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Why Do Women Get Flabby Inner Thighs?

May 17, 2021
January 29, 2024

The inner thighs are just one of the areas where fat loss is a real challenge, especially if a woman is already relatively lean to begin with.

Table of Contents

We are aware of the physical differences between a man and a woman, but did you know that the differences also extend to how fat is stored or excess weight is found in the respective genders?

Bulky Top And Heavy Bottoms

Men, in general, tend to put on fat in the areas above the waistline, while women experience gains below - in places like the butt, hips and thighs. In women, this physiological difference is necessary because the deposited fat in those areas is for breastfeeding.

Inner Thigh Challenge

Flabby inner thighs are a common problem for many women. Childbearing is a reason why the body clings onto the fat in that area, which is all good if a woman is trying to get pregnant but not so when she is trying to slim down.

The inner thighs are just one of the areas where fat loss is a real challenge, especially if a woman is already relatively lean to begin with.

Additionally, a woman has to be wary and attentive to the relationship between fat and fertility. Her menstrual cycle and overall reproductive health may be disrupted in the pursuit of wanting to get lean.

When Effort Is Fruitless

In general, losing fat is about working the whole body and not just one specific area. Still, when it comes to the inner thighs, sometimes a well-rounded effort ends up fruitless.

Although genetics do play a part, here are some suggestions to help you along:

  • Cardio – Add some cardio to your exercise routine. Include some spinning (pedalling) and stair-climbing exercises.
  • Work the whole leg – As you age, you lose muscles, so engage in exercises like lunges to tone up the thigh muscles.
  • Watch that diet – Proper nutrition is vital in any fat loss. A healthy serving of protein, good fat, fruits and vegetables goes a long way toward a successful weight loss.

Perhaps the most essential thing to bear in mind is having realistic expectations. Success is rarely achieved overnight. It takes effort, discipline and determination. However, when everything is in place, the results will show.

Why don’t the results show even though I’ve been working hard?

The truth about fat is that some are just stubborn. Being stubborn by nature is why they are challenging to eliminate regardless of diet and exercise. One probable main reason is genetics, which tends to appear in areas such as the stomach and inner thighs. Therefore, the only solution to get rid of them is via targeted fat reduction and removal procedures.

Vaser Liposuction is a form of ultrasonic-assisted liposuction procedure well-known among those seeking to remove stubborn fat. It uses sound energy to target and eliminate fat permanently.

Given its efficacy in targeting problem areas, Vaser Liposuction significantly lessens the discomfort or pain a patient may experience. In addition, it does not affect the surrounding tissues, leaving vital connective tissues and blood vessels relatively intact. This means that bruising could also be minimised together with the required downtime.

Vaser Liposuction is recommended for volume reduction on the outer thighs, inner thighs and knees as it provides significant aesthetic improvement of the leg silhouette, creating an “elongating” effect and improving the proportions of the lower extremities.

VASER Liposuction doctor in Singapore

Dr Ivan Puah is an accredited liposuction doctor in Singapore with over 17 years of body sculpting experience. He is certified to perform Vaser liposuction, having completed his training in the United States and Argentina. He is the Chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Committee in Singapore and has received dedicated surgical training in gynecomastia surgery in the United States of America.

Having trained to perform liposuction is only the beginning. Dr Ivan Puah believes it is crucial to understand and master the technicalities of the procedure, including the potential complications that may arise. To be meticulous in approach, with a detailed overview and foresight capabilities, are essential must-haves for a doctor.

An advocate of liposuction as not just a bulk fat removal procedure but also a delicate procedure involving 30% Science and 70% Art drives Dr Ivan Puah to develop his unique and proprietary fat removal and body sculpting approach - MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique. It is a multi-dimensional contouring approach customised to an individual's body shape and clinical condition. This allows bulk fat removal and sculpting of the treated area while care is taken to ensure that incision sites and scarring are kept to the bare minimum.

Finding the right doctor with an aesthetic sense is essential in achieving the desired outcome in terms of silhouette and results. A body sculpting procedure is akin to a work of Art in progress. The artist's skill, experience, appreciation and understanding of the body aesthetic separate a masterpiece from an average work.

Flabby thighs are indeed a genuine concern, and when a possible reason could be genetics, it does put a damper on one’s confidence. Nonetheless, all that hard work in the gym and disciplined eating need not go to waste with Vaser Liposuction; the assistance you need is just a doctor away.


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