How to get your tattoo removed

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December 19, 2018

Do you regret getting that tattoo? According to an article on Market Watch, the revenue for tattoo removal has increased by 440 percent over the past decade, from the year of 2015. While there are many purported ways of removing one, it’s always best to engage help from a qualified clinic.

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June 11, 2022

How does it work?

Picocare is an FDA-approved picosecond laser that comes with a fractional handpiece (called HEXA Microlens Array Technology, or HEXA MLA), and which uses Laser Induced Optical Breakdown. The hand-piece boasts a wide range of spot sizes for better precision, making it safer, compared to other laser procedures.

The Picocare 450 technology is also said to be more efficient, especially in the treatment of tattoo removal. The laser energy penetrates more effectively into skin, helping to target specific areas while minimising collateral damage to the surrounding tissues, thus resulting in less downtime.

What’s the procedure like?

At Amaris B Clinic, all treatments require a consultation with Medical Director Dr Ivan Puah, an appointed trainer for Picocare in Singapore. This is the time to inform him of any skin allergies you may have or past treatments you’ve tried. So, raise as many concerns and questions you have about your condition, the treatment process and your expected results.

After the full course of treatment, the area loses pigmentation, resulting in a colour that’s lighter than the surrounding skin. Gradually, the treated area will even out and return to your normal skin colour over the next two to four weeks. There’s a small risk of it leaving behind a white shape in the form of the removed tattoo, but this rarely happens. The number of sessions you need will depend on the extent of your condition. Generally, it may require anywhere from two to six sessions, which may be repeated every one to four weeks.

How to get your tattoo removed

Does it remove all types of tattoos?

Picocare is able to remove all types of tattoos, regardless of colour, size or condition. The shorter laser pulse results in better efficacy over a shorter time, which also means fewer sessions are needed. Unlike traditional tattoo lasers and thanks to its multiple wavelength capacities, it can effectively remove dark colours like black, brown and dark blue.

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