Little-known Health Benefits of Liposuction

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We’ve all heard of liposuction, the popular surgical procedure that gets rid of stubborn fat tissues resistant to diet and exercise. But did you know that it offers other medical benefits, too?

What can liposuction do?

Firstly, it’s important to know that liposuction is not an overall weight-loss solution. It targets excess fat in problem areas, but the benefits go beyond just cosmetic. Clinical studies have shown that liposuction can improve insulin sensitivity, lower overall body fat, and boost metabolism. It can lead to fat loss, without causing any change in lean mass. Obese patients can benefit from an improvement in cardiovascular inflammation, reducing the risk of heart problems.

gynecomastia man boobs surgery amaris b clinic
Liposuction works well on gynecomastia

As the treatment is able to precisely and permanently reduce fat tissues, it can also be used to treat medical conditions like gynecomastia, which occurs when there is an enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in men.

An improved version

Like traditional liposuction procedures, VASER Lipo eliminates unwanted fat through tiny cannulas inserted into problem areas. But here’s how it’s different. VASER Lipo uses patented ultrasonic soundwave energy to liquefy targeted fat cells before they’re removed from the body. Not only does this ensure that the surrounding tissues are left unharmed, it also helps to break down larger and more stubborn fat deposits, hence making fat removal easier. On top of that, collagen production is stimulated, which results in smoother and tighter skin – score!  

Extending the effects

Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic, has seen multiple clients who have tried to lose stubborn body fat with exercise and esoteric dieting but achieved less than ideal results. Even after liposuction surgery, if you don’t follow-up with a proper aftercare plan, fat cells can accumulate in areas that were untreated.

liposuction surgery vaser lipo health benefits amaris b clinic

One of the ways to get the most out of your treatment is by combining VASER Lipo with Amaris B. Exercise Therapy. This is a two-in-one treatment plan developed by Dr Puah and offered at the clinic. He recommends patients undergo the Exercise Therapy programme seven to 14 days post lipo-surgery, as it further helps with fat loss and cellulite reduction. Low-impact biking exercise paired with vacuum and compression technology helps to target areas where blood circulation is poor. For most women, these areas are the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs. By increasing and stimulating blood circulation in these problem spots, you can accelerate fat burning.

Why Amaris B. Clinic?

Amaris B. Clinic was recently awarded the Body Sculpting Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific by Global Health and Travel.

The team is led by Dr Ivan Puah, who has the required accreditation from the Ministry of Health to perform liposuction and gynecomastia surgery. He’s a VASER-certified physician who has trained in body sculpting, gynecomastia and liposuction in Italy, the US and Argentina.