Can Belly Fat Be Targeted?

Amaris B.

Archive Date:

Aug 13, 2021

Updated On:

Apr 16, 2023

One of our body's common (some would say problematic) areas is where stubborn fat resides in the belly. Before we dive into what we can do to reduce belly fat, let's first understand what it is.

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Belly fat is made up of subcutaneous and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat lies in a layer beneath the skin, while visceral fat lies beyond the abdominal wall and surrounds the organs like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Although visceral fat is usually found in lower amounts than subcutaneous fat, they pose potentially serious health issues such as diabetes and hypertensive heart disease, which are detrimental in many ways.

Blasting belly fat

Regarding fat, some are metabolically more active than others, meaning that they may respond better and quicker to exercise and its effects.

What you can do

Start with what you eat

Reduce or eliminate sugary drinks, juices that are high in sugar. Drink more water and learn to make healthier food choices. A Mediterranean diet may help as it consists primarily of monounsaturated fatty acids like fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Additionally, eating Greek yogurt may also help in reducing belly fat. Although Greek yogurt has more calories in a typical serving, it contains fewer carbs, less sugar, and more protein. But as with all diets – moderation is the key.

Calorie in, calorie out!

Regular workouts complement healthy eating habits to help reduce belly fat. Note that nutritional value is far more valuable to your health than just monitoring calorie intake. Would you rather eat four nuggets at 170 calories or a plate of healthy baked salmon and vegetables at 296 calories?

Stress is a six-letter bad word, and sleep is a five-letter good word!

Besides impacting your overall well-being, it can also contribute to belly fat, so remember to take some time off for a walk or do something equally relaxing. Also, sleep well. Research has shown a link between sleep deprivation and negative metabolism changes.

Surgical Intervention for stubborn localised fat

Exercise and diet, unfortunately, may not be the all-encompassing solution in some situations. For people with excess body fat (not visceral fat!), surgical intervention in the form of liposuction can help. It is a surgical fat removal and body contouring procedure to remove fat and correct disproportionate body shape.

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