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Men – are you “looksmaxxing”?

March 4, 2021
February 1, 2024

Men are now feeling more comfortable going to aesthetic clinics to look better – or “looksmaxxing." What is this trend and what you can consider.

Table of Contents

From men’s facials and aesthetic treatments for wrinkles and loose skin, to body sculpting procedures and slimming programs, many men are now feeling more comfortable going to aesthetic clinics to look better –or “looksmaxxing” as it has been coined. The Amaris B Clinic team talks us through this trend and what you – or your husband – can consider.

What is looksmaxxing?

Regardless of where you’re starting off and what you have to work with, looksmaxxing is the practice of making the most of what you’ve got. The goal isn’t to reach a level of perfection; rather, the key is making a consistent effort to improve and enhance one’s looks.

It starts with skincare

It’s a misnomer that men don’t need skincare. Many guys believe that skincare isn’t a must unless they’re dealing with issues like acne, wrinkles and saggy skin. However, your skin is the largest organ in your body; regular maintenance (incorporating a simple skincare regime) is one key to preventing these skin concerns from occuring in the first place! Keeping your skin healthy is as important as eating clean and exercising regularly.

For a start, cleanse twice daily, use a moisturiser, and apply a sunscreen that offers at least SPF30 protection. Feeling lost? Medical Director Dr Ivan Puah and his team at Amaris B Clinic can help you tackle your angry acne, scarring, pigmentation and more.

Reducing acne scars

Whether it’s teen or adult acne you’re dealing with, acne can be a huge confidence buster. And when you’re left with post-inflammatory scars and marks, it can take a toll on your self-esteem too. Fractional lasers are a popular solution for acne scars, but they often involve a long recovery time. One great alternative is the PICO Acne Scars Laser. This FDA-approved procedure uses a 450-picosecond pulsed laser to penetrate deeper into the skin without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Energy is delivered in shorter bursts to improve the skin texture, which means each session is more comfortable and downtime is reduced.

Ageing in the workplace

Men in their 40s and 50s have usually gained plenty of working experience and confidence to be at the top of their career game. But many in this age group also begin to feel the fear of being phased out and ousted by their younger colleagues.

“Most of our female patients opt for aesthetic treatments with the aim of looking younger or making their features more defined. On the other hand, one of the most common requests I get from my male patients is to look well-rested. They want to look like they have the energy to go the distance and the confidence to continuously ‘ace’ their work and career. Men in general would like to maintain their manly and rugged looks by revitalising their skin and softening any ageing signs. These concerns will require a tailored approach combining procedures like Anti-wrinkle Injection (BoNTA), and dermal fillers,” says Dr Puah.

As for those dealing with laxity issues like double chin and sagging jowls, Dr Puah suggests facial liposuction. “It’s an effective way to trim away excess facial fat, which can reduce one’s perceived age rather significantly. Facial liposuction can be paired with Ultherapy; this is a non-surgical and FDA-approved skin-tightening treatment to lift facial skin.”

Body definition

When hours of slogging at the gym and lifting weights, hundreds of burpees, downing protein shakes and chowing on steamed chicken aren’t giving you the body definition you yearn for, 4D Liposuction (Hi-Definition Lipo) can help. Men are mainly bothered by fat tissue accumulations on the chest, abdomen and waist. These areas are genetically hard to remove; they require surgical intervention as they don’t respond to exercise, diet, creams or non-surgical fat reduction.

This body-sculpting treatment effectively removes fat from specific areas of the body, leaving a thin layer of fat over the muscles to create a defined and sculpted look. It goes beyond removing unwanted fat; instead, a more toned and athletic appearance can be achieved.

Looksmaxxing as a tailored approach

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Chat your concerns through with Amaris B Clinic and they can come up with a tailored plan for you. And remember all that money you’re saving from not travelling – you can spend it on yourself instead!

Where to go

Amaris B Clinic’s Medical Director Dr Ivan Puah has over 20 years of clinical experience, including more than 15 years of performing liposuction. Accredited by the Ministry of Health Singapore to perform liposuction, he is also trained in Vaser liposuction. He serves as the chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Group in Singapore. Dr Puah is the appointed trainer for doctors on cosmetic injectables such as by Merz Singapore and Allergan Singapore.


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