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The Modern Singaporean Man And 5 Ways He's Looking Good

April 25, 2023
February 1, 2024

A study found that 50.6% of male respondents reported they spent more than $100 per month on online purchases, as compared to 41.3% of female respondents.

Table of Contents

In a fast-paced world where faces and places come and go, being memorable (in a good way) is a key to open doors for exploration and opportunities.

There is also a need to look presentable at work. Let’s admit it, your reaction to someone who dresses well and looks like they take care of themselves and their appearance is more likely to be positive as compared to someone who is sloppy-looking.

We should, of course, note that while physical appearance is not everything, looking pleasant does help us feel more confident with ourselves, and thus set a good first impression.

Dress Better, Look Your Best Everyday

Not everyone is a supermodel, but everyone can look good when they find clothes that not only look nice but also fit them and their personality well. With that mindset, an increasing number of Singaporean men have been treating their wardrobes as a personal curation project of clothes and styles they love.

Clothing companies have, of course, hopped onto the bandwagon, and while the female sections of clothing stores are still larger, the male sections are pretty substantial for a variety of styles as well.

In a survey done on youths between 15 and 35 by Singapore Polytechnic, it was found that 50.6% of male respondents reported they spent more than $100 per month on online purchases, as compared to 41.3% of female respondents.

Top categories of their purchases included technology, movies and (not surprisingly) apparel. The privacy that comes with shopping online was listed as one of the main driving forces as to why men prefer that over to shopping at retail outlets.

For those who prefer to shop without getting out of their chairs, there are a good number of online stores that they can spend hours on end browsing, like Zalora, ASOS, Wear Of The Day and Sixth Empire.

Invest In Good Skincare That Is Right For Your Skin

It’s proven, Singaporean men are getting more into skincare as well.

In a report on The Straits Times earlier in April, market research Euromonitor International revealed that the value of the men’s skincare sector in Singapore has been on an increasing trend since 2010 and hit $15 million in retail sales last year.

Not relating just to soap and water, the amount includes moisturisers, toners and exfoliators, terms one would assume only females to understand.

It’s common to see Korean actors gracing the storefronts of make-up stores. While it can be argued that the eye candy is to attract more females to use their products, these shops also have dedicated sections to male customers, with products such as face wash, toners and BB cream!

Not everyone is blessed with good skin genes, but acne and other common problems can be alleviated with a good skincare routine. Clear skin can also imply that you put in effort into your personal presentation (and potentially, your daily tasks and hygiene), and a show of respect for those you meet.

If BB cream and multi-step routines aren’t your thing, simply grab a face wash which suits your skin type and you’re good to go!

Brotox And Fillers, Bro!

For those who want to take having nice skin further, there is Brotox and Fillers.

I know what you must be thinking, “Want to look good must be so extreme, meh?”

The trend of plastic surgery has actually been on a rise with Singaporean men. According to a report by The Peak, males make up over a third of patients in aesthetic procedures locally, all in a bid to further improve their ‘overall package’.

Of course, we’ve all heard about plastic surgery and medical aesthetic horror stories, but most cases only come when the individual gets overly obsessed or when the doctors are not skilled or licensed. Minimally invasive procedures like fillers will only enhance one’s looks subtly when done well.

Brotox reduces wrinkles, relaxes the facial muscles so your jaws will look more defined, and can be used to treat excessive sweating on the underarms, hands and feet! Fillers can volumise and define facial features; it can also be used to fill in the deep frown line.

Then comes the question: How will I know which aesthetics doctor in Singapore is good? I don’t want to pay so much for a result I don’t like.

Enter Amaris B. Clinic, founded in 2004 by Dr. Ivan Puah

Dr. Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic frequently attends workshops, courses and conferences and has received personal training from some of the top plastic surgeons in the world. His eye for aesthetics and undivided attention to each patient also means that you’ll be getting a treatment that’s best suited for you.

Founded on the basis that improving one’s looks should be made available to a broader demographer as compared to just the affluent crowd, procedures are made relatively more affordable at Amaris B. Clinic.

Then comes the question: Let’s say I want a nicer jawline but don’t want to do something so extreme. What is there I can get at a medical aesthetics clinic?

A strong and defined jawline is more often than not an ideal for male aesthetics, but a jawline that’s too strong is also a problem. This is where Amaris B. Clinic’s Facial Slimming procedure comes in. You can now achieve a more masculine face shape by using injectable neurotoxins to slim down bulky chewing muscles and Facial Liposuction to reduce fats in unwanted places (like cheeks and that stubborn double chin).

Of course, we must remind you, our reader, that cosmetic surgery or aesthetic procedures should be a 100% personal choice and should not be brought about by peer pressure or a desperate need to be accepted.

Work Out The Bod. Flabby Or Skinny Is Out

Remember that popular drama Descendants of the Sun, and that viral shot of the Special Forces soldiers?

Not only for National Servicemen who need to pass their IPPT, the desire for good fitness and also the six pack abs that come along with it is nothing new, and it’s a common sight to see men working out at gyms over the weekend, and some even doing so before or after work on weekdays!

Whether to bulk up or slim down, being physically fit feels good from both the aesthetic (you’ll be able to fit nicely into your clothes) and physical health point of view.

Singaporean men are simply spoilt for choice with options of working out at gyms, parks, or even taking on alternative means like kickboxing and the recently popular Krav Maga.

Getting A Good Haircut & Facial Grooming

Lastly, your head of hair should be your crowning glory.

Not only for ladies, men can also boost their looks exponentially by having a haircut, which suits their style. Even a bald style can be a great choice for those who can pull the look off perfectly!

While there are a good number of guys who go into salons with the instruction “Trim can already”, there is a rising number who invest in a good haircut and hairdresser to get their ideal look pat down.

Various types of hair wax and gel for men also greet us whenever we walk into a Watsons store, or even supermarkets, so the “au naturale” look is definitely out.

A good haircut that suits your face shape and style can radically change your appearance and also how you feel about yourself, so it might be a better idea to spend that extra $15 to get a trim at a salon as compared to $10 options which get the job done in 10 minutes.

To cater to the rising demands of Singaporean men with regard to hair (on the face and head), male-centric barbershops have also been popping up in recent times, with players such as Sultans Of Shave, Deep Cuts, and Hounds Of The Baskervilles offering shaves, cuts and styling options in swanky settings.

At The End Of The Day, Confidence Is Key

This list has probably provided you with a few ideas on how to up your appearance game, but at the end of the day, self-confidence is really all that matters, because even with the best clothes, skin and physique, a lack of it would render all of those useless.


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