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Can you liposuction arm fat in Singapore?

November 11, 2021
March 11, 2024

Diet and exercise alone are not adequate in targeting fat loss, particularly those found in specific areas. Learn about arm liposuction today.

Table of Contents

Diet and exercise alone are inadequate in targeting fat loss, particularly in specific areas. We are all unique, and our body distributes fat accordingly.

The term "fat" may conjure negative connotations, but in reality, it is essential for our existence and survival. It serves an indispensable role in storing energy. Fat cells keep us warm - yes, without fat, we would freeze - and it helps the body absorb essential vitamins. Additionally, it insulates our nerves, which would have otherwise caused mixed and wrong signals to be sent out.

Fat cells are known as "Adipocytes" or "Adipose tissue." Adipocytes store energy as fat and come in two types - white and brown. White adipocytes are involved in fat storage and contain one large lipid droplet. Brown adipocytes contain many smaller lipid droplets and are involved in generating energy and maintaining body temperature.

White adipocytes increase in size when, for example, insulin level increases, particularly after a meal. This is because they take in more fatty acids. They shrink when energy is burned. White adipocytes can be found everywhere, from under the skin (subcutaneous fat), packed around the organs (visceral fat) to between muscles, and so on. This increase and decrease are what we come to know as weight gain or weight loss.

According to a study, adipocytes die off and then be replaced, with up to half of the body's fat cells being replaced every 8.3 years. The same study also stated that the number of adipocyte cells generally remains stable in adulthood. Essentially, these fat cells that don't go away are considered stubborn fat.

What causes arm fat and armpit fat build-up

The problem areas where excess fat can usually be found, includes:

  • The belly
  • The hips
  • The thighs
  • The buttocks

Accumulating excess fat can lead to various health conditions, so it is paramount to address them earlier.

Genetics plays a part in where a body stores excess fat. In women, the common areas are the arms, belly, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs.

Ageing plays a pivotal role in the contribution of excess arm fat as metabolic rate decreases with age and a sedentary lifestyle.

Women with apple-shaped physiques are more prone to armpit fat, but the issue can also be hereditary. While these issues may seem superficial but for those affected, it can be a massive dampener on confidence.

Diet and exercise by themselves cannot do much. A study showed that arm exercises did little in terms of results, although there was a significant overall fat loss. Still, exercises can help tone up to create a more aesthetically pleasing physique, but they can't do much when it comes to stubborn fat like those found around the armpits.

Arm fat (Bingo wings)

"Bingo wings" - while the term makes one think that it should aptly relate to food, its origins may come as a surprise. It was coined after Bingo, the game. Typically, when the winner announces their winning card, they raise and wave their arms. All that excited, jiggling action was the foundation for becoming one of the most common and dreaded appearance issues. Excess fat around the arms is notoriously hard to eliminate. Ageing slows everything down and with that, maintaining a taut skin or weight becomes quite an uphill task.

Additionally, hormones and stress affect specific areas of a woman, and arms are one of them.

Armpit Fat

The term "armpit fat" is a giveaway to its location. It's also known as the underarm bulge, armpit lump, armpit fat hang, among other less-than-flattering names. Several factors are cited as causes. Armpit fat is also known as “armpit vagina”, a term coined by Jennifer Lawrence. Being overweight, ageing, your genetic makeup, and hormonal imbalance and changes could cause you to have armpit fat.

The bad news is such issues cannot be spot reduced. Another fun fact: Did you know that armpit fat is not directly related to breast size? Larger breasts with higher fat content may not be a cause of the development of armpit fat!

Are there any ways of getting rid of arm fat? 

Work out maybe? Alas, arm exercises are not women's favourite workout

The worrying thing for some people about using weights for exercise is arguably ending up with a muscled appearance when the intention was for a toned one. Knowing the appropriate exercises and incorporating a total body workout is critical. Bodyweight workouts are a convenient way to lose weight overall. You can do it anywhere, and no equipment is needed. Yoga is a great alternative as well.

How about keeping an eye on your calorie count?

You can start by reducing your caloric intake but make sure that you still have enough to get you through your day or what's needed. So you first have to know how much you need. Try to jot down the calorie content of the food you consume so you'll have a better idea of how much you're putting into your body.

Counting calories may help. After all, how much and what you eat matters in relation to how much energy you expend. Staying active complemented with a healthy lifestyle can help keep the weight in check and possibly, prevent excess fat from developing.

Cardio routines are generally considered to be natural fat burners, as with HIIT sessions as well. You can tone up the arms by playing racket sports, and resistance band workouts are also handy and effective. Remember to ease into any high-intensity exercise and get a doctor's opinion first if you have underlying medical conditions. Also, the metabolic rate differs for everyone, so be patient and understand your body first.

Say no to sugar!

Cut down or preferably avoid added sugar intake. While it's obvious, it's also hard to resist, especially when they come in (hidden) irresistible forms. Although sugar is not that bad, if you want to lose that extra fat on your arms - you have to make that sacrifice, but it'll be worth it. Not only will you most likely prevent excess fat, but you could also potentially prevent the onset of a host of diseases. So the next time you're about to order your teh, make it teh-o-kosong. You should also opt for natural yoghurt instead of a sweetened one. Overcoming temptations is half the battle won!

Remember to incorporate more proteins in your diet.

Protein intake builds muscles while boosting metabolism and an improved metabolism helps to burn more calories. Another good reason to include them in your diet is that they fill you up, making you feel full for a more extended period, reducing the craving to snack between meals. Lean meats, beans, nuts are just some food laden with proteins but take note - aim for a balanced diet and not just a pure protein diet.

If the bingo wings are not taking flight despite adhering to everything, there's always arm liposuction.

Getting liposuction for your arms (bingo wings) and armpit fat in Singapore

Armpit fat liposuction in Singapore by Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic

Liposuction today is not like that of old. The procedure is no longer daunting or gruesome thanks to the advancements made. These days, liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia, and no hospital stay is required. However, it is vital to seek a qualified doctor. In Singapore, liposuction procedures are strictly regulated by the Ministry of Health. Do a check on a doctor's credentials and ensure that they are licensed to perform the procedure.

Can arm liposuction really get rid of armpit fat and excess arm fat?

In Singapore, arm liposuction can be addressed with a permanent and effective solution: Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique.

Dr. Ivan Puah has more than 15 years of surgical experience in Vaser Liposuction and, with that deacdes of experience and knowledge, has developed a unique body sculpting approach known as the MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique. This method was designed to fit the different needs of patients because no two are the same. The proprietary surgical approach facilitates bulky fat removal via strategic incision, and scarring is minimal. It also enables better physique sculpting and encourages skin tightening.

Furthermore, it is a one-time procedure with minimal downtime, and results can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Dr. Ivan Puah provides tailored body sculpting programs for his patients. Each personalised plan is catered to an individual's unique body shape, lifestyle, and needs. Advocating that body sculpting surgery is 70% art and 30% science; patients need to know that a good liposuction doctor can view the human body from an aesthetic point of view with artistic skills to sculpt the body contour smoothly and harmoniously.

Is there an increasing trend of arm liposuction in Singapore?

Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen once said, "We are each our own worst critic." This rings truer today because video meetings are necessary when we work from home. We are more self-conscious of how we look more than ever. That includes not only our face but other body parts as well.

For some, liposuction is more than just about vanity. It's about renewing self-confidence.

Importance of liposuction doctors to do a good job on a delicate area

Liposuction on delicate areas is a challenge, and it takes a doctor with true experience to ensure his patient's well-being. Choosing a liposuction doctor, therefore, should not be like a game of chance and dice.

Several factors to consider when choosing a doctor include:

  1. Make a list of potential liposuction doctors. Aside from personal recommendations from family and friends, a search on the Internet helps. Still, remember to read patients' comments and reviews to have a gauge of what to expect.
  2. Find out the doctor's experience, such as how often they perform the procedure in a month, and ask for before/after photos.
  3. Your overall well-being is essential, and this extends to services like quality patient care pre, during and post-procedure.
  4. During the consultation, you can understand how knowledgeable, confident, and detailed your doctor is with his surgery, what he can do for you, the cases he has performed, and many others. Hence the consultation should also be as detailed and informative as possible. A rush consultation is generally a signal that the doctor’s priority lies elsewhere other than you, the patient, at the point of consultation.
  5. Choose a doctor who respects and abides by MOH rules and directives. This is because they are aware of what is and isn't allowed, which, in the end, is crucial for patient safety.
  6. Perhaps one of the most important aspects is communication. A doctor should make a patient feel at ease without over-promising results. They should be able to address queries and concerns confidently. Above all, they should have empathy and respect a patient's decision.
A female patient who had a botched arm liposuction procedure in Singapore to get rid of her excess arm fat. As seen in the picture, there is unevenness, lumps and irregularities of the arms. The patient sought liposuction correction surgery with Dr. Ivan Puah.

The Ministry of Health Singapore accredits Dr. Ivan Puah for performing liposuction. He has seen and helped many patients address their concerns throughout his career. Trained in Colorado and Argentina for Vaser Liposuction (VASER Body Sculpting), he has also undergone training by French plastic surgeon, Dr. Pierre François Fournier in syringe liposculpture.


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