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We’ve got your Back | Amaris B Clinic Liposuction Back Fat

Let's imagine for a moment that pancakes were made from ice-cream. You stack them up on top of each other and then leave them out at room temperature. What you get after a while are layers of melted blob which resembles the layers of unsightly back fats. Granted, the comparison may be a little exaggerated.

Nonetheless, if you're suffering from excess fat issues on the back, the melted ice-cream pancakes just about sum up how you're feeling.

Incorrect wearing of bra

For women, wearing a bra incorrectly is the major contributor to the unattractive lumpy look.

Many tend to put on their bra by putting their arms through the straps and fastening the bra. However, most women forget the final step, which is pulling the bra back down so that it anchors under your shoulder blades.

Shapewear camisoles can offer a temporary solution, but it does not eliminate the underlying problem.

We’ve got your Back | Amaris B Clinic Liposuction Back Fat

Excess fat causes & exercise programmes

Excess fat generally results from overeating coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, although genetics is also a contributing factor.

As with other weight-related issues, there are exercise routines that have been tailored to help deal with back fat issues.

A search on the web will reveal the more popular ones, including cardio exercises such as swimming, rowing, and boxing. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is also strongly recommended as it raises the metabolism and improves cardiovascular health. As the name suggests, the intensity of HIIT reportedly amplifies the benefits of a regular cardio routine.

However, it is essential to remember that any exercise programme works better when accompanied by a sensible and healthy diet. Modern advances in the field of Science and Technology have impacted lives on a global scale.

Through new technology, people are given opportunities to live a better life by eradicating issues that plague them - weight and body management issues included.

Back fat removal with Liposuction and MDC Sculpt Lipo

Amaris B. Clinic is a one-stop aesthetics, sculpting and fitness medical clinic dedicated to fulfilling our patients' beauty and aesthetic desires. The services available are diverse and extensive. These include precise sculpting of problematic areas, body contouring procedures that effectively address women's and men's body issues, exercise and fitness programmes, as well as pain relief and weight management.

VASER Lipo is a revolutionary procedure that removes unwanted fat pockets from the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, knees, neck, chin and back. It works by targeting only the fat cells that need to be removed and leaves the important tissues largely undisturbed. In addition, this treatment enables the precise sculpting of problematic areas resulting in smoother skin with better retraction.

A minimally invasive treatment called the Smart Lipo uses focused laser energy to break down and dissolve fatty tissues trapped underneath the skin. This treatment is perfect at eliminating small fat areas, such as at the waist or love handles, upper arms, double chin and back of the neck. The procedure also encourages collagen development which results in a tighter and toned skin texture.

Liposuction doctor in Singapore, Dr Ivan Puah

Dr Ivan Puah and his team at Amaris B. Clinic truly are passionate about what they do and truly understand a patient's needs. This passion drives Dr Puah to constantly upgrade himself by attending workshops, international conferences, and courses. In addition, he was personally trained by well-known Columbian plastic surgeon, Dr Alfredo Hoyos, who pioneered the VASER Lipo, a procedure which the clinic offers.

Excess fat is not uncommon, but most people tend to focus (literally) on looking good from the front while overlooking the back. It's fair enough to say that perhaps due to the greater difficulty in getting rid of back fats, most just let live. However, do remember that overall beauty is 3-Dimensional.

At Amaris B. Clinic, each patient's body goals are personalised and tailored to suit an individual's body shape and proportion so that you can be a more beautiful version of yourself.