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Over exercising can wreak havoc on physique and skin

October 4, 2022
February 21, 2024

According to sports trend watchers, people seeking activities for an adrenaline rush are likely to continue to push themselves harder over time.

Table of Contents

Saggy skin and flat chests

Fitness activities that came as a relief during the pandemic have become a habit for most people. And, once they’re hooked on endorphins, many overdo it. Overexertion or over exercising can cause the body to lose fat faster than it can replenish, resulting in flat chests and buttocks, and parched and saggy skin

Outdoor exercise has become a favourite way for many people to feel alive again. According to sports trend watchers, people seeking activities for an adrenaline rush are likely to continue to push themselves harder over time and tax the body beyond its ability to rebuild and maintain itself.

In tandem with this, Sports Aesthetics, launched by Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic, is apparently rising in popularity with women who are concerned about fat loss that is prematurely ageing their looks, and over-exposure to the sun that leads to pigmentations, wrinkles and loose and damaged skin.

So what exactly is Sports Aesthetics?

sports aesthetics facial fat loss overexercising

Sports Aesthetics is an all-in-one programme that is highly tailored for men and women who work out consistently and intensely to look youthful and rejuvenated. After all, health is beauty and beauty is health!

Sports Aesthetics was also designed to help individuals address what their fitness regime can’t achieve, like defined abdomens and getting rid of stubborn fat in the inner thighs or bingo wings, and also reversing the negative physical effects of regular, intense workouts like facial and breast volume loss.

Replenishing body and facial fat loss with autologous fat grafting

While outdoor exercise has obvious advantages, fat loss can take its toll. Many women who run or do similar exercise regularly find that their skin begins to show fine lines. These become wrinkles and can start to take on the appearance and texture of sandpaper. Women who are over exercising also complain of flat chests.

In short, even when they’re in the pink of health otherwise, they can appear haggard and older than their years. Dr Ivan Puah, medical director of Amaris B. Clinic, performs fat-grafting procedures to restore volume to areas like the face, breasts and buttocks.

If you’ve ever wished you could suck out your postnatal apron belly and inject it into your chest instead, fat grafting could be for you. There are no foreign components involved, such as silicone or saline implants. Imagine plasticine-ing your body into its most pleasing form using your own fat. What’s not to like?

There are three steps to the procedure, the first being fat extraction. Here, fat from the patient’s body, mainly the thighs and abdomen, is extracted via liposuction. Next is purification, where the concentrated fat is placed in a centrifuge to separate fat cells from non-fat cells and excess fluid. In the final step, or revolumisation, the purified fat is slowly injected using small needles called cannulas.

This is when Dr Puah lets his artistry shine. Too much and the look becomes unnatural, while not enough means a less optimal outcome for the patient. Patients seek fat-grafting procedures mainly for their face, flat chest (breast enhancement) or buttocks, where fat-loss through exercise tends to show up first and most prominently.

ADR-C Facial Enhancement

When women lose tissue volume, wrinkles appear suddenly, and cheeks can hollow out overnight. Up to 35 percent of mid-face volume can be lost from stress, trauma, dieting or working out. Skin starts to sag, jowls jiggle in the mirror, and makeup simply highlights creases and wrinkles.

Amaris B. Clinic’s ADR-C Facial Enhancement can bring back your skin’s glow, restore volume loss by filling up areas of fat loss, smooth out facial lines and improve your skin’s texture.

“Facial grafting is popular amongst middle-aged people who wish to slow down the ageing process and maintain their youthful look. It’s also popular for those who have naturally sunken faces or experienced facial fat loss due to excessive dieting or overexercising to volume up areas on the face that require plumping,” Dr Puah explains.

“It can be combined with wrinkle smoothing injections and dermal fillers for optimal facial enhancement,” he adds. “Interestingly, facial fat grafting is also helpful in improving skin texture due to excessive acne scarring.”

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

Researchers at UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles found that almost 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts. Factors such as weight loss, ageing, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause flat chests or breasts to look emptier (flatter) or lose their shape.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to fathom why ADR-C Breast Enhancement is largely popular amongst women. This two-in-one minimally invasive procedure involves removing body fat via liposuction and transferring it to your breasts to increase volume and lift saggy breasts.

Liposuction requires a skilful and experienced liposuction doctor to not only remove excess body fat but also, through this process, to carve out a natural and sculpted appearance.

“Liposuction is suitable for those who want to remove stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to exercise and diet. Fat that is harvested is re-injected into the breasts to enhance the cleavage, giving it a beautiful definition naturally,” explains Dr Puah.

BioRemodelling HA+ Injection for dry, parched skin

Those who are bothered with dry and parched skin should consider BioRemodelling HA+ Injection. It has high concentrations of stabilised hyaluronic acid to boost hydration from within and fight the crepe-like texture of ageing skin. Upon injection, the hyaluronic acid disperses beneath the skin. Downtime following the treatment is minimal, and you’re able to return to normal daily activities immediately. The restoration and rejuvenation process happens 24/7 from the inside out.

“Most patients will start to notice the hydration benefits about a week or 10 days after the first treatment where the skin feels more plump and smooth. After four weeks or so, the bio-remodelling effect kicks in. Patient feedback is that their skin looks more luminous and radiant overall. A complete cycle of treatment typically involves two sessions, four weeks apart,” explains Dr Puah. The effects tend to naturally wear off after 12 months or so. To maintain results, a course of two treatments can then be repeated every six months or as needed.


Another popular skin lifting and “collagen banking” non-invasive treatment at Amaris B. Clinic is Ultherapy treatment. This is used to treat the deep foundational layer of the skin, stimulate collagen production and promote a natural and gradual tightening of the skin. It’s suitable for those looking to lift the skin on the brow area and around the jowl. It can also iron out loose skin on the neck. This non-invasive skin-lifting treatment uses high-intensity micro-focused ultrasound with real-time visualisation (MFU-V) that allows the treatment to be administered to targeted layers of skin using ultrasound beams. Amaris B. Clinic is a certified clinic for authentic Ultherapy treatment.


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