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“I Wish I Could Transfer The Fats From My Tummy To My Boobs!”

March 13, 2020
February 9, 2024

Among others, having a bigger bust (size) is arguably many a woman’s aspirations when it comes to her physique. Fat Transfer is now a reality!

Table of Contents

When it comes to ads, we tend to remember the ones that tickle the funny bone and the “Oishi Green Tea Boobs” TVC is no exception. After all, laughter is the best medicine, or so the adage goes.

Since its launch back in July of 2010, it has garnered a staggering amount of views and an equally amazing number of shares - globally! A truly massive success for something that was executed on a relatively low production budget. But aside from humour, what made it so successful?

“I wish I could transfer the fats from my tummy or thighs to my boobs!”

The ad’s element of “fantasy-turned-reality” is arguably the clincher. Among others, having a bigger bust (size) is arguably many a woman’s aspirations when it comes to her physique. Referencing the ad and how it’s so easily achieved via a simple “transfer” is yet another fantasy that many have probably dreamt about.

But as they say, if you can dream it, you can make it happen, and fat transfer is real!

Transfer excess fat to your boobs for real with ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Fat transfer or fat grafting involves the transfer of excess fat from one area or areas to another. The ADR-C Breast Enhancement procedure adopts this method to give women a fuller breasts appearance.

The excess fat is removed from areas where there is a substantial amount of fat such as the thighs or buttocks via liposuction and transferring them to the breasts. Essentially, it utilises the patient’s own body fat which reduces the chance of tissue rejection and complications. The recovery time is also shorter than the standard breast implant surgery.

The ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a much-more preferred option to silicone implants and safer as well. It produces more natural-looking results, which accounts for its growing popularity.

What you need to know about Fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat grafting does seem ideal for those who want to get rid of excess fat in some areas while increasing in others (such as the breasts). However, it is not for everyone.

Fat grafting is meant for people who are generously lacking in volume in certain areas. The individual also needs to have available excess (own) fat that can be transferred. Their general blood circulation also needs to be in healthy and proper condition to facilitate faster and easy recovery.

Do note that the fat still exists as it is only transferred, so care and caution still needs to be taken, which include adopting a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Today, achieving your desired appearance is no longer wishful thinking, and the ADR-C Breast Enhancement procedure is but one of many that a person can opt to realise their dream physique.


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