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September 18, 2019

Fat transfer, or also known as fat grafting, is a procedure where fat is harvested from the body via liposuction procedure. Read more about the costs today.

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September 2, 2022

Fat grafting does wonders for our appearances and produces one of the most natural results.

For many, fat grafting is their go-to, holy grail procedure when it comes to maintaining their youth.

What’s better than having your fat removed from a problematic area and have them injected in another body part to bring out the best in you?

For many, the aversion to having foreign objects implanted into our bodies is one of the prime reasons for not opting for aesthetic procedures, but fat grafting is a procedure you never have to shun as it will put your mind at ease when it comes to all things au naturel.

Just what can we expect from this procedure called fat grafting and what are some of the information you will need to know before you embark on this life-changing experience?

Let’s begin!

What is fat grafting and how is it done?

Fat transfer, or also known as fat grafting, is a procedure where fat is harvested from the body via liposuction procedure.

The harvested fat is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the fat and non-fat cells.

The fat cells are then injected back into the body where the area of the deficit is injected with fat cells using small needles or cannulas.

The fat cells are carefully placed in multiple tissue planes to ensure that it is well oxygenated and nutrient-filled so that the cells will be able to develop a new blood supply.

For the fat cells that survive, they will provide the soft tissue volume while the body will merely absorb the fat that does not survive.

What are the common areas of fat grafting?

There are some areas for fat grafting to be performed on, the most common areas for fat grafting are the face, breast and buttocks.

With age, comes the sagginess of our facial contours due to the loss of fat.

With a fat grafting procedure on the face, fat is typically placed in the cheeks, lips, hollows of eyes, nasolabial folds (smile lines), and even hollowed temples.

Requiring only a small volume of fat to improve these deficient areas, fat grafting is a popular procedure when it comes to restoring youth in the facial department.

For many, fat grafting is a more comfortable option as compared to a breast implant, to augment the size and shape of their breasts.

Much can be done to enhance the shape of the hips and butt using the fat grafting method.

Upon doing a liposuction procedure to remove fat from the stomach, the fat is then transferred and redistributed into the buttock area, giving the buttock, a Brazilian butt lift, or also known as a BBL.

How long can fat transfer last?

The upside of a fat grafting procedure is that, once the doctor has achieved the desired look, the results can last for several years.

According to doctors, once the graft takes hold and is set over the first 12 to 18 months, the final results should be evident for many years.

Introducing Fat Grafting at Amaris B. Clinic

What is the recovery period for a fat grafting procedure?

The recovery duration for a fat grafting procedure takes about two to three weeks. “Bruising” may be expected for 7 to 10 days after a facial fat grafting procedure and expect to swell to be the worst for the first 3 to 4 days.

However, the swelling is expected to subside by the 7tth to 10th day and would improve significantly in 3 weeks.

What to discuss at your consultation?

It is crucial for you to discuss with your doctor extensively as to what your desired results are. It is advised to

1) Have the doctor draw a picture to highlight the exact injection points so that you are not caught off guard.

2) Do also establish expectations and ask what constitutes swelling versus the final results to avoid disappointment.

3) Ask to see several of the doctor’s before and after photos instead of relying on “stock” photos for the order for the doctor to have a clearer understanding and to be able to deliver the desired results.

How to choose a doctor for fat grafting?

It is extremely important to choose a doctor with extensive experience in fat grafting procedures as he or she will not only be able to provide you with the experience and surgical maturity but are also able to direct you while adjusting to your wants.

It is also crucial to choose a doctor whom you are comfortable with where he or she is paying close attention to your needs and wants.

Introducing Amaris B. Clinic – The Fat Grafting Doctor

A professional on all things aesthetics related, Amaris B Clinic provides a wealth of aesthetics procedures to bring out the best in you.

Amongst the plethora of procedures offered at Amaris B Clinic, fat grafting is one of their signature treatments. Led by Dr. Ivan Puah, who has extensive knowledge and skill behind the mastery of fat grafting, Amaris B Clinic, provides fat grafting treatment for face and body for those who are keen on resculpting their body to perfection.


Since 2005, ADR-C Breast Enhancement is one of Amaris B. Clinic’s signature treatments to help women achieve a more desirable pair of breasts.

With almost 70 percent of women not being satisfied with their breast shape and size,  ADR-C Breast Enhancement helps women in re-sculpting their breasts to perfection.


ADR-C Breast enhancement is a treatment that transfers involves 2 steps – harvesting and injection. Excess fat from other parts of the body is acquired via liposuction.

The fat tissue will then be subjected to carefully purifying and harvesting to preserve the quality of the fat cells into the breast area.

For this procedure, no risks of ruptures, leaks or shifts usually associated implants. Recovery time is also much quicker than the traditional breast implant surgery.


Buttock Enhancement (via free fat transfer) can sculpt some deserving curves into your butt and give your confidence a boost. The fats used are taken from areas with excess fats such as the stomach, hips, lower back and thighs. As the fats extracted belong to the patient, there is little chance of rejection.


For those who are seeking fat grafting for your facial contour, Amaris B. Clinic is also adept in fat grafting for undereye, cheeks and chin.

ADR-C Facial Enhancement is a fat grafting treatment. Tiny amounts of your own fat tissue from the abdomen or thighs are removed and injected onto the face via blunt cannulas, which are 1 mm hollow tubes with a blunt end and a small hole through which the fat comes out. These deposits of fat are injected as little droplets onto areas of the face where needed.

Facial fat grafting restores volume back into the face which adds glow onto skin. This results in a more radiant appearance. Injecting fat into skin also tones and improves its texture.

Be it your face, breasts or your buttock, Amaris B. Clinic has your back in sculpting your body, promising to bestow you the body you have always desired.


Costs for fat grafting will vary between different practices, and the following factors will go into determining the cost.

Experience of a fat grafting doctor

The experience of the doctor plays a significant role in the costing. A highly experienced doctor will receive more complex cases and have performed many cases, including that of correction cases that were performed by others. Therefore, the costs that you are paying for is for the experience and skills of the doctor.  

Area of treatment
The treated area can be a small area on the face such as the cheeks and for body which is a large area, most patients does fat grafting on the breasts.

Complexity of the fat grafting
The complexity of the surgery involves liposuction to remove the fat tissues, cleansed and purify and re-injecting the fat into the desired area.

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