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Research Says That This Is The Most Beautiful Face Shape – And You Can Actually Achieve It!

December 15, 2019
February 2, 2024

Besides products & tools that give you a temporary lift, there are also non & minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments that can give you more permanent results.

Table of Contents

Beyond clear and smooth skin, a beautiful face shape has been one of the most sought-after features to have. It is easy to see why: your face shape determines which type of glasses will frame your face, which haircuts flatter you the most, and even the type of hair colours that you should opt for if you want to contour and highlight your face.

Genetics determine how your face shape will look like, hence you will usually have a face shape that is similar to one or both of your parents. Other than genetic factors, gender also determines your face shape. Different sex hormones can make your face sharper, squarer, or softer, which is why men and women tend to have slightly different face shapes.

Although all face shapes are beautiful in their own ways, science has found one specific shape that is universally acknowledged to be the most beautiful shape that you can have – read on to see if you may have it!

The Face Shape That Wins Hearts

Sure, we know beautiful people with square-shaped face, round face, and so on. But the heart shape, otherwise more commonly known as a V-shaped face, has been scientifically proven to be the most visually attractive face shape to have.

Heart-shaped faces like those of Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon are deemed as ‘mathematically beautiful’. A heart-shaped face typically refers to a fairly wide forehead and chin. The chin will be slightly pointy, the jawline will be relatively narrow, and the cheekbones ideally as wide as your eyebrows.

If you are wondering whether this face shape is more art than science, here’s what you should know! This conclusion was derived after scientists at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia analysed the average facial measurements from photographs of 55 beautiful female models to quantify the exact idealistic facial proportions of a vertical distance of 13.1mm between your eyes and cheekbones.

The same research has also shown that a heart, or V-shaped, face helps you to look younger, which is also why it is deemed as highly attractive and hence coveted by many, especially in Asia.

How To Get A Permanent V-shaped Face

While most of us yearn to sport a V-shaped face so that we will look visually appealing and youthful, not all of us are genetically blessed with the most mathematically ideal face shape.

However, don’t despair even if you belong to the majority who did not hit the DNA jackpot! Besides products and tools that give you a temporary lift (think face massagers), there are also non-invasive and minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments that can give you more permanent results:

1. Laserlipolysis (Laser Liposuction)

If you struggle to get rid of your double chin that is getting in the way of your V-shaped face, you may find that no amount of dieting and exercise seems to work, as the fat area is too stubborn.

In such cases, you can turn to Laserlipolysis (Laser Liposuction), a minimally-invasive fat reduction treatment ideal for removing small pockets of facial fat such as double chin and cheeks. A tiny tube (around 1mm) containing a fibre optic laser is inserted into excess fat under your skin. Melted fat is subsequently removed via suction.

Do note that Laserlipolysis (Laser Liposuction) can only be performed by doctors who received liposuction accreditation. Therefore, not all doctors can offer this option. Dr Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic is one of the few doctors in Singapore licensed to perform liposuction.

2. PDO Lift

Even if you are lucky enough to be born with a V-shaped facial structure, you may find the heart shape of your face slowly disappearing over time as your skin starts to sag with age. Hence, it is time to turn to a skin lift to regain your smooth V-shaped face.

It does not require the lengthy downtime often associated with surgical procedures. PDO Lift is a non-surgical skin lifting treatment. It involves placing bio-degradable PDO threads within the skin's soft tissue at strategic locations. Doing so, gently lift the skin and tackle the loose folds in an upwards direction. PDO threads also act as supporting structures for the face, boosting collagen production underneath the skin.

You can now have a beautiful heart-shaped face AND a smoother skin complexion to boot!

3. 4D Fluid Facelift

This is a bespoke non-surgical facial enhancement and rejuvenation treatment designed by Dr Ivan Puah. It aims to subtly restore the natural and curved contours of the face and lift targeted facial features such as the cheeks. The treatment also can enhance the chin for a balanced, youthful and natural appearance.

Using selected facial fillers, 4D Fluid Facelift can:

• Replace volume loss on the face due to the ageing process
• Improve skin quality
• Smooth out fine lines on the forehead
• Remodel the cheeks and chin for good facial definition
• Define and enhance lips
• Soften moderate lines around the mouth to the chin and from the nose to the lip corners

This procedure may be combined with Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA), Chemical Peel and Pico Fractional Laser for an even smoother complexion and younger-looking appearance.

4. Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA)

Wrinkles and fine lines develop for the following reasons:

  • Ageing that causes the skin to thin out, dry and lose elastin
  • Repetitive facial muscle movement forms dynamic wrinkles and the permanence of static wrinkles if left untreated.

Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA), is the perfect solution to reduce lines and wrinkles. It is an incob*t*linumtox*A neuro-muscular blocker that inhibits neurotransmitter function. It blocks the transmission of acetylcholine from the neuron to the muscle and therefore impedes muscle contraction. This injectable treats muscle spasms and arm stiffness, severe spasms in the neck muscles, and muscle stiffness in the elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles, or toes.

It is also prescribed to treat a variety of medical conditions such as chronic migraines, eyelid spasm, and even excessive sweating.

Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA) may reverse a ‘pointy’ chin (otherwise known as a witch’s chin) by relaxing the muscle that causes puckering of the skin. It can also tighten and redefine the neck and jawline for an elegant and more youthful look, and even reduce oil production in the skin so that glass skin is also possible to attain.

Where To Get A V-shaped Face

Doctor Spotlight Dr Ivan Puah

Although the methods we’ve listed above are minimally invasive and non-surgical, they can only be carried out by trained and accredited doctors in Singapore.

If you’d like to seek consultation on these treatments for a V-shaped face, Dr Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic is one of the doctors in Singapore to visit.

With more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic medicine giving FDA-approved injectables under his belt, he has also received training and guidance in syringe liposculpture, fat grafting and thread lift by French plastic surgeon, Dr Pierre Francois Fournier.

In a nod to his professional reputation, Dr Ivan Puah currently serves as the chairman of Lipo Peer Review Group in Singapore. He is also the appointed trainer for doctors on cosmetic injectables by Merz Aesthetics Singapore and Allergan Singapore.


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