For Youthful Skin, Improve Your Circulation

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Apr 17, 2023

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Jan 1, 2020

Beauty is more than just about using the right products et cetera. To achieve true beauty in its flawless and radiance essence, what matters lies deeper than the surface.

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The skin, without the need for a lengthy reiteration, is an important organ. Yet, its importance should never be understated what more overlooked. Equally important (perhaps even more) is good blood circulation, which goes a long way towards healthy and truly beautiful skin.

Going with the flow

When we hear “circulation” we think “flow”, and that’s what the blood does in our system. It circulates and delivers much-needed oxygen and nutrients to, among others, keep us healthy. Poor blood circulation often leads to a myriad of issues and for the skin, in particular, the effects are visible. How exactly?

Skin’s elasticity and strength are compromised as a result of poor blood circulation. This often leads to:

1. Discolouration – As oxygen is not delivered (if delivered at all) efficiently, skin discolouration in the form of pigmentation and dark spots will appear. Skin tone also appears dull and pale, leading to an unhealthy appearance.

2. Acne breakoutsPoor blood circulation hinders the capability of the major organs to function efficiently. As a result, our body is unable to eliminate toxins adequately, and with increasing toxins buildup, they are secreted through the skin causing acne breakouts and other issues like itchy and dry skin, including rashes.

3. ScarsA healthy skin can repair the damage caused by wounds and lesions sufficiently, but skin with poor blood circulation often lengthens the healing process and at times, are unable to even heal it all. This results in permanent scars – sensitive even.

4. WrinklesWrinkles may be synonymous with old age, but more often, it’s caused by poor blood circulation. This happens because the delivery of much-needed nutrients for the production of collagen is disrupted.

Improving the flow

The given examples above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skin issues caused by poor blood circulation. There are measures one can take to encourage better flow:

• Adopt a healthy and balanced diet of food items consisting of Vitamins B, C, D and E. This includes getting your daily-recommended fluid (water) intake.

• Eliminate bad habits like smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, keeping late hours and even eating at erratic timings.

• Pick up healthy physical activities like exercise – a simple daily brisk walk is a good start. The key is to be consistent.

• Go for a good relaxing massage as this can encourage better circulation.

Investing in appropriate and suitable skincare, and beauty products do help improve one’s appearance. But never second the importance of investing in other factors like a balanced diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle for true beauty to prevail.

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