Gynecomastia: Get Rid of Painful Man Boobs

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August 9, 2021

Why suffer the ignominy of living with gynecomastia aka man boobs when help is readily available at Amaris B. Clinic.

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Chiselled from countless bench presses, nothing quite frames a proud chest like a pair of well-developed pectoral muscles to highlight a gym-trained physique.

For the majority of us, this can be achieved with enough hard work at the gym and through watching our diet.

But in some instances, difficulty in developing an ideal physique doesn’t come from want of trying, but from a medical condition beyond our control – gynecomastia (commonly referred to as man boobs or moobs).

Gynecomastia, An Unwanted Condition

Yes, men can have breasts too. Unfortunately, what looks great on women can be embarrassing for the opposite sex.

Enlarged breasts are typically triggered by hormonal imbalances – when our bodies produce more oestrogen than testosterone.

While both female and male hormones occur naturally in our bodies, too much of the former can cause glandular tissue to be enlarged, resulting in unwanted breast development like man boobs. It can be made worse with fat deposits due to weight gain.

Beyond the anxiety that comes from trying to manage a growing build-up of fat in and around the chest, things get a lot more serious when there is tenderness and swelling of the glands in that area.

Your “Breast” Friend, the Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia can be a chesty issue that is extremely uncomfortable, painful and confidence-sapping. However, it can be easily solved with surgery. This is where it will be wiser to turn to specialist clinics like Amaris B. Clinic, which counts gynecomastia surgery as a signature treatment. He adds that the procedure has a short recovery time, so patients spend less time healing and more time enjoying their newfound confidence.

“Gynecomastia surgery not only permanently removes excess glandular tissues, but it also sculpts the chest area, leaving a more defined and masculine appearance,” says Dr. Ivan Puah, founder and lead doctor of Amaris B. Clinic.

Maintaining Perfection with Amaris B. Clinic

For the best results post-treatment, Dr. Ivan Puah says that a healthy diet and regular exercise should be practised.

Other treatments such as VASER Full Body Sculpting (a form of liposuction) can further contour your body to help achieve your ideal look.