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Mom issues: 5 Most Common Problems Moms Face

May 18, 2018
April 7, 2024

Mothers are real-life superheroes. But alas, mothers are human and just like any, have issues and concerns. These are five of the most common mom issues.

mom issues

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Mothers, bless them, for without them we would not have known or learn about unconditional love. It’s hard work being a mother; in fact, they are real-life superheroes. But alas, mothers are human and just like any, have issues and concerns. Below are five of the most common mom issues:

Mom issues: Fatigue

Fatigue is perhaps the most common mom issues among mothers. Whether you’re a new mother or someone who’s been at it for years, the level of fatigue of having to raise and run a family is incomparable. If you’re a working mom, one couldn’t even second-guess even if they tried, the overwhelming exhaustion that you go through.

A change of diet and incorporating stress-relieving activities like yoga may help but to find the time to do them is the real challenge. Nonetheless, you should. Even 5 to 15 minutes of simple yoga and deep breathing exercises will help in the long run.

Mom issues: Feeling Unbeautiful

Being self-conscious can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can help you be a better person but the downside, which happens more frequently, it can make you feel worthless. Mothers are women, and every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful, but the chores of motherhood often leave them with little time for themselves.

But think about this, you should always first and foremost take care of yourselves before even attempting to care for others. So take that time out for a manicure, a quick shopping trip or even a spa treatment. It will rejuvenate your wellbeing, and you’ll realise how that translates positively into your capabilities to be a more wholesome, reinvigorated and inspiring mother! As for food, dump the unhealthy eating habits and whip up healthy recipes in the kitchen. It's not only good for you but also for the whole family.

If you are disheartened that you have more wobbly bits after pregnancy or that your breasts look smaller after you weaned off breastfeeding, please bear in mind, mummies, that our bodies change with different phases of our lives. You are not alone. 

We had a mother-of-2 patient who sought ADR-C Breast Enhancement via fat grafting. After breastfeeding, she wasn't pleased with the significant changes in her breasts (they became saggy and "empty") and felt that she was losing her femininity. However, she wasn't keen on implantation. A 2017 article revealed that local doctors are seeing a growing interest in fat grafting treatments specifically for breast augmentation instead of implants. Read more about the patient's story here.

A 2-in-1 treatment that combines liposuction and fat transfer, you can remove unwanted fat from any body parts and transfer the fat into your breasts, buttocks, hands, and even the face.

Mom issues: Frown lines

Mental fatigue is another real mom issue, and it often stems from having to worry too much. Being a mother is a 24/7 responsibility, and no matter how old your child is, you just can’t help worrying over even the tiniest of things. Don’t worry (sic); it’s you being concerned.

What you should do is to learn to let go at times. Being human, you may have made mistakes as a mother, but dwelling on them won’t make anything better. No matter how old we are, we are always constantly learning mainly from our mistakes and shortcomings. Learn to trust in your capabilities as a mother and also in your child. Develop a communication line between the two of you, and you’ll soon realise that it will help deal with your worries – be it unfounded or otherwise, and strengthen that precious bond.

Did you know that clinical research has examined that injection of b*tulinum toxin (BoNTA) into the forehead muscles can relieve depressive symptoms [1,2,3]? A multi-beneficial injection that can treat major depression and iron your creases simultaneously can also slim down your facial silhouette if injected in the masseter and give you a v-shape face if injected in the chin.

Ultherapy is also another treatment that can make you look less grumpy. This FDA-approved non-surgical skin firming uses ultrasound technology that can boost depleting collagen and is effective in lifting marionette lines, nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks, jowl and neck.

Mom issues: Thinking you need to be a Perfect Mom

Nobody is perfect and there is no such thing as a Perfect Mom. Don’t fret over things that could’ve been done differently or put unnecessary stress on yourself just to be the perfect mother. As mentioned, trust in your abilities and do the best that you can.

Every mom wants to be the perfect role model for her child, and no one faults them for that. But in reality, it’s not about being perfect – it’s about being a mother. Lead by example, and it can't be said enough, just do the best that you can. If you need help, learn to reach out.

Mom issues: Self-doubt

When you’re overwhelmed, self-doubt often creeps in. You’ll be plagued by the “what ifs” and “if only”. Well, stop! You may feel that you’re not doing enough but what is enough anyway? A mother’s job can never be “enough” because if it so that means, you’re done! But that doesn’t mean that you’re always lacking.

A child, above all, needs love. If you are too preoccupied thinking about how you could’ve done things better, chances are, you are denying your child of love. You’ve done an amazing job bringing a life into this world and doing what you can to raise that precious life. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the many moments you will have as a mother. Wallowing in self-doubt doesn't stop time or turn it back. What matters is the present. You are special, and no one can take that away from you.

No one said being a mother is going to be easy, but then again, no one said it’s going to be an impossible task. Enjoy motherhood because it is one of life’s beautiful moments.

To all the mothers out there, stay beautiful and amazing!


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