Fat Grafting & Accessory Breasts Removal

[Patient Story] Mother of 2, Breast Enhancement With Fat Grafting And Accessory Breasts Removal

Ms M experienced significant changes in her breasts after breastfeeding. She noticed that her breasts became saggier and smaller.

Corrective Lipo

[Patient Story] Early 40s Asian Woman, Corrective Lipo On Lower Ab & Waist With Fat Grafting To Multiple Areas

Ms S noticed noticeable fat bulges in her lower waist and ab after lipo. When she asked the surgeon, he said they were "muscles."

Accessory Breast & Armpit Fat Removal

[Patient Story] Mid 30s Mummy, Accessory Breast & Armpit Fat After Pregnancy

Driven by her desire for improved self-confidence and relief from discomfort, Ms AL consulted with Dr Puah to explore a permanent solution.

Botched Hi-Def Vaser Liposuction

[Patient Story] Late 60’s Caucasian Man, Corrective Surgery and Fat Grafting On Chest & Ab After Botched Hi-Def Vaser Liposuction

Unsatisfied with the results, Mr E sought Dr Puah in Singapore for a revision surgery to rectify the uneven outcomes of his past surgeries.

Corrective Surgery

[Patient Story] 30's Woman, Facial, buttock & thigh correction surgery with fat grafting

Ms GX consulted Dr Ivan Puah regarding prospective body contouring and facial enhancement treatments.


[Patient Story] 50's Asian Man, Lifelong Gynecomastia

Mr RM has been silently grappling with gynecomastia for almost 40 years, since his teenage years.

Calves Corrective Liposuction

[Patient Story] 30-year-old Chinese Woman, Correcting Irregularities on Calves with Liposuction

Ms S had undergone multiple calf liposuctions carried out overseas in the last few years and had irregularities from the surgeries.

Armpit & Arm Fat

[Patient Story] 29-year-old Chinese Woman, Armpit & Arm Fat

Ms C is a 29-year-old married woman who has been grappling with a frustrating concern – flabby arms and armpit fat.

Botched Gyencomastia Surgery

[Patient Story] Mid-40s Caucasian Man, Botched Gynecomastia Surgery

Mr D's concern is the glandular tissues and unevenness from his botched gyno surgery from previous surgeons. He decides to opt for the gynec


[Patient Story] 32-Year-Old Indian Man, Grade IV Gynecomastia

Throughout his teenage years and into adulthood, gynecomastia profoundly impacted his physical and psychological well-being.

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