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Can Animal Hormones Cause Gynecomastia?

December 19, 2018
February 9, 2024

Can the male breasts be enlarged if you consume meat that has been treated with growth hormones or food with high oestrogen level?

Table of Contents

Gynecomastia is not merely an aesthetic issue; it could be a sign of serious underlying health issues.

Gynecomastia surgery addresses the issue and when it comes to yourself – there are things that you can do to prevent it, to an extent...

Growth hormones in animals

Hyper-productive animals seem to be the norm these days. Dairy cows that produce more milk, beef cows and super salmons that grow faster, these are some examples of the reality in today’s bred-to-eat meat industry.

When it comes causing gynecomastia, there is no clear answer. However, if you do consume meat that has been treated with growth hormones, and genetically you respond to the hormones; chances are you will develop excess tissue in places where they shouldn’t be. This could cause the hormone imbalance leading to gynecomastia.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Anything in excess is bad for you especially alcohol. Gynecomastia is brought on by hormone imbalance, and excess alcohol intake stresses the liver, which in turn causes it to become inefficient disrupting the body’s hormone balance.

Stop Steroids Abuse

Although it seems logical that increasing your testosterone levels could possibly stave off gynecomastia – the answer is NO. Every time you go off a testosterone supplement cycle, the fluctuation caused actually increases your estrogen levels, which is the hormone that causes gynecomastia.

The above together with proper exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle routine can help in the prevention of gynecomastia. But what about food that comes in the form of meat from animals that have been supplemented with growth hormones and do they cause gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Surgery

It can be confusing and at times even disheartening to realise the many potential causes of gynecomastia. It is important not to lose hope because, at the end of the day, there is an effective treatment – gynecomastia surgery. If you think you may be having symptoms of the condition, speak to Dr Ivan Puah today.


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