Aesthetic treatments for a fresh start!

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As Ernest Hemingway once said: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”  

It’s good to look at ways to feel better and change things up. From tattoo removal, laser treatments for pigmentation to ultherapy for sagging skin, Amaris B Clinic has four aesthetic treatments for you to refresh and transform physically for a start!

#1 Laser tattoo removal

Tattoos are a wonderful form of art expression, but they can also be a source of regret for some. If you have some ink that you feel no longer suits your skin, check out Amaris B Clinic’s Picocare laser tattoo removal treatment. This FDA-approved picosecond laser is known to be more precise and advanced compared to other types of laser procedures.

Using the principle of Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB), the laser energy targets specific areas and goes deep into the skin, ensuring the surface is left unharmed. This also means that downtime is reduced, which is always a plus!

Picocare is also able to remove all types of tattoos, regardless of colour, size or condition. With its multiple treatment wavelength capacities, it effectively removes all ink – even dark colours like black, brown and dark blue.

Also, the high-speed capability of the laser pulse splits large numbers of tissue cells into smaller pieces in a shorter time. That shorter pulse enables more of the tattoo to be removed in a shorter time, which means fewer sessions are needed!

#2 Fractional laser for pigmentation

Our skin is a bit like a battleground. Whether you’re battling old acne scars from hormonal flare-ups or hyperpigmentation from years of sun exposure, you can get your complexion to a fresher and cleaner slate.

One way is to try the multi-purpose PICO Fractional Laser, an FDA-approved, a 450-picosecond laser that’s faster and better than other nanosecond lasers.

Paired with the doctor-designed SkinSOS Botanical Facial Series, the laser helps to repair, restore and rejuvenate the skin. Each series targets different skin concerns like active acne, old acne scars, pigmentation and dullness.

For enlarged pores, this laser penetrates deeper into the skin than just the surface to deliver pulses that creat tiny globules of air. During the recovery stage, collagen fills up these bubbles and raises indentations and depressions, resulting in a smoother canvas.

#3 Fillers for lines and wrinkles

As we age, we lose fatty tissue, which leads to sagging and a loss in volume in our faces. Skin elasticity deteriorates too, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles forming. Collagen stimulating fillers are skin injectables that help to add volume and smoothen the complexion – without the need for surgery.

Injected below the skin surface, the fillers, which are made of a biocompatible substance called Poly-L-lactic acid, are absorbed into the skin. Within a few days, you can notice your skin looking slightly plumped up.

#4 Ultherapy for loose skin

This non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment uses focused ultrasound energy to treat jowls, laxity, droopy eyelids, as well as lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

Ultherapy works by targeting the areas under the skin to deliver the right amount of energy at the right depths and temperature.

This jump-starts collagen and elastin production, resulting in a firmer and younger-looking appearance.