Why A Full Cheek Can Take Ten Years Off Your Looks

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August 1, 2020

Sunken cheeks give off a hollow appearance due to the lack of tissue in that area.

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June 11, 2022

Let dermal fillers and facial fat grafting (ADR-C Facial Enhancement) revolumise sunken cheeks

The sunken cheeks appearance may appeal to many. After all, from the catwalks to the silver screen, we are often presented with faces with such attributes, and we can’t help wishing for the same. Yet, some who have them wished they didn’t. Sunken cheeks can add years to a person’s appearance.

Sunken cheeks set in between the bony curve of your cheek under the eye and the lower jawbone. They give off a hollow appearance due to the lack of tissue in that area.

On one hand, it creates a defined appearance – highlighting the cheekbones for an example, but in reality, it is also a sign of ageing.

Cause of Sunken Cheeks

As we age the production of collagen, the protein responsible for a  youthful appearance,  slows down. When this happens, our skin loses its elasticity and skin starts to sag. As for the face, this could result in hollowed out cheeks where the skin appears to recede inwards. Aside from ageing, there are other possible causes, most of which can be avoided.

Smoking is a bad habit that should be reduced or better still, avoided. It harms the skin by destroying the supply of nutrients necessary in keeping it healthy. Over time, the harm is visible such as in the appearance of sunken cheeks and dull-looking skin.

Environmental factors like harsh weather and pollution have the same effect on the skin.

Poor dietary habits also produce adverse results. Not getting enough nutrients from the food we consume and under eating (as a habit) are just examples of many that can be unhealthy for the skin. We need to understand that our body needs dietary fat for energy and to support cell growth. The fault lies in our assumption that fat is bad. Improvements to diet, including ensuring that we are hydrated and getting enough sleep can significantly better our overall appearance and health. Not forgetting, eliminating bad lifestyle habits.

Illness is also a cause of sunken cheeks. Certain conditions, illness or disease can cause rapid weight loss, which not only compromises our appearance but more critically, our health. Anorexia is an example, and people who suffer from it need to seek help immediately to prevent further deterioration and avoid other complications.

Back to the most common cause – ageing. It may be inevitable, but if a person practises a healthy lifestyle and diet, one can age gracefully and beautifully even.

There are treatments for those who are self-conscious or concerned about their sunken cheeks appearance. These treatments focus on plumping up the cheeks and finding the one that is apt for your needs is dependent on your budget and goals, among other things.

Dermal Fillers To Revolumise Sunken Cheeks

Dermal Fillers, both of soft tissue and hyaluronic acid variety, are non-surgical options for filling in hollows,treating the sunken cheeks appearance and adding subtle volume to the ageing face.  Being non-surgical, quick and simple treatments, they are much preferred by many.

The only downside perhaps is that their effects are temporary, with results lasting between NINE months to TWELVE months.   A patient may have to go for repeated treatments to maintain their appearance, which can turn out to be costly.  

Fat Grafting Restores Loss Volume In Your Cheeks Longer

For those seeking a more lasting solution compared to dermal fillers, , fat grafting or fat transfer such as ADR-C Facial Fat Grafting is an option.  It is a natural , minimally invasive treatment to remove  fat from an area of the body where it is plentiful, for example abdomen or thigh, and transfer to the face where there is volume loss.  

Using modern liposuction technique, the fat is removed from the donor site (in small volume).  Fat that is removed is then carefully treated and re-injected into hollows of the face to rejuvenate and recontour using fine cannulas placed through tiny incisions.  

ADR-C Facial Fat Grafting produces a very natural appearance and the risks of infection or rejection by the body is little.   Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sunken cheeks, sagging jaws and hollows under the eyes are commonly treated with ADR-C Facial Fat Grafting.

Why Full Cheeks Make You Look Younger

The obvious testimony is in the appearance. A hollow or sunken cheek creates an aged and even sickly, appearance.

As we age, our face shape does change, from an inverted triangle or heart-shaped one to a more square-like or heavy bottom appearance. This change often results in an aged and most times, tired appearance.

Our idea of beauty is arguably a collective impression as we are creatures of influence and as such, easily influenced. Objectively, we may have the same goal, and that is to look good and/or more youthful. The field of aesthetics science has made it possible for us to turn back the clock, to a certain extent.

Nonetheless, always opt for the appropriate treatment because, despite our shared perception of beauty, we are still unique in our own ways.

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