[Patient Story] Asian Woman In Early 40s, Corrective Lipo On Lower Ab & Waist With Fat Grafting To Multiple Areas

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Sep 19, 2023

Archive Date:

Sep 19, 2023

Ms S noticed noticeable and persistent fat bulges in her lower waist and ab. When she raised her concerns with the surgeon, it was explained that those bulges were merely "muscles".

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Patient's Profile

Ms S is a petite lady in her early 40s with a BMI of 19. She had multiple liposuction procedures by different doctors in Singapore. Her first experience was liposuction of the outer thighs (saddlebags) a decade ago.  

In 2019, Ms S underwent liposuction of the lower abdomen and waist and fat grafting to the breasts. Despite the surgeries, Ms S remained unhappy with the results. She noticed noticeable and persistent fat bulges in her lower waist and abdomen. When she raised her concerns with the surgeon, she was met with an explanation that those bulges were merely "muscles". This response left her deeply dissatisfied and led her to seek a second opinion from Dr Ivan Puah. 

Consultation & Assessment 

Upon examination, Dr Puah observed evident fat bulges on Ms S's waists, accompanied by multiple depressions and dents. Additionally, there were patches of unevenness on her abdomen, including scarring around the periumbilical area. Lastly, depressions and undulations were seen on both outer thighs. 

Treatment Plan

Given the complexity of Ms S's condition, Dr. Puah proposed a comprehensive corrective surgery approach to address her concerns. It included:

  • Liposculpture to correct the unevenness in the abdomen, around the periumbilical scar, and outer thighs. 
  • Autologous fat grafting to repair the dents and depressions on multiple areas that had been unevenly suctioned and over-suctioned.

As Ms S had undergone multiple liposuction surgeries, Dr. Puah advised her to maintain realistic expectations regarding the correction results. Possible complications, pros and cons of corrective surgery were explained in detail to the patient. Ms S decided to proceed with the surgery.

In 2021, Ms S underwent liposuction corrective surgery with fat grafting to multiple areas on the lower abdomen, waist and outer thighs. The procedure was conducted at an accredited Day Surgery Center under local anaesthesia with the patient under twilight sedation. 

Post-Op Recovery & Results

During her first post-op review, a week after the surgery, it was noted that the wounds were healing well, and stitches were removed. Dr Puah advised Ms S to be vigilant with wearing the compression garment as it would greatly help with post-surgery recovery, such as swelling and skin retraction. 

During her last review in Dec 2021, Ms S expressed her satisfaction with the corrective results. The surgery addressed her physical concerns and provided her with the aesthetic improvement she had hoped for.

Medical Disclaimer: Due to strict regulations from the Ministry of Health Singapore, licensed healthcare practices are not allowed to show and share before-and-after photos or videos in the public domain or through any form of push technology. "Before-and-after" or only "after" treatment visuals may be shown to patients privately during in-clinic consultation with Dr Ivan Puah.

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