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Is it normal to have more fat under one armpit?

November 5, 2023
February 9, 2024

Actually, yes! It's pretty common for women to have extra fat under one armpit!

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Armpit fat, often called "bra bulge," is an excess accumulation of fatty tissue around the upper arms and beneath the armpits. It can create the appearance of bulges or folds, which can be particularly noticeable and uncomfortable when wearing specific clothing. 

This additional fat forms distinct fatty folds alongside the armpit, separate from the breast area. Bilateral armpit fat is more common than you think, although there are some instances where an individual has more fat under one armpit than the other. 

What are the factors influencing armpit fat development?

The development of armpit fat can be attributed to several factors: 


Genetic predisposition significantly influences fat storage patterns in our bodies.

Weight Fluctuations

Rapid weight changes can alter how fat is distributed.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations, such as those occurring during puberty and menopause, can impact fat accumulation in certain regions.

Who can have armpit fat?

Armpit fat bothers both men and women but has a higher percentage of occurrence in women than men. It affects women of all sizes, including slim women with smaller breasts! So contrary to the old adage that fat pockets are only found in bigger-sized individuals, stubborn fat pockets do not discriminate - armpit fat transcends beyond size, ethnicity, weight and gender!

Can diet or natural remedies help in reducing armpit fat?

Armpit liposuction, the permanent and effective solution

Armpit fat is a commonly challenging area to address solely through diet, exercise, natural remedies or non-invasive treatment. This aesthetic concern can make women feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, particularly when wearing sleeveless or form-fitting clothing.

Armpit liposuction, the permanent and effective solution

Armpit liposuction, carried out by Dr Ivan Puah, utilises the MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique to effectively address stubborn fat pockets in small body areas. Treating areas such as armpit fat demands a liposuction doctor with steady hands, a keen aesthetic sense, focused attention, and decades of experience with good success rates and patient satisfaction.

Your initial consultation involves a thorough evaluation of your unique anatomy, goal discussions, and an assessment of your suitability for the procedure.

During the procedure, our skilled anaesthetist administers twilight sedation (not General anaesthesia), ensuring your comfort. Dr Puah's employment of his proprietary MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique allows efficient fat removal, fosters smooth, natural contouring and improves skin tightness. Notably, it boasts minimal downtime and disruption to your daily activities. 

Most patients can return home on the same day as the surgery. While temporary swelling, bruising, and discomfort may arise, these are all part of the natural healing process. Results? Flattened and well-contoured and tightened armpits.

Benefits of armpit liposuction 

Armpit liposuction, also known as axillary fat removal, offers many benefits. This procedure can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem by enhancing the appearance of the underarm area. Women may feel more at ease wearing clothing that exposes their arms or underarms and exude confidence in social settings, whether at the beach or poolside.

Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, axillary fat removal serves a functional purpose. It can effectively alleviate discomfort and chafing caused by excess tissue in the underarm region, enhancing overall comfort and elevating the quality of life for many women.

How to prevent armpit fat from recurring? 

Sustaining the results of armpit fat removal requires a proactive approach:

Realistic expectations

Setting realistic post-surgery expectations is crucial. Understanding that maintaining results involves effort is the first step.

Healthy lifestyle

Commit to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery. This entails regular exercise, a balanced diet, and avoiding significant weight fluctuations.

Avoid nicotine

It's advisable to steer clear of smoking or nicotine products. Nicotine can impede the recovery process and your results. 

By embracing these measures, you can enhance the longevity of your armpit fat removal results. 

About Dr Ivan Puah, a liposuction doctor in Singapore 

Dr Ivan Puah is a MOH-accredited liposuction doctor in Singapore with almost two decades of body sculpting experience. He was trained in the United States in Vaser liposuction and gynecomastia surgery and in Italy for Laserlipolysis. He is also the Chairman of Lipo Peer Review Committee in Singapore and is experienced in 4D Liposuction, Gynecomastia Surgery, Corrective Liposuction and many more. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr Ivan Puah, contact us +6565364211


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