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7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men – #5 may surprise you

December 20, 2022
February 2, 2024

We're deep diving into the overarching themes set to blow up in 2023 for both women and men, which include the changes to our current skincare routines, etc.

Table of Contents

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men

As 2022 draws to a close, the beauty boom continues.

We're deep diving into the overarching themes set to blow up in 2023 for both women and men, which include the changes to our current skincare routines, finding wellness through beauty, and the natural look that's sought-after.

Keep reading because we'll also share ways to jump on these trends, starting now.

01. Skiniminalism

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Skin Care Serum

In the past year or so, we've realised that less is infinitely more.

Excessive skincare steps that involve toners, serums, essences, and exfoliating acids can eventually backfire, leaving behind a trail of destruction that shows up in the form of redness, sensitivity, and breakouts.

Since the start of 2021, more consumers have stepped away from a complicated, multi-step skincare routine and adopted a more intuitive approach tailored to our skin needs. Skincare brands are also prioritising quality over quantity.

What triggered this shift? The push for skinimalism results from extended mask-wearing, pandemic stress, overuse of aggressive skincare, and exposure to pollution.

However, skinimalism doesn't mean you have to give up all of your products. Instead, you should focus on the ones in your routine that benefit your skin, using the least number of products to keep your skin healthy and balanced.

The skinimalism trend also ties into the rise of microbiome-focused skincare. Pre- and probiotics can be found in plenty of formulas which aim to strengthen and rebalance our skin. In addition, fermented ingredients have taken off as they boast beneficial bacteria that can boost our barriers.

02. Beauty snacking

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Skin cream

Closely tied to skinimalism is a trend called "beauty snacking", as a growing number of consumers are now in favour of minimal makeup and skincare.

Due to continued "work from home" protocols, more individuals have become aware of how much time they have to devote to their daily routines, which resulted in people putting together looks in a fraction of the time.

Multitasking skincare and makeup products are now a mainstay in routines, and gone are the days of a 10-step skincare regimen and layers upon layers of cream and powder makeup.

According to trend forecaster WGSN, the trend has prompted emerging interest in express skincare treatments that are effective and efficient without being messy.

One such treatment consumers are keen to explore is the use of injectables in the form of hyaluronic acids with biostimulating effect, which are delivered right under the skin’s surface to hydrate and plump the skin, for a more youthful appearance. It addresses visible signs of skin ageing and takes care of skin that is dehydrated and needs some volumisation.   

Plus, there's no downtime involved, so it's perfectly in line with the "beauty snacking" trend.

03. The beautopia era

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Woman with beautiful skin

A beauty persona we'll see much more of over the next couple of years is the "beautopian". 

For these individuals, beauty is simply their happy place – we're sure most of you readers can identify with this. Beauty is seen as a lifestyle rather than just a routine. Beautopians can find wellness through beauty and love to share their journeys and discoveries on social media.

It is no surprise that beautopians tend to be younger, so most are Gen Z-ers and Millennials. And while females make up the majority of the demographic, the gender gap has started to close with an uptick of male skinfluencers.

What's more, beautopians prefer products that deliver instant gratification, so quick results they can flaunt are imperative. Skincare products aside, they are also open to aesthetic treatments with minimal downtime such as PICO laser. 

Amaris B. Clinic's Pico Fractional Laser treatment addresses hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone for clearer, more flawless-looking skin.

Pico laser penetrates deeper into the skin, so the treatment reduces pigmentation, melasma, scars, and pore size without damaging the skin surface. This results in a shorter downtime, so you can hop right back to your usual activities.

04. Collagen investment

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Collagen

One of the most abundant proteins in our body, collagen is the main structural protein that forms the connective tissue throughout our body, from the skin to bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

It makes up 80% of our skin and works with another protein called elastin. However, as we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen. Hence, we may notice a loss of firmness and sagging of the skin. This is why the concept of supplementing our collagen is incredibly appealing to many consumers.

But there's just one caveat: collagen cannot be absorbed by our bodies in its whole form.

This means that for them to be absorbable by the body, the collagen proteins must be broken down into tinier peptides or amino acids, which are then taken in through the gastrointestinal tract.

You might want to think twice if you're purchasing a topical skincare product infused with collagen. That collagen in the formula presents no anti-ageing benefits whatsoever. And while collagen can moisturise your skin, it can't do much more. 

That's because collagen has a molecular weight, which makes it too large to pass through the top layer of the skin. The only way to build collagen is by stimulating it directly via a treatment, such as Ultherapy. 

A non-invasive skin lifting treatment, Ultherapy uses micro-focused high-intensity ultrasound to penetrate your skin at a depth of 5mm.

The energy emitted from the ultrasound heats the targeted tissue, which triggers the body's regenerative response. This spurs the body to produce fresh collagen, thereby lifting the skin to restore suppleness.

Ultherapy passes by the skin's surface without causing any adverse effects on the surrounding tissue, which makes it a safe treatment that promises zero downtime.

05. The new natural

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Woman with her back turned

Celebrities seem flawless without a stitch of makeup on, but for those who don't appear chipper in the morning, we turn to the "no makeup" makeup trend.

The trend has seen a resurgence post-pandemic, and it's popular among younger individuals who are more likely to embrace their natural look.

For those who want a youthful yet "snatched" look, consider facial fat grafting. 

ADR-C Facial Enhancement, a fat grafting procedure for the face, restores youthfulness to the skin by filling up the fat loss on the face. It also smooths out facial lines and improves the skin's texture for a younger-looking visage.

It achieves this by harvesting minuscule amounts of your own fat tissue via liposculpture from donor sites, such as your abdomen or thighs. This fat will then be processed to remove any impurities before it is reinjected to different sites of the face.

Rest assured, it is a safe, natural, and lasting solution that visibly restores youth to the face.

06. Men are showing a little more skin

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Fit man

In recent fashion seasons, menswear collections have seen quite an evolution, with the spotlight on sensuality.

Gender-fluid looks flooded the streets, and among them, a sea of sheer fabrics, cutouts, and cropped lengths – men have never been more ready to show some skin.

Perhaps Gen Z's liberation movement and risqué red carpet moments from celebrities like Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles have challenged masculine codes.

Gucci's Alessandro Michele introduced new silhouettes, textiles, and colours to the luxury label and, by doing so, pushed his celebrity clientele to experiment even further. Italian rock band Måneskin even wore matching sheer black Gucci ensembles at the recent MTV VMAs, anchoring the trend that skin is in.

And it doesn't stop there. Open weave sweaters at Louis Vuitton, gauzy detailing at Dior Homme, and a cropped tank top at Rick Owens paved the way for the trend of the season.

If you want to take on the chest-bearing trend but your physique is affecting your self confidence, find out how gynecomastia surgery can help you to achieve a more contoured chest.

"Gynecomastia" is the medical term for the proliferation of male breast tissues, also known as "man boobs". Did you know it affects over 60% of men globally? Gynecomastia affects men psychologically, physically, and mentally. 

Adult gynecomastia is typically associated with increasing age, as well as increased body fat and weight. Unfortunately, getting rid of gynecomastia is impossible even with exercise, as excess glandular tissue can't be eradicated. 

During the gynecomastia surgery, which is performed in an accredited Day Surgery, Dr Ivan Puah utilises his proprietary surgical approach to achieve a clean excision of the glandular tissues and remove excess chest fat. Doing so flattens the chest and contours it for an aesthetically pleasing result with minimal scarring. 

07. Men and skincare

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Men's skincare

Thanks to the volume of product options on the market, skincare can be daunting at worst but intriguing at best. That may be why men are either intimidated by skincare or are increasingly obsessed.

More men look after their skin and know that an effective skincare routine takes more than just washing their faces with whatever soap they have lying around, crossing their fingers, and hoping for the best.

By using cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreen, men can reduce blemishes and wrinkles and prevent future ones from appearing.

Besides skincare, the popularity of Brotox for men is rising as more men look away from the deep-set lines and wrinkles that make one appear older. 

By maintaining a youthful appearance, men may feel better about themselves and gain a competitive edge in the workplace and the social scene.

The treatment is a naturally purified protein injection that blocks the nerve impulses to relax overactive muscles, which is why it's used to treat facial lines and soften the look of wrinkles.

The most common areas men seek to address are the glabella forehead lines, otherwise known as the "11" lines that form between the eyebrows. This is often followed by horizontal forehead lines and crow's feet.

Take on 2023’s beauty trends effortlessly with Amaris B. Clinic

7 beauty trends in 2023 for women and men | Man and woman applying skin care products

Integrating body treatments such as liposuction, fat grafting, gynecomastia surgery, medical aesthetics, pain management, weight loss management, and more under one roof, Amaris B. Clinic is a one-stop centre for all your aesthetic and health needs.

The clinic is helmed by Medical Director, Dr Ivan Puah, who has acquired over 17 years of surgical sculpting and medical aesthetics experience. 

Rest assured, your well-being is Amaris B. Clinic's utmost priority. 


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