3 Top Singapore Men’s Insecurities. Here’s How To Fix Them!

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Updated On:

Oct 31, 2023

Archive Date:

Jun 16, 2018

You might be feeling fit, but are you looking fab? Tackle those problem areas fast with these fixes.

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Nobody’s perfect. It’s normal to feel insecure about your body, or at least parts of it. Even the most confident of men experience the occasional “fat day”, or look in the mirror and think: “Who’s that uncle?”

If that’s happening to you more and more frequently, maybe it’s time to see a professional who can help you achieve your #bodygoals.

Whether you’re already eating clean and working hard at the gym, yet not seeing results, or don’t see yourself giving up your long-term relationship with char kway teow and nasi lemak burgers, there are other ways to sculpt your physique. We speak to Amaris B. Clinic’s founder and liposuction doctor, Dr Ivan Puah, to find out more.

With 13 years in the business, Dr Ivan Puah has seen his fair share of men in pursuit of their ideal bodies. Here, he shares three of Singapore men's most common complaints about their appearance and how they can be resolved.

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1. “I have moobs!”

The medical term for “man boobs” or “moobs” is gynecomastia. It’s a more common problem in Singapore than you’d expect.

The bad news: Being overweight may not be the cause. Ramping up exercise and dieting will not resolve the problem.

The swollen glands and excess fat deposits may be due to puberty, ageing, the side effects of certain medications or hormonal imbalance. You may even experience tenderness or pain in the area.

The good news? Gynecomastia surgery can end your pain and embarrassment. Dr Ivan Puah elaborates: “The surgery effectively removes overly enlarged glandular tissues and/or excess fat tissues so that you can regain a more masculine physique.”

2. “I hate my dad bod!”

Leonardo DiCaprio might be bringing the “dad bod” into vogue lately, but that’s not everyone’s idea of sexy.

If you miss the washboard abs you had in the first year of your national service, Vaser Liposuction could bring them back.

It is a liposuction technique that uses ultrasonic energy to break down fat deposits by delivering it internally and directly to the fat deposits via a probe, liquefying the unwanted fat into a “buttery” consistency. This allows the liposuction doctor to suction the fat out easily while leaving the important connective tissues relatively undisturbed.

Fat is permanently removed. It is highly recommended that you do your part to maintain the results. This means adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes adequate physical activity.

3. “I look chao lao [older than I really am]!”

Everybody ages, but most want to do so gracefully – think David Beckham, not Nicholas Cage. Just the simple act of expressing ourselves can result in a face full of lines.

Work stress sees our foreheads creased in frowns, while laughing and smiling may manifest in laugh lines. So if the man in the mirror is starting to look more crumpled than a freshly tumbled-dry shirt, a little touch-up at the doctor’s might be in order.

Dr Ivan Puah explains two ways to smooth out our mien: Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA) injections to smooth out wrinkles and dermal fillers to plump up the skin and “iron out” wrinkles and creases.

He shares a tip: “While you’re at it, dermal fillers can also be applied to enhance definition for features such as the bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks.”

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