How To Get Rid Of Chunky Thighs And Get Sexy, Toned Legs

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August 11, 2020

The struggle is real. “Thunder thighs” is just one of the unfortunate names our less-than-slim thighs have been called.

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February 23, 2023

The struggle is real. “Thunder thighs” is just one of the unfortunate names our less-than-slim thighs have been called.

You know that familiar pull across your pants or A-line skirt, and the ensuing creases caused by fleshy thighs that fill up form-fitting bottoms too tightly? It doesn’t help that on the Spring/Summer runways, fashion designers have brought out shorts and skirts in all iterations, from cheeky micro bum shorts to skirts with sky-high side slits. And August also happens to be one of Singapore’s hotter months, so guess where hemlines are going?

What can you do if you want to confidently flaunt your gams?

Exercising alone may not be enough to slim your thighs

Dr Ivan Puah, medical director of Amaris B. Clinic, explains that your genes and gender do influence the size of your thighs. He says: “Women tend to have a higher percentage of fat distributed in the lower half of the body.”

We’re naturally predisposed to having a heavier bottom – buttocks, thighs and hips – because it helps with childbearing. Still, we can’t help but yearn for a more slender silhouette.

You see it in the countless workout videos on Youtube promising to slim and tone the thighs.

But one of the biggest misconceptions is the notion that spot-targeted exercises, such as squats and lunges, can reduce the size of your thighs. “Do not confuse fat with muscles,” says Dr Puah. “You can spot-train your muscles, so they are toned and strong, but you cannot spot-reduce thigh fat or target any specific body areas for fat loss when you exercise.”

Here’s where Amaris B. Clinic can help. Dr Puah, who has more than 15 years of liposuction and body sculpting experience, has developed a holistic programme that marries surgical body sculpting with patented exercise therapy to help patients achieve their goals.

Want to be able to show off your #legsfordays? Dr Ivan Puah recommends pairing Amaris B Clinic’s VASER Lipo with its customised Exercise Therapy.

Step 1: Vaser Lipo to melt away stubborn fat

Ideal for body sculpting, Vaser Lipo was introduced to Singapore by Dr Puah in 2007, and uses ultrasonic sound waves to emulsify stubborn fat. The liquefied fats are then removed via vacuum suction.

It’s touted as one of the most effective minimally invasive fat removal procedures, permanently and safely removing unwanted fat cells – up to 90 per cent of the pinchable area – in one single treatment.

More importantly, Vaser Lipo only targets the fat tissue in the treated area, minimising damage to the surrounding tissue, blood vessels or skin. In addition, it offers customisable body contouring to your body type, and is even said to promote collagen production to firm and tighten skin.

Dr Puah adds: “It is a much-improved form of liposuction so the downtime is minimal, and you can return to your normal daily activities within one to two days.”

Step 2: Exercise therapy to maintain your new figure

To enhance the results of VASER Lipo, Dr Puah recommends Exercise Therapy. The treatment uses a patented vacuum and compression technology to increase blood flow and metabolism.

Sounds like hard work? It’s not. You sit in a trainer pod and pedal away on a stationary bike. The pod activates and increases fat burning, which in turn transforms your body’s fat stores into energy. All this helps to boost weight loss while helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

And because it is a low impact exercise, it is suitable for everyone, even if you’ve recently undergone VASER Lipo. Each session takes just 30 minutes.

Dr Puah recommends that patients wait two to three weeks post-VASER Lipo before embarking on Exercise Therapy. The staff at Amaris B. Clinic will advise you accordingly, as Exercise Therapy is tailored to your post-surgical rate of recovery and clinical condition.

To maximise the amount of fat your body metabolises during and after your Exercise Therapy session, Dr Puah says it is important that you do not consume any food for two hours after, and avoid carbohydrates for the next two to four hours after that. Banish all unnecessary snacking too.

In addition, he recommends that on Exercise Therapy days, you should ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep, refrain from alcohol and caffeine after the session, and drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water.

Together, these two treatments can help you attain the trim and toned thighs that you’ll be proud to flaunt.

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