Why Breast Enhancement Is Still One Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

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Enhancing breasts through fat grafting

The survey revealed that breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedures among women, with a 10.4 percent increase from 2014. In 2015, there were 1,488,992 breast augmentation procedures done, compared to 2014 where there were only 1,348,197 procedures.

Why Do Women Opt For Breast Enhancement?

The numbers above reveal that more women are still opting for breast augmentation procedures. While there is still an ongoing debate about the pressures of a woman conforming to society with regards to plastic surgery, a modern woman’s mindset is that, simply put, if it makes her feel good about herself and if she can do it, she will.

Take for example a news story that came out in November this year. Two women from Raleigh in the United States found that breast reconstruction was a vital part of their recovery after learning they had breast cancer. Long-term survival for these women meant a mastectomy – the surgical removal of the affected breast, which reduces future cancer risk by removing the healthy breast as well.

One of the women met up with a plastic surgeon and her cancer surgeon before her surgery to plan out the breast reconstruction after the mastectomy. By June, the patient finished her chemotherapy and she looked forward to having permanent implants put in by end of October. Indeed, reconstructive surgery brought these women hope – and healed invisible and visible scars brought about by breast cancer.

The Benefits Of Breast Enhancement

There is no doubt that the women affected by breast cancer and beat it successfully saw an improvement in their outlook in life. While breast enhancement procedures are a major step for a lot of women, the results offered are positive ones.

The benefits of breast enhancement impact both the emotional and physical aspects of a woman’s life. For emotional benefits, studies reveal that the benefits of breast implants include a boost in self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. Meanwhile, physical benefits include larger and fuller breasts, breast lift and symmetry, dealing with breast changes that occur after weight loss or childbirth, and reconstruction, especially after the removal of the breasts due to breast cancer.

These benefits are dependent on the person getting a breast enhancement procedure. Most of the time, people who undergo such a surgery get it for a specific reason – and they often leave with the desired results.

A Safer Way To Enhance Breasts: ADR-C Breast Enhancement

For a long time, methods to increase the appearance of one’s breasts relied on breast or saline implants, which can come with risks, among which are: the leakage of a saline-filled breast implant called deflation; and a tear or a hole in the implant’s outer shell.

However, today there is a safer way: Enhancing breasts through fat grafting. ADR-C Breast Enhancement works by getting unwanted fat from your body such as the abdomen, tummy, or thighs, and involves two steps – harvesting and injection. Excess fats are acquired through liposuction, and then purified to maintain the integrity of fat cells. These will be gently processed into liquid form, and injected into the breast area. This method offers none of the risks – ruptures, leaks, or shifts – usually associated with implants. In addition, recovery time is quicker than the standard breast implant surgery.

The Bottom Line

Getting a breast enhancement procedure is a major step, especially for women who need a boost in self-confidence and their overall quality of life. Cosmetic surgery should never be done for other people, but for oneself. If a friend or loved one chooses to undergo a breast enhancement procedure, offer support, and, above all, respect for the patient’s personal decision.