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Facial Fat Grafting – The Next Big Thing?

September 12, 2020
February 21, 2024

The ADR-C Facial Enhancement (facial fat grafting), is a natural procedure that allows you to transfer your body fat tissue to restore lost volume.

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We know we’re not supposed to be perfect, but sometimes we just want some padding in some areas, and not so much in others. Sadly, spot reduction and targeted fat gain are not possible with diet or exercise. But what if I told you that you could shift unwanted fat from one area of your body to a specific part you’d like to “boost”?

The ADR-C Facial Enhancement (facial fat grafting) is a minimally invasive procedure at Amaris B Clinic that allows you to transfer your body from your flabby belly, love handles or bingo arms to your face to restore lost volume and plump up the skin, effectively countering signs of ageing.

The rise of facial fat grafting

As we age, our collagen and skin tissue volume deplete, resulting in saggy skin, droopy jowls, creases and wrinkles on the face and neck. This often causes an upside-down triangle appearance. The ADR-C Facial Enhancement (facial fat grafting) aims to restore youthful facial contours by creating that coveted V-shaped jawline we’re all after. This procedure can effectively correct issues on the nasolabial folds (between the nose and the lips), marionette lines (between the lips and chin), flattened cheeks, sagging jaws, and hollows under the eyes.

How does it work?

First, Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B Clinic will remove fat from predetermined body areas via the syringe liposculpture, which leaves almost no scarring due to the tiny incisions made. Next, the fat tissues removed are cleansed and re-injected into facial lines and hollowed depressions using micro-cannulas. This is to prevent injuring the surrounding blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. Depending on the clinical condition of the patient, Dr Puah may overfill certain treated areas to compensate for the percentage of fat tissue that may not survive. Since the treatment uses your own fat, there is no risk of rejection commonly associated with other procedures like fillers or implants. Performed under local anaesthesia, the procedure may take 45 to 60 minutes.

Psst… Read till the end for an informative video about the process!

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

amaris b clinic dr ivan puah singapore fat transfer

As facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure, the downtime and recovery process involved after going under the knife can put patients off. Swelling and bruising can occur, but things should clear up within two weeks.

The art of facial fat grafting

To achieve a natural-looking results that don’t look overly done, the procedure requires a doctor with an attention to detail, a good understanding of facial anatomy and years of experience; someone who knows exactly how much fat needs to be removed, where it should be removed from and the correct techniques of injection.

Like all other body sculpting treatments, Dr Puah believes facial fat grafting is 30 percent science and 70 percent art. Just like how a sculptor uses his artistic training and chisel to mould material into the desired shape, Dr Puah combines his artistic sense and skill know-how to shape the face and body.


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