How To Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles and Eyebags, According to Aesthetics Doctor

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Dark eye circles affect both men and women. They make you look tired and aged. Suffice to say, it’s a look that many can do without.  Adding to the woes – dark eye circles can be hard to get rid off as well! So what causes them and what can you do?

It’s in your genes

Ageing, sleep deprivation and stress are among the common known causes of dark eye circles, but genetics play a part as well.  The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on our body, and this is based on our genes. The thinner the skin, the more prominent the blood vessels that lie underneath appear. If genetically you have fair skin and coupled with poor blood circulation due to sleep deprivation or other factors, the more susceptible you will be to having dark eye circles and eye bags.

Vitamin deficiency

A lesser-discussed or often-overlooked cause is a nutritional deficiency. Our body needs a range of vitamins and nutrients to be healthy and lacking in any can show up in one form or another including eyebags and dark eye circles. Vitamin B12 or the lack of it can result in, and two of its common symptoms are tiredness and pale skin. This often leads to the appearance of dark eye circles, correspondingly making them even more prominent.

Sun exposure

Overexposure to the sun as we all know is terrible for the skin. The sun’s rays can affect collagen levels of spelling trouble for the already thin skin around the eyes. Additionally, overexposure causes the body to produce excess melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour. This often leads to the darkening of the skin underneath the eyes giving it the dark eye circle appearance.

What you can do

Adopting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates good eating habits, good sleeping habits and exercise would be an ideal first step. Get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, boost the all-important Vitamin C that can be found in fruits and vegetables. This can help with the synthesis of collagen leading to a healthier appearance. You also opt for retinol which stimulates collagen production.

Whether you’re someone who loves going out in the sun or otherwise, remember to lather on the sunscreen. The effects of sun damage are well known and documented. A broad-spectrum sunscreen goes a long way in protecting skin especially the thin layer under our eyes.

If the eyebags and dark eye circles persist, an option is to seek qualified help. This can help better understand your body, its needs and a solution to eliminate this pesky problem.