Reduce and repurpose your body fat

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Whether it’s love handles, belly fat or flabby arms, we all have stubborn fat and problem spots we want to work on. But did you know that there are ways to reduce and reuse your fat? Science has made it possible for you and me to shift our excess body fat to specific areas we want “boosted”, through advanced aesthetic treatments like breast enhancement and facial fat grafting.

Removing the fat

If you’re finding it difficult to shed the bulge even after sticking to a strict diet and intense exercise regime, try VASER Lipo, which targets and gets rid of unwanted fat. Unlike traditional liposuction, this updated version uses patented ultrasonic soundwave energy to liquefy targeted fat cells before removing them. The technology is less invasive and touted to eliminate fat more easily as the larger and more stubborn fat deposits are broken down in the process.

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Reusing the fat

The minimally invasive ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a popular option for ladies who are looking to add volume to their breasts while removing stubborn fat pockets. A signature treatment at Amaris B. Clinic, this procedure is a great alternative to breast implants, which often carry higher risks of infections. Using micro-lipo, unwanted fat tissues are first removed from stubborn spots like the thighs, abdomen and saddlebags. The fat is centrifuged to maintain the integrity of the fat cells, then injected into the areas in the breast where volume is lacking. Over time, the fat cells integrate into the surrounding breast tissue, resulting in more defined and firmer breasts. As the fat used comes from your body, there’s no risk of incompatibility, ruptures, leaks or shifts usually associated with implants. Recovery time is also much quicker compared to traditional breast implant surgeries!

The buttock enhancement at Amaris B. Clinic uses the same approach. You can look forward to soft and natural-looking results that improve with time, as the implanted fat becomes part of your butt in the months following the procedure.

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Enhance your breasts with your own fat

For anti-ageing

We lose up to 35 percent of mid-face volume due to stress, ageing and trauma. Jowls, hollows and creases set in, while areas like the cheeks, brows and neck become droopy and saggy. One way to reverse the effect is facial fat grafting. Tiny amounts of excess fat tissue from the abdomen or thighs are removed and injected into the face using blunt cannulas, which are ultra-thin tubes with a blunt end and a small hollow through which the fat comes out. These fat deposits are injected as little droplets into selected areas of the face.