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Look Good For Yourself And No One Else

August 2, 2019
February 9, 2024

Self-love is being the best version of yourself – And it’s the most worthwhile investment you can make.

Table of Contents

Women are strong, resilient, and capable. But at the same time, we are also our worst critics, especially regarding our appearance. Often, we feel that we are not beautiful enough, which can cause a dent in our self-confidence.

And while it is true that physical appearance matters, you should not let what others say or think of you dictate how you should be. Instead, live with the aim of self-love because you deserve to look and feel beautiful every single day.

To embark on your look-good-feel-fabulous journey, these treatments may help.

1. Skin Clarity

Amarisb - Skin Clarity

You Have Pigmentation, dull and an uneven skin appearance
You Want Smooth and radiant skin

As our largest organ, our skin has its own set of problems, and being constantly exposed to environmental aggressors, especially city pollutants doesn’t do it any favours.

Thankfully, there is Amaris B. Clinic’s Pico Fractional Laser, which can address a range of skin woes, from dullness and acne to scars and pigmentation. And with minimal downtime and discomfort, it won’t disrupt your busy schedule. Being a picosecond laser, this effective laser treatment can also be used for general skin rejuvenation and preventive ageing purposes. More importantly, it is suitable for an extensive range of skin tones and can treat most Asian skin tones too.

When combined with Amaris B’s SkinSOS! Botanical Facial Series, the treatment can enhance the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. An exclusive in-house, doctor-designed treatment, the SkinSOS! Botanical Facial Series provides comprehensive skin rejuvenation for a healthier, brighter and youthful-looking complexion.

2. Facial and Body Revolumisation

Amarisb - Facial and Body Revolumisation

You Have Loss of volume in the face or body
You Want To regain loss volume

Ageing is an inevitable yet natural process that presents itself clearly on our faces and bodies, especially in the loss of volume that is associated with youth. Amaris B Clinic offers two options — Facial Fat Grafting and ADR-C Breast Enhancement to slow down these effects of time.

Facial Fat Grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that uses your body fat to fill in the dips and hollowed areas such as sunken cheeks and nasolabial folds, restoring volume back to the face. Fat is obtained through liposculpture, filtered, and then injected into the specific areas to achieve lifting, revolumisation and rejuvenation.

For women, ageing can also result in volume loss in the chest area. To rectify this, the ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a treatment that not only restores volume to the breasts but also helps firm and lift without using implants. This two-in-one procedure involves removing a substantial amount of fat tissue from areas like the thighs, saddlebags, or abdomen, purifying the fat, and then re-introducing it back into the breasts. In time, these fat cells integrate into the surrounding breast tissue, resulting in firmer and more supple breasts.

And as it uses your body fat, it is a safer alternative as it reduces the risks of rejection and allergic reactions that can happen with breast implants. In addition, this procedure can also help you achieve a shapelier figure, as the areas where the fat tissue has been removed will appear more contoured and sculpted.

3. Body Shaping & Fat Loss

Amarisb - Body Shaping & Fat Loss

You Have Stubborn fat in areas like the thighs, hips and buttocks
You Want A svelte physique

Try as you might, sometimes a fitspo body can be difficult to achieve despite regular exercise and healthy eating, and can often seem like wasted effort. But not to fret; in situations like these, Vaser Liposuction can help.

Vaser Liposuction is a gentler form of liposuction. It is a fat removal and body contouring technique that uses ultrasound waves to liquefy the fat cells and then removes them by suction, leaving you with a more contoured and defined physique.

As this treatment targets the problem areas without disturbing the surrounding tissues, there is a reduced risk of bruising, bleeding, and discomfort. In addition, using ultrasound waves also triggers the production of collagen, so you get smoother and tighter skin simultaneously. The procedure can be performed on multiple body areas and effectively eliminates stubborn pockets of fat on problematic areas like the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. A clinically safe and effective fat removal technique that will have you saying bye to bingo wings, muffin tops, and banana rolls.

It is important to note that Vaser Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It is positioned as a stubborn fat removal procedure. In short, eating healthily and exercising regularly is necessary to help maintain your new and trim physique.


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