6 tell-tale signs of aging and how to tackle them

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September 18, 2019

With aging, comes the ugly consequences of a loss of volume and couple that with the laws of gravity that’s at play, the worst enemy that befalls us all; sagginess.

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June 11, 2022

For all of us ladies, the dreadful term ‘aging’ is almost jarring to our ears. And with the plethora of negative connotations surrounding the word ‘aging’, we can’t help but cringe when the years start to pile up on us.

With aging, comes the ugly consequences of a loss of volume and couple that with the laws of gravity that’s at play, the worst enemy that befalls us all; sagginess.

Our once taut and cherubic face has now developed additional folds at the chin department and not to mention, our once proud and perky bust and buttock areas are now bowing down to the dominant effects of aging.

And while aging takes an inevitable toll on our once young and vibrant body, here are six tell-tale signs that aging has finally caught up with us as we enter the early autumn of our lives.

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles – The hateful lines that reveal themselves on our faces, as age creeps up on us. With wrinkles being closely correlated to aging, it has now become synonymous to the word ‘old’.

The creases that crumple the smooth surface of our skin, is no doubt, one of the most revealing signs of aging.

And while wrinkles are a common sight as we age, the hideous lines do significant damage to our facial appearance.

As wrinkles pop up on our forehead to the corners of our eyes, the creases disrupt the velvety appearance of the face, extinguishing all signs of youth and vitality.

2. Hollow cheeks

Like that of a chubby baby, a full and plump facial countenance always reflects freshness and undoubted youth.

However, as the painful process of aging sets in, our skin not only loses elasticity, but subcutaneous fat also siginificantly depletes in our cheek area.

With the absence of the supportive structure of the facial skin coupled with a significant loss of volume on the cheek area, these cause our cheeks to sag, giving rise to the gaunt and scraggy appearance of cheeks that amplifies the haggardness as one enters the territory of aging.

3. Jowls

If you realise that your lower jaw has a new saggy visitor, you are officially welcomed to the aging club. Jowls, as we call it, is the skin in our lower cheeks that hangs slackly along or crumbles below the jawline.

As suspected, the culprit behind the unsightly flap is none other than aging. The loss of collagen and elasticity to keep the jawline firm and taut contributes significantly to the formation of jowls.

With a loosely hanging fold, it robs us of that well sculpted facial countour that spells fresh-faced like no other.

4. Turkey neck

Think it sounds ugly? Well, turkey neck is just as repelling a sight as it sounds. With age, comes the inescapable consequences of thinning skin and weakened connective tissues and with that concoction, delivers the ugliest of product; crumply folds of skin gathering at the neck area.

Turkey necks are unsightly, to say the least, making us look much older than we actually are.

Betrayed by the disagreeable rolls that nestle on our neck area, turkey neck is undeniable one of the most indicative signs of aging and much can be done to roll back the years (no pun intended!)

5. Saggy and smaller breasts

We know we are have encroached upon the domains of aging when our once perky breasts now droop as despondently as our self-esteem.

For many of us ladies, our breasts are considered our prized possessions and when they succumb to the detrimental consequences of aging and the forces of gravity, our self-confidence, unavoidably takes a plunge.

Like the rest of the body that take a hit when aging strikes, our breasts are no exception. With the loss of skin elasticity that accompany the process of aging, it comes as no surprise that sagginess in the breast department would undoubtedly occur.

But it is more than just sagginess that contribute to our bosomy woes. Depletion in fat, tissue and mammary glands bring about a new set of gloom as we find our bras to be much roomier than before.

6. Saggy and unattractive buttocks

When hours at the gym, isn’t delivering the Brazilian butt of your dreams, it might be… you guessed it, aging coming between you and your tight and perky butt.

But more than just the tiresome consequences of aging that is contributing to our unattractive bums, the forces of gravity is also responsible for our buttocks to go irreparably south.

And as the story goes, aging causes the loss of skin elasticity but with gravity in the equation, it seems as though there is no escaping from a saggy and cellulite laden bottom… Or is there?

Amaris B. Clinic: The solution to your saggy woes

Butt Enhancement

Fight signs of aging and regain your self-confidence with  enhancement services. Buttock Enhancement (via free fat transfer), one of Amaris B Clinic’s strong suits, is capable of sculpting some deserving curves into your butt and take your confidence to yet another level.

During the  procedure, the fats used to enhance the buttocks are usually extracted from more corpulent or areas with excess fats on the body such as the stomach, hips, lower back and thighs. As the fats belong to the patient, there is little chance of rejection.

With Amaris B Clinic’s Butt enhancement, say hello to a rejuvenated bum that fills your jeans to perfection.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

With Amaris B. Clinic helping many fulfill their Body Sculpting and Contouring needs since 2005, ADR-C breast enhancement is one of their signature treatments.

On average, one breast is usually about a fifth of a cup size larger than the other. Just to keep abreast of the subject, it’s also reported that almost 70% of women are not happy with their breasts may it be the size or breast asymmetry.

Push-up bras are perhaps an example why fuller bosoms are important for a woman.

They not only lift the breasts but also, and arguably more importantly, her confidence as well. But not many are willing to go the silicone route and if you’re one of them; it’s not the end of the road.

How Does ADR-C Breast Enhancement Work?

A fat grafting procedure, this treatment transfers fat tissue from a part of your body that is unwanted such as your abdomen, tummy, thighs or any other areas to your breasts. The procedure involves 2 steps – harvesting and injection.

Excess fat from other parts of the body is acquired via liposuction. The fat tissue will be carefully purified and harvested to maintain the integrity of the fat cells.

It will then be gently processed into liquid form and injected into the breast area. No risks of ruptures, leaks or shifts usually associated implants.

Recovery time is also much faster than the standard breast implant surgery.

When it comes to combatting problem areas that gravity and aging bring about,  is the secret to defying the laws of gravity and reverse the signs of aging.

Led by Dr. Ivan Puah, a renowned aesthetics doctor in the field of body sculpting and aesthetic medicine, Amaris B. Clinic is key to all your  needs.

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