why the criteria for a liposuction doctor in Singapore need to be more than just credentials.

Botched liposuction procedure - One wrong move and the entire contour is wrong

Liposuction is a body contouring surgical procedure to improve disproportionate body shape and to remove excess localised subcutaneous fat. It demands a 3D artistic understanding of the anatomical and adipose tissue layers. Liposuction requires the practical application of scientific knowledge with artistry, a skill attained only with clinical experience. Botched liposuction procedures are the result of under-correction and overcorrection.

Undercorrection can be improved by repeated liposuction. Overcorrection refers to removing excess fat more than the desired body contour line. In Dr Ivan Puah’s experience - Amaris B. Clinic’s medical director and liposuction doctor - the areas commonly associated with these problems are:

• The inner aspect of thighs (mid portion)

• The outer aspect of thighs (below trochanteric bulge)

• The sensuous triangle at the junction of the lateral buttocks, the lateral thigh and the posterior thigh

• The abdomen, especially those with loose skin or stretch marks

• Upper arms

Overcorrection often causes noticeable indentations, resulting in irregularities such as undulations, depressions, and asymmetries. Inexperienced and unskilled liposuction doctors can cause tissue trauma during the procedure.

Case 1: Female patient with dents and uneven skin texture on outer hips, as well as dimpling and waves on the back thighs. These are caused by uneven suction from a botched liposuction procedure in Singapore.
Case 2: Female patient who had botched liposuction procedure performed on the inner thighs overseas. There are obvious skin irregularities, overly aggressive suction causing rippling and large pigmented scarring, as seen in the picture. The patient sought liposuction correction surgery and fat grafting with Dr. Ivan Puah.
Case 3: Female patient who had a botched liposuction procedure performed on the abdomen in Singapore. Unevenness, dents and lumpiness of the abdomen and uneven curve on the left body contour as seen in the picture, who sought liposuction correction surgery with Dr. Ivan Puah.

Possible risk factors of under-correction or overcorrection botched liposuction procedure

There are several factors where and why under-correction or overcorrection liposuction can happen. A doctor's inexperience is arguably, at the top of the list. To avoid a possible mishap, finding an experienced and qualified doctor with a proven track record of delivering results is essential.

An experienced and ethical doctor understands the needs of his patients and will suggest the most appropriate treatment to address their issues effectively. Dr Ivan Puah often encounters patients wanting a procedure that is not suitable for them. An example is a male patient wanting to have high-definition liposuction performed. Still, upon clinical assessment, he was found unsuitable due to his BMI, body fat distribution, body shape, and fat percentage. A more appropriate and tailored approach was proposed to the patient for his consideration.

Case 4: Male patient with severe dents on the chest, skin folds and unevenness from botched gynecomastia surgery performed in Australia. He also had severe lumpiness, unevenness and unnatural-looking results from his botched high-definition liposuction procedure done in Australia. He later sought liposuction correction surgery for both conditions with Dr. Ivan Puah.
Case 5: Female patient who had botched liposuction procedure performed on the inner and outer thighs in Thailand. As seen in the picture, the undercorrection has resulted in "leftover" lumpy and uneven fat bulges on the thighs. The patient seeks liposuction correction surgery with Dr. Ivan Puah.

Another possible risk factor is the lack of clear, honest, and open communication between patients and doctors, which inevitably leads to unrealistic expectations and failed results.

The physical makeup of a patient also plays a part. For example, having excessive loose skin or unique distribution of fat layers and hard-to-reach bulges. These can cause issues if they are not appropriately addressed.

Case 6: Female patient who had botched arm liposuction procedure in Singapore to get rid of her excess arm fat. As seen in the picture, there is unevenness, lumps and irregularities of the arms. The patient sought liposuction correction surgery with Dr. Ivan Puah.

Dr Ivan Puah, a liposuction doctor in Singapore, who also performs liposuction correction surgery for botched liposuction procedures done in Singapore and overseas

Dr. Ivan Puah will only recommend a body sculpting procedure upon understanding your needs and assessing your clinical conditions. Your health, safety, and expectations are also taken into consideration. MOH-accredited liposuction doctor and the Chairman of Lipo Peer Review Committee in Singapore, Dr. Ivan Puah is also trained in Vaser Liposuction, 4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Lipo), Laserlipolysis (Laser Liposuction) and syringe liposculpture.

Dr Ivan Puah believes that liposuction requires a tailored approach. It is not just fat removal as body sculpting procedures involve 30% science and 70% art.

Psychological effects on patients with botched liposuctions

Some of the signs of a botched liposuction procedure, according to Dr. Ivan Puah, include extreme pain and discomfort, uneven skin contours with lumps and dimpling, excess bulges that look disproportionate to your body shape, and excessive scarring.

Suffice to say the main reason a person decides to opt for liposuction is to improve body confidence and alter disproportionate body contour. One can only imagine the devastating psychological effects of a procedure gone wrong!

If left uncorrected, botched liposuction may lead to "various degrees of psychological consequences such as depression, low self-esteem, anger, social phobia, and many others," according to Dr. Ivan Puah.

That's why seeking corrective treatment for botched liposuction is imperative to avoid long-term psychological consequences.

A Doctor's role

The well-being and safety of a patient are in the hands of the doctor treating them. This is perhaps one of the most precious trusts entrusted between two human beings, and as such, a doctor should be able to truly understand and relieve his patients of any worries and concerns.

An ethical doctor should be truthful in his communication so as not to relay unrealistic expectations. No two procedures are the same; this is where a doctor's experience applies. An experienced doctor can foresee potential complications and try to avoid them.

Additionally, he understands the limitations of the chosen procedure and what can be achieved. At all times, a doctor should always be a comforting and trustworthy figure for his patients.


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