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Revenge Surgery or confidence boost? Post-divorce new lease on life 

May 30, 2024
May 30, 2024

Divorce can age you. Revenge Surgery refers to cosmetic procedures sought by those undergoing divorce. But is it really about revenge, or gaining confidence?

Revenge Surgery or confidence boost? Post-divorce new lease on life 

Table of Contents

Stress has a direct impact on your body, weight, health, mental state, and skin, especially when you are consistently under immense stress for an extended period or during significant life events such as divorce.

According to research by Dr Guyuron and his colleagues, divorce can accelerate ageing. The study presented images of twins to participants who consistently perceived the divorced twin as looking older than the married one.

Why does divorce make you look older?

Divorce attorney Kelly Chang Rickert shared that, generally, a woman is financially worse off if she divorces, especially when the ex-husband cannot or does not pay alimony or child support. Parenthood for a single person is also more challenging. Financial stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep will age people.

Revenge cosmetic surgery: What is it? 

After weathering the storm of emotional upheaval, many find themselves feeling happier and lighter after divorce. It's during this time that they (men and women alike) often take control of their lives and make positive changes — physically, mentally, and emotionally!

"Revenge Surgery" is the term used to describe cosmetic procedures sought by individuals undergoing major life changes, like divorce or separation. Patients may seek these procedures to reclaim their youth and confidence, to impress their ex-partners, or to feel ready to start dating again. Whatever their motivation, we view it as a journey toward self-empowerment.

Revenge Surgery or confidence boost? Post-divorce new lease on life 

Popular revenge cosmetic surgeries at Amaris B. Clinic Singapore

At Amaris B. Clinic Singapore, some of the most popular revenge cosmetic surgeries include liposuction and breast fat grafting for women, anti-wrinkle injections and gynecomastia surgery for men, as well as Ultherapy and dermal fillers for both men and women.

The journey begins with a private consultation with Dr Ivan Puah. He will thoroughly assess patients' concerns, clinical conditions, medical history, lifestyle, diet, and fitness level. 

"There are several common reasons why my patients consider cosmetic surgery after divorce. These include improving self-esteem, body image confidence and overall health, getting rid of excess fat and achieving a more toned figure," the MOH-accredited liposuction doctor shared.

Liposuction and breast fat grafting for women

Some patients want to restore their previous body shape and permanently remove stubborn fat pockets with liposuction, and to also address fat volume loss in the breasts caused by factors such as ageing or breastfeeding. 

Breast fat grafting offers an alternative to breast implants for those who want to enhance their breast volume more naturally. This procedure also helps improve breast symmetry and can enhance or correct breast shape.

Anti-wrinkle injections and gynecomastia surgery for men

When male patients come to Dr Ivan Puah after their divorce, they often want to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines on their foreheads and around their eyes (crow's feet). When anti-wrinkle injections are administered in appropriate amounts and areas, they can naturally create a more relaxed, less angry or frowny, and younger appearance.

Gynecomastia surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves removing enlarged male glands and tightening the chest skin. This medical condition can make a man feel emasculated due to the appearance of a female breast. This surgery not only provides a more masculine chest outlook but also helps to rebuild their manly confidence.

Ultherapy and dermal fillers for both men and women

Emotional stress can negatively impact skin health. It can lead to inflammation, skin dehydration, poor wound healing, wrinkles, acne, rashes, and a decrease in dermal collagen.

With depleted collagen, you will notice a sagging jowl that gives a grumpy impression, facial volume loss, or loose skin around the lower face and neck. This is where Ultherapy and dermal fillers can reverse the facial volume loss effect. Ultherapy is an FDA-clear skin lifting treatment that promotes collagen regrowth from within, while dermal filler can naturally add volume to hollow facial areas.

Whatever your reasons are to get cosmetic surgery, do it only for yourself!

"It's crucial to delve into the motivations of patients who want to enhance themselves via medical aesthetic treatments or cosmetic surgeries. Ideally, they should have thoroughly considered their decision, are in good health, possess strong self-esteem, and comprehend the potential risks of the procedure they are contemplating. People seeking cosmetic procedures do so for various personal reasons that go beyond mere vanity. These reasons may include the desire to restore self-confidence after childbirth or a significant life-altering event like divorce," says Dr Ivan Puah. 

If you want to give yourself a second lease on life, we welcome you to our clinic for a private consultation. Located at 140 Arab Street and open from 9:30am to 7pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on alternate Saturdays, contact us to schedule an appointment for your better-looking tomorrow.


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Revenge Surgery or confidence boost? Post-divorce new lease on life 

Divorce can age you. Revenge Surgery refers to cosmetic procedures sought by those undergoing divorce. But is it really about revenge, or gaining confidence?

May 30, 2024
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