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The No-guilt Way To Pamper Yourself

December 15, 2019
February 8, 2024

These four aesthetics treatments will get you looking good – because you deserve some TLC!

Table of Contents

The No-guilt Way To Pamper Yourself

From working too hard and not being able to spend as much time with our loved ones as we’d like, to not taking proper care of ourselves, women are guilty of, well, laying on the guilt. And even when we do take time out for ourselves, we feel guilty because we think the time spent could be put to better use elsewhere. Sometimes, it feels like this vicious circle will never end.

Everyone deserves to look fabulous because it is equally important to do a little something just for yourself – when you look good, you’ll feel good too. So don’t let your guilt eat you up inside, and take charge of how you look and feel, from top to toe.

We asked medical director Dr Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic to recommend four guilt-free pampering treatments.

Guilt-trip #1: Spending money on your looks

The No-guilt Way To Pamper Yourself

Are you a worrywart? Many women are. We worry about our careers, our families, our finances, and much more. And we end up wearing all our worries on our faces – frown lines, a sallow complexion and sunken cheeks. Getting older doesn’t help as gravity pulls everything downwards.  

The Amaris. B Way to Guilt-free Pampering: Facial Fat Grafting

If rediscovering a youthful V-shaped jawline is what you desire, Facial Fat Grafting may be the answer. A treatment that restores volume to the face, it begins by removing small amounts of fat tissue from your abdomen or thighs. Those fat tissues will then be purified and injected into the face, via extremely blunt and thin tubes called cannulas, as microdroplets into the areas that need a boost of volume, such as at sunken cheeks.

The best bit? Besides significant facial volume restoration, it also improves skin texture.  Furthermore, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines in certain areas, particularly around the eyes. Do note that Facial Fat Grafting is not a form of liposuction as only a tiny amount of fat is removed.

Guilt-trip #2: Not being happy about how your body looks in the mirror

The No-guilt Way To Pamper Yourself

No one is born with the perfect body. As we age, the trim and toned physique we once worked so hard for can look different when we reach our 30s and 40s.

While loving your body is important, it shouldn’t overtake your life. Continue to exercise regularly and eat healthily, but do allow yourself a treat once in a while. Everything in moderation, we say.

The Amaris. B Way to Guilt-free Pampering: Vaser Liposuction

If you need a little help to get rid of hard-to-erase bulges, there’s Vaser liposuction. VASER is an acronym for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.

Performed by Dr Puah since 2007, the signature treatment of Amaris B. Clinic is ideal for targeting stubborn pockets of fat. The results from Vaser liposuction can be dramatic, but the procedure itself is a rather simple process.

First, Dr Puah will mark out the treated areas. A tiny incision will then be made where a thin cannula is used to inject tumescent (numbing) fluid into the target area. A small probe, used to transmit ultrasonic sound wave energy, will gently break up the fat cells without causing any disturbance to the surrounding, important connective tissues. Liquefied fat cells are then removed through gentle suction.

The treatment is gentle and there is a shorter downtime as there is less risk of bruising and bleeding. Plus, Dr Puah adds that Vaser liposuction can also stimulate collagen production to tone the skin for a more contoured and defined silhouette.

Vaser liposuction is perfect if you are looking to get rid of unwanted fat tissues, re-shape or restore body contour, achieve smoother, tighter skin, or even to create a more toned and muscular appearance.

Guilt-trip #3: Reclaiming your body after pregnancy

The No-guilt Way To Pamper Yourself

Being a new mum is a beautiful thing, but it also means your body isn’t quite yours, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. However long you choose to breastfeed, when you do stop, you’ll find that your breasts aren’t what (and where) they used to be.

And breastfeeding isn’t the only reason why our bosom buds stop looking perky. Age and gravity can easily cause them to look less full too.

The Amaris. B Way to Guilt-free Pampering: ADR-C Breast Enhancement

If you’re looking to restore your bosom to its youthful perkiness, Amaris B.’s ADR-C Breast Enhancement is your “breast friend”. This minimally invasive treatment is a two-step process that utilises your own body fat.

First, unwanted fat tissues are removed via Vaser liposuction. The live fat cells are then purified and injected into areas of the breast where needed. Over time, these fat cells integrate with the surrounding tissue to give you a pair of natural-looking, supple and firm breasts.

Using ADR-C Breast Enhancement, the breasts can be enhanced without the use of foreign implant materials, which carry a risk of rupture, infection and rejection. You are also able to essentially achieve a more desired silhouette through this treatment, as you will be removing fat from stubborn areas to enhance breast size.

Every patient’s personal goals are different and unique. During a private one-on-one consultation, you and Dr Puah will discuss your goals, the aesthetic changes you wish to make, whether ADR-C Breast Enhancement is right for you, and the outcomes you can expect. Together, a treatment plan will be tailored just for you.


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