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Can A Double Chin Return After Facial Liposuction?

February 9, 2023
February 3, 2024

The double chin often results in an aged and unhealthy appearance. Most people feel that not much can be done about the issue, but there is.

Table of Contents

Can A Double Chin Return After Facial Lipo - Woman looking at mirror

The chin is an essential feature of a face, and as a person ages, the skin around the area may start to sag. Additionally, most times, depending on genetics, excess fat tends to be prominently present in that region. The double chin often results in an aged and unhealthy appearance.

Most people feel that not much can be done about the issue, but there is. Chin liposuction is a procedure that can address the double chin effectively and contour the jawline. Facial liposuction, on the other hand, targets chubby cheeks, double chin, saggy jowls and neck to create a more sculpted and younger facial profile for the patient.

What is facial liposuction?

As the name suggests, it is a delicate surgical facial contouring procedure that permanently removes excess facial fat, including the "double chin".  

Liposuction has come a long way since the 1920s, and its techniques have evolved tremendously over a century, benefiting patients who opt for liposuction to improve facial and body contour. 

An example of an efficient modern liposuction technique is the MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo Technique. Developed by Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic. This proprietary technique enables Dr Puah to remove facial and body fat from a multi-dimensional approach but also encourages skin tightening, which is not achievable with traditional liposuction. 

Facial liposuction is a delicate procedure that requires experienced and steady hands. The patient's well being is always Dr Puah's primary concern, and meticulous attention is always given to achieve desired results. Facial liposuction by Dr Ivan Puah is performed in an accredited Day Surgery Center. The patient will be under twilight sedation (GA is not required), and the procedure will be done under local anaesthesia.

With his proprietary technique, incisions are created strategically for maximum access to the different fat layers, and scarring is minimal and well-hidden. Patients can expect a faster recovery and lesser discomfort post-surgery.  

What happens after double chin liposuction or facial liposuction?

Incisions will be stitched up, thick dressings and a compression garment will be applied after the surgery is completed.  The post-surgery team will take care of you while you are resting at the recovery bay.  You will be discharged home to rest on the same day with medication to help you manage the discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising.  

How quickly can you see results from double chin liposuction or facial liposuction?

The results of facial liposuction are immediate, with improvements to the chin and jawline, but as tissue swelling sets in, the optimal results will be achieved in 3 to 6 months. 

Can you get your double chin back after liposuction?

Fat cells that have been removed do not grow back nor replicate. A small shift in weight will unlikely affect the results, but be mindful of putting on too much weight. 

How long does it take for skin to retract after chin lipo?

The skin's ability to retract depends on several factors, for example, pre-existing clinical conditions, lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol, genetics and age. For instance, if one loses a drastic amount of weight and presents with pre-existing loose skin, naturally, the skin's ability to retract will be affected.

Also, the older you are, the lesser your ability to produce collagen and elastin-building blocks that keep your skin firm and youthful. Ultherapy, a non-invasive collagen-stimulating treatment, can further complement the results of chin liposuction or facial liposuction in such instances. 

Be committed to the recovery process

For optimal facial sculpting results, it is important that the patient cooperates and listens to the doctor's instructions, advice and recommendations regarding post-procedure and aftercare matters.

Are You a Good Candidate for Double Chin Liposuction or Facial liposuction?

You are a good candidate for double chin liposuction or facial liposuction if you:

  • Have bulky fat on your neck, and jawline (Double chin liposuction) 
  • Have excess fat on the cheeks, under the chin, neck and jawline (Facial liposuction)
  • Are in good health; within a healthy BMI 
  • Have good muscle tone and firm elastic skin
  • Have no underlying medical conditions. 
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding currently. 
  • You have realistic expectations on what can or cannot be achieved with facial liposuction 

Double chin liposuction or facial liposuction is a potential solution for those seeking to look better, but the individual needs to know that it is a commitment. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, which incorporates being mindful of what they eat, goes a long way to ensuring long-lasting results. 


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