Why Is Arm Fat A Much Bigger Problem In Women? | Losing Arm Fat

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April 11, 2019

Flabby upper arms are just one of the many appearances that a woman potentially faces. Learn more about losing arm fat today.

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January 4, 2023

Flabby upper arms are just one of the many appearances that a woman potentially faces. Wearing a long-sleeve top 24/7 is not an option unless one lives where the sun rarely shines but why is it harder for a woman to lose the excess fat than a man?

Women vs Men

Women, on average, have 6 to 11 percent more body fat than men. The likely reason behind this is to prime a woman’s body for childbearing, but it also means that women will find it more challenging to lose fat in areas where stubborn fat resides like the arms. When it comes to fat gain, you can gain fat anywhere where fat cells are in abundance.

Testosterone factor

The testosterone hormone may be more commonly associated with men, but women do have them as well. It supports the body’s ability to build muscle and energy, among others. When testosterone level drops, your body may be more inclined to store fat while resisting the need to build muscles and this excess fat will show in areas like the arms. Stress, lack of sleep and unhealthy lifestyle habits are just some contributing factors to plummeting testosterone levels.

It’s in your food

It’s not only what you eat but also what’s in the food you’re eating that matters. High sugar and refined grains intake can easily cause a surplus and surpass in your body’s recommended calorie needs. High sugar consumption leads to an increase in insulin, and when your body’s insulin level is too high, the calories are stored as fat instead of being used as energy. Where excess fat end up also depends on your body type and if the arms are one of the problem areas than it will definitely show up there.

Losing that flabby arm

Interval training is one of the best fat blasting workout methods. It’s important to work your whole body and not just the arms for results. Incorporate interval training into your regular exercise program about three times a week.

A comprehensive fat loss program is not only about exercises and workouts. It must also include a healthy dietary program. A reduced-calorie diet can go a long way in eliminating excess fat but make sure that you get what your body needs in terms of vitamins and minerals for it to function properly. If in doubt, reach out for qualified help, and soon you’ll be waving goodbye to that flabby arm with confidence!

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