Buddy Up & Reach Your Goal Faster

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Buddy Up & Reach Your Goal Faster

We all could do with a friend at times, even more so at the gym! Yes, that is right. Having a workout buddy can help you achieve your fitness and body goals in a faster time than flying solo.

Here are some ways having a gym buddy helps.

Up The Fun Factor

A workout is a serious business, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, right? After all, a little fun goes a long way in making ANYTHING more bearable – especially that last set of dumbbell rows. Just having someone around (we are social creatures) can help laugh off the strain and aches during and after the gym session. Have a healthy competition between the two of you. It’s fun!

Motivate And Elevate

A true buddy is there during the good and challenging times. When you’re hitting the weights and treadmills, it can be discouraging when you hit a plateau. But that brick wall can be smashed! Having or being a workout buddy means motivating each other to break that barrier, to go one further albeit safely. Words of encouragement can do wonders in elevating both your capabilities to scale new heights.

Nothing Blue, Just Something New

Working out alone can be a drag. Time seems to tick ever so agonisingly slow, and your routine becomes boring. With a workout buddy, you can change it up… a lot! Add some new routines and help each other think of ways to keep the workout interesting. Do some 2-person fitness drills, and before you know it, you’re done and can’t wait for the next one!

Injury Prevention

At one time, many of us pushed it a little too much, which results in lesser time to work out and more time spent recovering. A gym buddy can help check on your posture and technique; to make sure you’re doing it right, safe and equally important, effectively. It will save you a lot of preventable sports injuries.

So how do all of the above equate to helping you achieve your goal faster? Well, if there’s someone to ensure you’re doing it right, to inspire as well as perspire together, help create a more fun environment – you will see results sooner than you initially expected! It extends beyond the gym - both of you could tuck into some healthy and well-deserved food after your session.

Try it!