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What no one tells you about weight & fat loss

October 3, 2023
February 1, 2024

Losing weight brings plenty of surprises - some very much welcomed, while others might take some getting used to.

Table of Contents

Losing weight doesn't equal happiness

Losing weight does spark joy but does not necessarily mean it triggers happiness. According to a study from University College London, people who lost weight were twice as likely to be depressed than those who gained or maintained their weight.

Sounds unfathomable, but sadly, it's true, and a person affected by this should get qualified help to guide them through the emotional challenges involved.

Your tastes change

Our taste buds' receptive capability does change, and in people who are generally obese, the taste buds are somewhat less sensitive. This partly explains why people in that category tend to eat more, as their focus is not on flavour or quality but instead, amount.

Dr John Morton, Stanford University's chief of bariatric surgery, discovered that in people who lose weight, their desire for salty food significantly declines.

You'll need more sweaters

Losing about 10 percent of one's weight slows down the metabolism, which makes one more sensitive to cold. When the fat comes off, so does the insulation, do not be surprised and keep that sweater handy in case it's needed.

Your memory improves

Interestingly, according to a Swedish study, losing weight helps to improve memory. The study, in the form of memory tests, was conducted among obese women and indicated that losing about 8 kg significantly improved their scores. A study on people who've had bariatric surgery also showed notable memory improvements 3 months after their procedure.

You'll sleep better

Losing weight can equate to having more energy as one does not have to lug around the excess weight. Consequently, the individual may be more active throughout the day. According to a study in the journal Sleep, this culminates into better sleep.

You might look older

The downside of losing weight may be of a more aesthetic consequence. Fat plumps the skin, especially around the face, resulting in a much more youthful appearance. Losing weight and fat may result in a more aged appearance, although there are helpful treatments to help one look young these days.

You may become obsessed with the number on the weighing scale

The success of weight loss may also lead to an unhealthy preoccupation, an obsession. Watching the numbers on the weighing scale go down is exciting, but it can become a habit whereby the fear of the numbers going up takes over. This can lead to anxiety, stress and depression.

Your cardiovascular health improves tremendously

Weight loss can lead to increased cardiovascular health and many improvements to a person's well-being. Losing weight also helps to better manage conditions such as hypertension or high cholesterol. 

Excess skin, lots of excess skin, if you…

…lose weight too fast! Weight gain and the ageing process can weaken protein fibres. These fibres, elastin and collagen give the skin its firmness, strength and elasticity. When they are weakened, the skin cannot retract well after weight loss. This results in the appearance of excess skin.

You are healthy, from within (where it actually matters!)

Genetics play a significant part in how we look at others. When it comes to losing weight, it may help to determine or indicate where that loss will be of more significance.

Spot exercises do not really help in many cases, and so, the critical thing to remember is that the weight loss should primarily be effective enough to make the individual healthier above all else. Fat may disappear, but fat cells do not, and increasing the calorie intake only leads to regaining the weight that was lost.

Don't confuse weight loss with fat loss 

Fat loss and weight loss are not the same thing. Fat loss, as the name implies, involves explicitly the loss of fat. Weight loss encompasses a wider range that includes decreased body weight, muscle, water and fat. The terms are often used interchangeably, which contributes to the confusion, and often, many people think losing weight can also lead to stubborn fat loss. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Factors such as genetics, age, gender and others play a huge role in where fat accumulates in the body. As such, even massive weight loss does not necessarily be able to help lose stubborn fat. 

Fat Loss with Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo Technique

What diet and exercise cannot eliminate, Modern Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo Technique is the fat loss solution! It is tailored to your unique fat distribution and body type. A proprietary technique designed by Dr Ivan Puah, this body sculpting minimally invasive surgery removes excess fat pockets gently but permanently while minimising scarring, risks and downtime.

Dr Puah uses the Vaser (an acronym for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance) blunt cannula tool to liquefy the fat for easy removal without disrupting major tissues and blood vessels. The Vaser system also encourages collagen regrowth for skin tightening. The result would be a slimmer silhouette with smooth contours. 

We are unable to show you Dr Ivan Puah's portfolio of successful weight loss and fat loss patients due to MOH guidelines. However, we can share the cases with you during a private consultation with Dr Puah.

To book an appointment, leave your deets in the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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